Ranma ½: Consequences (Revamped)

A Ranma Fanfiction

By Snafu the Great

Snafu's Disclaimer: I don't own squat. Takahashi owns Ranma. The only thing I do own are my OCs for this fanfic.

Ranma ½: Consequences is the fourth in the Consequences series (the first three being Love Hina, Naruto and Game of Thrones respectively). Ironically, the idea to write the Consequences series came from a story with the same title by GuyverChaz. Once again, nothing is out of bounds, as we got bashing galore. This fanfic will chronicle the downfall of the Tendou family, Genma Saotome and the Anything Goes School. All of it being Nabiki's fault...and to an extension, Soun's fault for the secrets he kept regarding his family.

Oh, and this fanfic will have bashing to rival even my previous Ranma fanfic, Pride Comes Before The Fall.

UPDATE: This is a revamped version of the original story, which has elements of Pride Comes Before The Fall which I had cut out from the final story, as well as bits and pieces from a Ranma-gets-crippled-and-abandoned fanfic I was originally working on before focusing on Pride. Second, in honor of Hokuto no Ken/Fist of the North Star I've changed the last name of Nodoka's family from Himura to Mamiya. Could also count as an obscure Sweet Home reference as well.

Also, the original character Yuni Kurosawa is modeled after the Indonesian actress Julie Estelle (Alicia the Hammer Girl in The Raid 2/Berandal).

Part One

"I will hurt you for this. A day will come when you think you are safe and happy, and your joy will turn to ashes in your mouth. And you will know that the debt is paid."

- Tyrion Lannister, Game of Thrones

Tokyo General Hospital – six months after the failed wedding.

"By all accounts, Lady Mamiya, your son should have nearly died from the injuries he had sustained three days ago," the doctor said to the woman. "He has multiple lacerations, both clavicles broken, internal bleeding, and a cracked skull from being struck with a heavy wooden object. He flatlined on the operating table, but we were able to revive him. It will take some time, but he will recover."

The woman, a matronly female in her late thirties, dark hair in a bun, clad in a kimono, gripped her katana as she nodded, her face grim. "My son is a fighter. Giving up is not in his nature."

The doctor nodded. "Indeed. He is truly your son, Lady Mamiya. Do you have any idea as to who have done this to your son?"

The woman nodded. "Given as to who my son's enemies are, I think I have some pretty good ideas as to who did this to him. In the meantime, no one from Nerima – not my soon-to-be ex-husband, his idiot friend or his family, anyone – is to know where he is. Understood?"

The doctor nodded and returned to the intensive care unit to look after his patient.

The woman, one Nodoka Saotome – make that Nodoka Mamiya – took one last look at the ICU before turning on her heels and stalking out of the hospital.

She had been out visiting friends in Osaka when the call came in. Her son was in the hospital. She immediately returned to Tokyo, where her son was being treated at one of the hospitals there. Her cellphone chirped from within the kimono's obi. She stopped for a moment and retrieved it. Seeing the number as one of her contacts from Nerima, she answered the phone. "Maki? What have you got for me?"

"It's been confirmed," her contact said. "The Tendou girl was the one responsible for Ranma's attack. She hasn't been quite subtle about sprouting off her success."

"Which one?"

"The middle child, Nabiki orchestrated the attack, while it was Akane who tried to cave his head in."

Nodoka's blood ran cold. "Explain."

Maki gave Nodoka a brief explanation of how Genma threatened to throw Ranma out of the clan and of that accursed martial arts school should he not marry Akane. Of how Ranma told him to stuff it and terminated the engagement, as he had enough of the madness that his father was partially responsible for. Of how he told Nabiki off when she reminded him of his debt to her. And of how Nabiki had called the fiancees and rivals, saying that Ranma had an engagement ring and of how Ranma was going to fight them all at once.

The assault was indeed brutal. Happousai had used the moxibuston point on Ranma, allowing her son's enemies and Akane to gain the advantage. It was only because of the Joketsuzoku matriarch Cologne and Ukyou Kuonji that her son was still alive after knocking the attacking suitors back and both women had taken Ranma to Tokyo General Hospital.

Nodoka nodded and hanged up the phone.

"So how is he?"

