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Spirited Away

Chapter One: The Arrival


A sleepy mumble was the reply.


"Five more minutes…" A girl muttered as she lay slightly curled in the lap of a young man in the seat of a bus. The dull brown leather contrasted sharply with her short silky auburn hair, which was tousled around her face. Her eyes were closed in peaceful slumber. This was Sakura Kinomoto.

Her brother, Touya, looked down on her, a devious expression on his face and humor radiating in his mahogany eyes. I know how to wake her up…

"And this," boomed the tour guide as he began once again, "is the Hong Kong Central Plaza. Towards the right," he pointed towards a massive structure that was glinting madly in the afternoon sunlight, "is the shopping center where you will find gifts, clothes, souvenirs, and such things you would expect to find at a mall." He smiled as hoards of hands shot up in the air from the people in the bus.

"No, we will not be visiting the shopping center since we are low on time but you may take the Red Dragon trolley to the mall in your spare time," the tour guide explained, his blue eyes laughing silently in amusement as a multitude of disappointed sighs erupted from the crowd.

"Now if you look over there--"

And with that, Touya deliberately stood up and looked out the window at something that clearly did not exist, an expression of faked awe on his face. At that very moment, his dear sister, who was sleeping so very sweetly, tumbled off his lap.

"Hoeeee!!!!" She cried, now fully awake and seeing the ground rushing at her. She landed softly on her back but still hard enough to cause some aches that would last until tomorrow.

"Itai…" Sakura winced, getting back on to her seat. It was then that she noticed everyone's eyes on her and she glowed with embarrassment. She laughed nervously, her large emerald eyes so heartbreakingly innocent that everyone else burst into laughter.

Touya smirked when the ruckus died down as everyone went back to staring out at the scenery and Sakura glared at him.

"O_nii_chan!!" She scolded fiercely, "What do you think you were doing?!"

"Well…the little kaijuu," he ruffled her hair at that and a vein popped on her forehead, "wouldn't wake up no matter how much I pushed and nudged and how many spiders I put in her hair…"

At the mention of spiders, poor little Sakura uttered another "HOEEEE!!" in fright and rapidly began to check her ginger-colored hair for any signs of arachnids. Again, the "audience" chuckled at the "entertainment" as Sakura realized that again, she had made a fool of herself.

She pouted cutely and folding her arms across her chest, she sank in her seat. Touya snorted at her expression. This was going to be a fun day…

Sakura jerked awake in an unfamiliar environment, blinking groggily. She felt the smooth leather seat on her cheek and realized that she was in a car. The car that her father rented to be exact. She was perplexed for a moment before remembering where she was and sitting up. This was Hong Kong, not Tomoeda.

It had been a few months ago when her father told the news over a dinner of spaghetti and meatballs.

* - Flashback - *

"Sakura-san, Touya-kun…" Fujitaka began, putting his fork down on his plate. Both siblings looked up.

"A few professor friends of mine in Hong Kong have unearthed some valuable artifacts in a site near the city. They want me to go over there and work with them for a while. I cannot resist such an interesting offer but unfortunately I cannot leave my children alone here either."

"Oh, that's all right Otou-san," Sakura said, "We can manage on our own here. Don't worry about us."

"But you two are such good children, I can't help but worry," Fujitaka smiled, "So…I've decided to bring you two with me to Hong Kong."

The two children were speechless.

Their father grinned at their expressions, "Don't worry, it'll only be for a year and you'll have adequate education there so you won't miss out on schooling. You both took Chinese as a second language, right?"

Sakura and Touya nodded, still a little stunned.

"So this will also be an educational trip for you both to experience the culture and wonder of China."

"I guess so…" Sakura was the first to speak, "Are we going to live in a hotel?"

"Where we're living at is the good part," A glimmer appeared in his eyes, "We are going to live at the Li Mansion."

Sakura's mouth dropped open. She had learned about the Li Mansion in school and had seen it on television. It was famous all over the world. And they were going to actually live in it?

"The what??" Touya gasped, not quite grasping what his father had said.

"The Li Mansion, Touya-kun," He teased, "I'm sure you've heard of it before somewhere."

"Wow…" Both Sakura and Touya breathed.

"This is incredible, Otou-san!" Sakura exclaimed, "How did you manage to buy it to let us live there?!"

Fujitaka became thoughtful, "That was the funny thing. The people who had lived there before suddenly decided to leave and the landlady needed to quickly sell it because she was behind in her debts. So she sold it to the first person that wanted it, which was I, for a ludicrously low price!" He beamed at them, "Think about it…we now own the Li Mansion."

"I'm gonna call Tomoyo-chan!!" Sakura nearly shrieked in delight as she jumped out of her chair to go to her room.

Touya began to count in a bored tone, "3…2…1…"

"HOEEE!!" Sakura cried as she tripped over the couch, tumbling over on to the ground.

Fujitaka laughed, "Are you all right?"

"The kaijuu is never all right…" Touya replied sardonically for her.


