These characters aren't mine. The idea is though. This is a short story, completely written and will update quickly. This is un-beta'd.

Present Day

It had been years since I had willingly came here. The coldness of the arena, the smell of the ice, the echo of an area not quite filled. The last time I was here I had been holding Edward's hand as he helped me out onto the ice after his very first NHL game. We were so in love. After that first game, we had lasted three more years as a couple. By the time we had broken up, we'd been together for four years, and married for one. That last year, that's what did us in. The four years before had been perfect. He had been perfect—and then one day he wasn't.

"Mom," I heard from over my shoulder. I turned and saw my son—his tall, gangly body being propelled towards me.

"Whaddja think?" His hair was wet from sweat and still matted down, you could see where his helmet had left an imprint on his hairline. He grabbed me into his sweaty body and hugged me, and then kissed me on the cheek.

"I think you did well," I replied, not wanting to sound too hopeful. I didn't want my son here, I wanted him home, getting ready to go to college, instead of at a Caps Training camp. I didn't want him to follow his father's footsteps, and I certainly didn't want him to have the same unhappy ending we had.

And he was so young—18—the youngest recruit the Caps had ever seen. He was a Phenom—a hockey player so advanced for his age that he was the best of the best of the best.

"Mr. Swan," I heard someone yell from behind me. I turned and came face to face with the manager of the Caps.

"Bells," he said pulling me into a hug, "it's been too long babybell, too long." I hugged my former brother in law back.

"Hey Em, how's Rosie, and the girls?"

"There good, they miss you. You need to come by more often and visit."

"I know, Em, I know. I just, with everything going on it's been rough."

"How is he?"

"Hospice—he's near the end, Em."

"I'm sorry, Bella."

"He's fought the good fight, and lasted longer than anyone thought he would, but he's in pain."

"I'm glad Ty was able to come. Thanks, for bringing him."

"You remember our deal, right?" I asked.

"Yeah, Edward doesn't know. The media can't know and we use a numbering system."

"I mean it Em. There can't be any evidence of impropriety. This is done the right way, or not at all. Tyler is gifted, I know, but if I had my way, he'd go to college, and then play pro, not the other way around."

"I know, Bella, I know. Look, he's going to find out eventually, you know that right?'

"Yeah," I sighed, "I know."

While Emmett went to talk to Tyler, I scrolled through my phone, looking to see if ESPN had picked anything up on the young hockey Phenom, Tyler Swan. Only someone who was smart and had been in the biz for 18 years would figure out that Tyler belonged to Edward. He didn't have the same name, they were never photographed together and when Edward and Tyler hung out, they stayed under the radar.

That was what I wanted—what I needed after all the publicity surrounding our very public breakup.

Twenty five years prior

'I'm going to be a star," he rolled over and looked at me, pulling the sheets off me in the process.

"Don't get ahead of yourself," I said, always the level headed one.

"You're sleeping with a future star," he said, his hands working their way over to my uncovered chest.

"I'm sleeping with a third year at U of R, who thinks he's going to be a NHL star, but really, right now, he's just going to be late for class—again." I rolled away from his roving hands and grabbed my clothes off the floor. I would need to grab some more before going to class today.

"They won't care," he replied, "I'm taking this school to a championship, I can miss a class or two…" he rolled over off the bed and grabbed me, bringing me back on top of him.

"Stay with me for a little longer," he started to kiss my neck and I could feel myself being pulled under.

"I can't, I unlike you, actually have to go to class." I pulled away again and threw last night's clothes on.

"Hey Bella," he yelled at me as I approached the door.

"Yes, Edward."

"I love you."

"I love you too, Edward."

I threw my coat over my shoulders and ran down to the second floor of the dorm and knocked on Rosie's door. As the door opened, I pushed past a very underdressed Emmett and into the bathroom where I knew Rosie was. "Cover for me, again?" I calmed my sex hair down, washed my face, swished with some mouthwash and tried to push all the creases out of my clothing. I knew that Fritz, my security guard, would be at Rose's room any minute.

"You know I'll cover for you, I always do." Rosie gave me a kiss on the cheek just as I heard the knock on the door.

I walked to the door and opened it, knowing who was there.

"Good morning, Fritzy." I walked past my security detail and headed for the stairs, knowing their was a warmed car at the bottom of the steps, right outside the door. I let myself in the car, and sat there, enjoying the very quiet 20 minute ride home.

"Isabella," yelled a gruff voice from my father's study.

"Yes, Daddy," I yelled back, hoping that he didn't think my tone was rude.

"Please come into my office, I need to speak with you before you go to class today."

"Yes, Daddy," I replied more gently, as I walked over the threshold of his office and sat in the antique chair that he had in front of his desk.

"You didn't call," he said after I plopped myself down.

"I did. I called Fritz."

"He did not report to me that you called. I was worried Isabella. Where were you?"

"With Rosalie, studying for the LSAT."

"Rose? That Lakeside girl?"

"Yes, Daddy, Rosalie Hale, of the Lakeside Hales. Her father owns the Lumber store."

"New money," I heard him mumble under his breath.

"They were at the Bal, remember?"

"Yes, I remember."

My father had presented me at the Bal du Bois the summer before. The Bal du Bois was the preeminent debutante ball in the South, attended by the wealthiest Richmonders, and Virginians around. My father had hoped I would find a suitable match there, I hadn't. Mainly because my heart already belonged to someone, my blue collar boyfriend, Edward Cullen. My father had met him and his parents once—and forbade me from that moment on to associate with him. His men—the security team he was privileged to have as a US Senator—had not caught onto the fact that Edward and Rosalie shared a dorm. I had been sneaking between the two rooms for years.

"Rose is a great friend to me." I replied.

"Yes, Isabella, I know, but don't you think you should be focusing on finding a husband, you graduate in a little over six months."

"Daddy, we've discussed this. I want to be a lawyer. Why else would I be studying for the LSAT?" My father was old fashioned, and believed that women made the home and men made the money. He didn't understand why I wanted a career, something to show for myself. Independence.

"Why can't you study for the LSAT with a man?"

"Well, Daddy, you told me I couldn't hang out with men."

"No, Isabella. I told you that you couldn't associate with that Cullen boy and his brothers. I didn't say anything about men.

"Edward is my friend, Daddy."

"This conversation is over, Isabella. Go to your room and get ready for school, I'll have Fritz drive you back."

I did as my father told me, not really having a choice to do much else. Even though I was 20 years old, he still paid all my bills, my tuition, my credit card and provided me with a hefty monthly allowance. I needed him, at least until I graduated and got a job.