Tonight, he's mine.

Here by the lake, he's mine.

Oh, I may be a trifle, a means to an end, a source of relief from his pent up frustration, but it is still me, Adalind.

I have always been there when he needed me. I have always given him pleasure. I can see it in his eyes, his restraint. I did it all for him.

To please him.

To entice him.

To punish him.

And now, to relieve him.

I remember the glint of excitement in his gaze that time I dealt with the man under the bridge. He never got out of his car. He merely watched. And approved… of his dangerous little Hexenbiest.

I remember the fascination thereafter, each time we met … brushed hands … did not touch… the intensity … the fire … the desire

He hurt me, so deeply. What the Grimm did was nothing—nothing—in comparison to Sean. He rejected me in my darkest hour. I did it all for him. I enticed Hank, for him. I baited the Grimm, for him. I died in spirit, for him. And in his eyes, with my powers stripped away, I was useless. Worthless. No longer of interest to him.

Well, I am not worthless anymore.

He needs me now.

Everything he has ever said to me spins through my mind, here in the darkness. He said once that he might fall in love with me, if he did not know me so well.

Oh, he knows me well. I know him, too. We are two of a kind, he and I.

Right now, power or no power, he needs me. I am his. He is mine.

He may say her name, but it is me in his arms. Me, in his future. Me, in his heart.

He just doesn't know it yet.

But soon, when I am finished with his punishment, when I am the mother of his child… he will.