The voice of the aforementioned matriarch brought the murderous thoughts of Nodoka to a halt. The katana-wielding woman turned to the old woman who sat on top of her cane. "It's bad, but Ranma will pull through." She bowed. "Elder, thank you for your assistance in bringing my son to get help."

Cologne nodded. "Given the kind of power that sonny boy wields and who your family is, it's safe to stay on the right hand of the devil, rather than be in her path." Off Nodoka's raised eyebrow, Cologne continued. "Oh yes, I know who you are, Nodoka Mamiya. You are known in the kendo circles as the 'Devil Swordswoman of the Mamiya,' due to your uncanny talents with the sword, and the youngest child of Takeshi Mamiya, the head of the most powerful company in Japan. The Mamiya clan is descended from the Japanese warlord Toyotomi Hideyoshi and his concubine, Yodo. So why the ruse of a ditzy housewife obsessed with manliness?"

"I see unlike Nabiki, you do your homework, Elder. Not even Genma nor the Tendous know my background. As for my cover, it was to keep Genma in line," Nodoka replied. "Of course, I now see that part of this is my fault. I should have terminated this engagement long ago. That old hentai used the moxibustion point on Ranma."

Cologne nodded as she connected the dots. "I see. Attacking an ally of the Chinese Amazons is a very serious offense. Mousse and Shampoo will soon see the error of their ways soon enough," she said, remembering the cat and the duck, who was currently locked inside cages back at the Nekohanten.

"It was Nabiki," Nodoka said, knowing full well of the Ice Queen's reputation as a wannabe mob boss in Nerima. "Nabiki was the main person responsible. This has gone on long enough. Excuse me, Elder. I have some unfinished business to take care of."

As Nodoka entered into a waiting sedan, she retrieved her cellphone and dialed a number.

"Akira Mamiya."

"Brother, it's me."

"Nodoka-chan. How is Ranma?"

"It's bad, but he will recover. He is truly a Mamiya. He never gives up. Contact Azumi and have her draw up restraining orders on the following people: Genma Saotome. Soun Tendou. Akane Tendou. Kasumi Tendou. And Nabiki Tendou. Also, I want Azumi to meet me at the Tendou home when I deal with the mess that Genma has gotten my son into...and tell her to bring the info on the Tendou family."

"Concerning Soun's wife?"

"Yes," Nodoka replied. She had stumbled onto the files regarding Kazume Tendou days before following an inquiry into the Tendou clan, since some of Soun's claims did not add up. "And make sure those divorce papers are filed as well."

"It will be done. Anything else?"

"Yes. I want Happousai dead," Nodoka deadpanned. "He almost killed my son, your nephew, out of spite. I know his weakness, and we will use that to our advantage."

"Of course. You do have a plan for that, do you?"

"Yes. I will tell you how we will do that later once my business with the Tendous is completed."

Nerima Ward, outside the Tendou Home, later.

Nodoka Mamiya emerged from the back seat of the sedan. Rather than the kimono, she was dressed in a business suit (ala Mature's business suit from the recent King of Fighters), but still retained her katana. Waiting for her in a second sedan was her sister-in-law, Azumi Mamiya. The wife of her elder brother Akira, she was a high-powered attorney within the Mamiya clan.

Unlike Nodoka, she was still wearing a kimono, while carrying a briefcase.

Nodoka acknowledged Azumi with a nod and together, the pair walked to the front door. Rather than ringing the doorbell, Nodoka calmly unsheathed her katana.

"Mamiya-ryu ougi...Zantetsuken!"

Three flashes of light was all that anyone had seen, right before the wooden gates splintered and fell to pieces. Stepping through the rubble, they entered the compound.

The eldest daughter, Kasumi Tendou, was out doing the shopping for the dinner, but the two men were there, playing shougi on the engawa. Katana still drawn, Nodoka got their attention by splitting the board in two.

"Genma...Soun...my son is in the hospital with life-threatening injuries. I want names...I want a confession...now."

The rotund Saotome tried to stand up to his wife. "Now see here, wife..."

That was all he managed to get out, as in a flash, he felt Nodoka's katana resting against his throat. Genma's eyes went wide. 'How...? She is not skilled with the sword! How can she move so fast?'

"My patience is wearing thin, Genma," Nodoka said. "Sit down and shut up."

Genma did as he was told.