* - End of Flashback - *

Sakura could feel butterflies fluttering excitedly in her stomach. She had always wanted to visit the famous landmark but she couldn't help but wonder why the family that used to live there decided to leave such a famous and beautiful place. Was there something that had caused them to leave?

She looked out the window and was fascinated at all the shops and stores surrounding her. Hong Kong was such a lively place, she had loved it immediately. At night, everything was lit up and it was simply wonderful. Sakura couldn't wait to arrive at the mansion.

As she dwelled in her thoughts, she remembered her dreams. Those strange reoccurring dreams she had recently begun to have. It was odd…in her dreams she saw nothing but scenes and people she did not know.

And there was always that boy.

There was a boy dressed in an olden-style qi pao and the design on it told Sakura that it had to be at least two hundred years old. His green colored clothes fluttered in the invisible wind as she called out to him. He did not answer. He seemed to be about her age. The boy then looked at her with his empty, empty amber eyes and just when he moved his lips to speak, Sakura always woke up. This was the dream that she had the most.

Also, there were scenes…as if she had been there, watching them happen. There was the marriage of a majestic and exquisite woman to a man that was always hidden in shadow so that Sakura could not distinguish his features. Everything and everyone was so happy, and she actually felt the joy in her heart.

Some dreams were pleasant, some frightening, and some even sad. Sakura couldn't figure out why she was seeing these things. She clutched at a necklace under her shirt. It was a peculiarly designed piece of jewelry that her mother had passed down to her. Whenever Sakura felt sad, or lonely, or confused, she would hold it tightly and after a while, she would feel better.

It looked somewhat like the head of a bird, with a scarlet beak and large round eyes of the same color. From the eyes sprouted wings made from a material that Sakura did not recognize. The "neck" was made of a bronze color and the end looked like an old-fashioned skeleton key. It was connected to a golden chain that forevermore hung around her neck.

"Oi…kaijuu, we're here," said Touya, breaking her out of her thoughts as the car pulled to a stop.

"All right," Sakura replied nonchalantly. She slung her bag over her shoulder and proceeded to the rear of the car for the rest of her luggage.

Touya blinked. There was something going on with her lately. Usually whenever he called her a kaijuu, she would become angry. Not the real kind, of course, but the playful kind. Sakura had always been a very "genki" person, literally smiling 24 hours a day. But during the past week or two…something had changed within her. She was usually seen lost in her thoughts, her eyes seeing something that only existed in her mind, and she slept more than she normally did, earning her a lot of trouble with her homeroom teacher.

Sakura looked back at her brother, lost in his own thoughts, and shouted, "Onii-chan, come on! We're going in!"

"Okay! Wait up!" Touya called back, picking up his luggage and following his sister up the steps of the majestic yet dilapidated-looking house.

Fujitaka produced a house key from his pocket and inserted it into the keyhole of the brass doorknob. Just for fun, Sakura reached up and tapped the doorknocker against the wooden door. She never expected the door to creak open by itself as the sharp sound echoed throughout the house.

"That's odd…" Fujitaka remarked, "I hadn't even turned the key yet." Shrugging with indifference, he picked up his bags and stepping into the main hall of the mansion. Sakura and Touya followed suit, lugging their baggage behind them.

Sakura gasped in wonder at the sight. It was splendid indeed. The floor was made of aged but beautifully polished wood and the walls were covered with flowery designs. But the ceiling…the ceiling was at an entirely different level. There, dragons curled around each other in an intricate design, breathing graceful wisps of fire at each other. Phoenixes fluttered among them, their feathers like woven gold and their plumes a rich vermilion shade. From the middle of the ceiling, dropped down a chandelier that was suspended on what seemed to be a pure gold sculpture of a dragon's claw. The light bounced off the small gems that were hung in a spiral design, reflecting small white dots all over the trio. Not bad for a house that was over two hundred years old.

As Sakura began to ascend the gilded stairs, her eyes still wide in awe, something dark in the corner of her eye had caught her attention. She whipped her face towards the archway where the stairs lead, but it was gone. She had seen something…something that looked like a…person? Sakura stared at the spot hard for a while longer until her brother noticed.

"Sakura? What are you looking at?"

"Um…oh! It's nothing. I just thought I saw something over there," Sakura vaguely gestured towards the archway.

Touya looked in the direction that Sakura indicated, "I don't see anything."

"It's nothing Onii-chan," Sakura smiled at him.

"Uh…okay…" Touya said, looking curiously at his sister.

"Sakura-san, Touya-kun," Fujitaka said, "I think you two should go find your rooms," He looked around the main hall smiling, "But in a house like this, I could sleep in the bathroom!"

Sakura giggled while Touya just rolled his eyes. They then began their separate ways to find a suitable room; Touya taking the right hallway at the top of the stairs and Sakura taking the straight hallway.

A figure shrouded in haziness watched Fujitaka walk back outside from the archway, its dark eyes expressionless. In a soft, silvery voice, it whispered, "The destined one…has arrived…"

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