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With tears in her eyes, Foxisa could only reply "I've been through this before and I lost everything to stop that atrocity. "

"Come child", Saetan sensing Foxisa will finally unravel the mystery surrounding her; he led Foxisa to a nearby chair. With a glace of his eyes, he silently motioned his other children to find a chair.

"It was a long time ago for you and not so long time ago for me." Saetan raised an eyebrow at that odd sentence.

"I once battled a force so powerful that it almost destroyed my world. It lives by taking the power of the living and turning them into living puppet… well more dead puppet as they really are dead."

"The child…" Gegori softly whispered.

"Yes, Gregori. I think it's somewhat similar to what you saw happened to that child. Though I truly hope not, because you see that forced I fought had an army of unbeatable army. We called it "The Unknown", simply for the reason we had no idea where it came from and what it wanted.

A muffled snort could be heard coming from the corner, sounding suspiciously like Lucivar.

"All it did was take the lives of people by sucking the life force of people and turning them into mindless puppet. What made it even worse to fight the puppet was the awful fact you sometimes see a little something of the person who and what they are before they become puppet. It was very hard fighting them not just simply because they always seem to be able to come back, but really, how can you kill a dead person who's already dead?" Lucivar, Gregori, Surreal and Jaenelle both looked at Saetan at that last question.

" It was a hard fight, especially near the end, The Unknown took so many of our people… " Foxisa voice trailed off with a sob. "Everybody knew every time we go into battle, we'd bound to meet up with a love one on the other side. If anyone dies, more gets added to the enemy side. "

"And then when all wass thought to be losst, the Lady of Earth, took up her hand of power and swung with all her might against the unknown enemy. With her lasst ultimate sacrifice, the enemy wass no more. " Eyes wide, Foxisa could only looked in surprise at Draca's entrance.

"Lady of Earth, it been so long since I hear anyone utter that name, but how do you know that name?" Foxisa could only ask with shock in her voice.

"I undersstandss now. Why my power fluctuate near you. You were before me, ass I wass before Witch. Do you have the necklace?" Draca asked Foxisa softly.

"The necklace?" Foxisa asked. *Could it be, the dream she had of Palmer.. it was real.* With that awful realization, Foxisa felt an ache that reach deep inside her. She knew now she failed her job, she failed to protect her people in the most awful way, rather, her people protected her instead.

"Before we came to being, before we rosse up, there were great oness before uss. They sseek to protect their queen and told uss to wait for her. We thought they mean witch, but after witch arrived we knew it wass not sshe. They say sshe who iss queen have necklace of great power, necklace that have meanss to change great things."

"Change great things, that's an awfully powerful necklace, why did you not tell us of this powerful weapon when we fought Hekatah", Lucivar asked with a hard bite in his voice.

"IT WASS NOT MEANT FOR YOU!" Draca snarled. "Besside we don't know where the necklace iss. The great oness never said anything else about it." Draca looked at Foxisa expectantly.

"I don't have it. It wasn't there when I woke up." Foxisa sighed.

"Woke up?" Saetan questioned.

"I was sleeping throughout the centuries for probably an extremely long time. Because near the end, the final battle with the Unknown, I was severely weakened, and my sisters put me to sleep to heal."

Saetan and Lucivar couldn't help but compare the similarities to when Jaenelle was lost to them as she herself was put into the sleeping trance to heal her injuries during the battle with Hekatah. Thankfully it didn't last as long, just the thought of losing Jaenelle for centuries sends shivers down their spine. How would Daemon cope … he wouldn't have been able to and they would have lost a brother… a son all over again.

Foxisa continued, lost in thought. "I came up with a way to imprison the Unknown. I couldn't find a way to kill it so I seek an alternative method. As long as it stops killing people, I thought everything would be alright, I never realize such an action could cause a catastrophe larger than the Unknown roaming around. . My people died because I never thought beyond the scope of the problem. "

"No, dear Lady of Earth." Draca squeezed Foxisa hand anxiously. " What you ssee here now iss what you made posssible. If you didn't do what you had to do, there might be a posssibility your people would not have ssurvive and awaken my people. You ssaved your people and gave them a chance to do what they have to do."

"You're talking about the Great Cataclysm? The time when all things ended and the Dragons awaken? The beginning of the history of the Blood?" Gregori interrupted. "My God! I found an ancient text long ago that made reference of the Great Cataclysm, but there was never any evidence to support it."

"I think you need to show me that text." Saetan told Gregori.

Foxisa looked at Gregori, his damaged wings, cuts and bruises all over his dragon form. She remembered his reason for being here. "Oh Gregori, what if it's back? What if someone had let the Unknown out? But who could have done it, my spell was good, it was unbreakable." Foxisa was not happy about the possibility someone could have destroyed all her efforts and sacrifice just like that.

Lucivar stood up. I think this is a job for me and my patrol. "We shall investigate this incident and look around. Never fear Foxisa," Lucivar smiled at Foxisa before he walked out to gather his men.

A blank stare entered Draca's eyes. "Lady of Earth, Lorn wantss to ssee you. Sshall we go now?"

Startled, Foxisa timidly followed Draca out. Lorn, the great Dragon. The one everyone talked about how enormous and .. old wants to see her.

Saetan looked at Gregori again. " I think you really need to show me that text and sooner the better."