With Genma humbled, Nodoka introduced her sister-in-law. "This is Azumi Mamiya...lawyer to the Mamiya clan...and my sister-in-law."

The look on the men's faces said it all. The Mamiya clan was one of the most powerful clans in all of Japan. Not even the Yakuza, the Russian Mafiya and Chinese Triads dared not to cross them. It was said of the Mamiya that they wrote the book on Japanese vendetta. Then, the dawning realization washed over Genma and Soun. Nodoka was a member of the Mamiya...which means Ranma was also part of the family, as she was his son.

If the situation wasn't so dire, Genma and Soun would be dancing with glee.

"I'm waiting. Who did this to Ranma?" Nodoka demanded. Of course she already knew, but she wanted to see if they would tell her the truth. Should they lie, then they start losing limbs.

Soun was the first to fold. "It was Nabiki! She planned the entire thing!"

Without removing her blade from Genma's throat, Nodoka turned her head and faced Soun. "Explain."

"Ranma refused to be her whipping boy any longer, so in her words, decided to teach Ranma a lesson. She had the rivals, the Master, and the suitors jump Ranma when he tried to leave Nerima by declaring that he had an engagement ring. When we threatened to expel him from the schools and from his family, he didn't care."

"And you, as her father, did nothing to stop this from happening?" Nodoka demanded, now livid. When no answer was given, Nodoka nodded to Azumi, who proceeded to hand over the divorce papers to Genma. "Genma Saotome, I have stood by and watched you berate and sell out my son. You have failed as a father, as well as a husband. And what gives you the right to disown my son?"

Genma got back his courage. "Now, No-chan, what we did was for the boy's own good! It was for the sake of the art! We will let him back into the school when he begs for forgiveness and marry Akane."

In a flash, Nodoka's hand clamped down on Genma's throat. Genma and Soun could make out the red aura surrounding Nodoka. Soun backed away from his friend. Even he knew 'about-to-snap' when he saw it.

"For his own good?! FOR HIS OWN GOOD?!" Nodoka screamed.

Nodoka then proceeded to beat her soon-to-be ex-husband within an inch of his life. By the time she was done, Genma was out cold. Forget Tofuu, he had to be taken to a hospital.

Nodoka then whirled on Soun. "This farce of an engagement has gone on for long enough! I will not allow this to continue!"

"Wait! Genma promised me that the schools will be united!" Soun objected.

"Too bad. I am terminating that promise. Genma is not clan head, Tendou. I am. Not only is the Tendou agreement is dissolved, but the remaining engagements are dissolved as well."

That did not sit well for Soun. He went into Demon Head mode. "I forbid it! Ranma will marry my Akane and carry on the schools!"


Nodoka deflated Soun's Demon Head with her katana. "My son has a right to live his own life, something that has not been given to him, thanks to your and Genma's scheming, as well as the other rivals and suitors. You have no say in this, Tendou." When it looked like Soun was going to argue, Nodoka pulled out her trump card. "Unless you want all of Nerima to find out about your wife, then you will accept my decision in this matter."

Soun froze in his tracks.

Nodoka smiled. She had him where she wanted him. "The resources of the Mamiya clan are endless, Tendou. Did you really think that I would allow this pathetic little engagement to continue? Now, the Mamiya clan have no problems with the Ainu...but I'm willing to bet that most of the people Nerima might. Some of them barely can tolerate the Chinese Amazons, solely because Shampoo flaunts herself like a cheap whore...which surprisingly was your wife's previous occupation."

Soun gulped. Not even Genma knew about that little detail in regards to Kazume, let alone their children.

"You only married her because she was pregnant with Kasumi," Nodoka continued, twisting the knife. "I'm also willing to bet that your daughters doesn't know that they're half-breeds, much less your own children, since Kazume cheated on you throughout your marriage. In fact, DNA testing proved that while Kasumi is in fact your daughter, Nabiki and Akane are not, with the both of them having two different fathers; Nabiki's father being that of a Russian businessman and Akane's father a South Korean soldier who was on leave. Better be thankful that they look a lot like Kazume. This can very well destroy your family Tendou. The half-breed bastard daughters of an Ainu whore with a cuckold for a husband. Some legacy, Tendou."

Soun sighed. What Nodoka said was indeed true. Of course he knew that Nabiki and Akane were not his children. Of course he knew of Kazume's adulterous liaisons. And of course he got off on that fact. Nodoka had him by the balls. "What do you want in exchange for you silence?"

Nodoka didn't budge. "You know what I want, Tendou. Accept my decision, and I will keep silent on this matter."

Soun slowly nodded. "I agree to your terms."

Another glance from Nodoka and Azumi pulled out several more sheets of paper. As the Mamiya clan lawyer placed them in front of Soun, Nodoka continued to speak. "Sign the papers and seal them with your hanko, Tendou. This is an agreement made by your family and the Mamiya clan. Neither you, nor your children will come within 30 feet of my son. Failure to comply will result in severe consequences."

Soun did as he was ordered to do.

"Make sure these are filed by the end of the day," Nodoka said as Azumi picked up the documents. "And make sure that Soun gets a copy of the documents by the end of the week." After looking around for a moment, Nodoka asked, "Where are your daughters?"

Soun gulped again. This was not going to end well.

Outside the Tendou compound...

Nabiki Tendou did not like being kept out of the loop.

It had been three days and no one knew where Ranma was. All with the exception of Cologne, who refused to say anything and Ukyou, who threatened bodily harm to both Tendou girls.

It all came down three days ago – six months following the failed wedding. Genma and Soun had demanded that Ranma should marry Akane and unite the schools. Nabiki wanted more photos of Ranma's cursed form to sell to Kunou.

Ultimately, Ranma had enough. In the months following the incident with Saffron and the Phoenix tribe, Ranma had been showing plenty of backbone towards his tormentors, including Happousai. Genma threatened to disown Ranma and Soun threatened to throw Ranma out of the house. But Ranma would not budge. When it became clear that Ranma was planning to leave Nerima, that alarmed Nabiki. She did not care about the joining of the schools, or the engagement. All she cared about was losing her cash cow.

First, she offered Ranma 15 percent of her earnings. He refused. Then she threatened to make his life hell. Much to her surprise, Ranma simply laughed in her face and told her she accomplished that with her moneymaking schemes and her manipulating bad situations into worst ones. When she tried to force him to pay for the failed wedding (of which she was responsible for ruining, as it would benefit her more with Ranma still being single), Ranma told her to fuck off and left the house.

Furious, Nabiki decided to teach him a lesson. In full view of Genma and Soun, she called the other fiancees and told them that Ranma had another engagement ring. To the fathers, she said that Ranma was terminating the engagement. To Akane, Nabiki said that Ranma had another girl on the side. To the rivals, she said that Ranma was going to fight them all at the same time.

What she didn't expect was Happousai to jump in and use the moxibustion point.

In the end, Ranma had been beaten down by Kunou, Mousse,and Ryouga, with Akane cracking his skull for good measure. But it was Ukyou and Cologne who had taken Ranma to the hospital. First, it was Nerima General, then Ranma was transferred to another hospital. Who ordered the transfer Nabiki did not know.

What she did know was that the bodies of Kunou, his sister and their father were found inside their home earlier today. Cause of death was ritual suicide. When she demanded answers from Sasuke, the mousy ninja/retainer replied that he could not tell on pain of death.

Upon arriving at the Tendou home, they saw two sedans parked outside, with two men chatting with one another. The wooden gate had been destroyed, as it someone had destroyed it with a katana.

Expecting the worst, Nabiki and Akane entered the home, where they found Soun and Nodoka at the dinner table. Soun looked scared out of his mind, while Nodoka was furious. There was a third person, a woman in a kimono carrying a briefcase. It wasn't another fiancee as she looked to be about Nodoka's age. The first thing that the girls noticed was that Nodoka was dressed like a businesswoman. The second was that her katana was drawn. Third, there was a small bundle at Nodoka's feet.

Nodoka pointed to the two chairs. "Both of you. Sit."

With a wary eye, Nabiki and Akane sat down. "What's the meaning of this, Nodoka?" Nabiki demanded, her Ice Queen persona at the front of the furious matriarch.

"Ranma is in the hospital," Nodoka replied with restrained fury. "Ranma is in the hospital with life-threatening injuries. He almost died because of your damned pride. What I want to know is why."

While Akane indifferent, Nabiki looked smug, as if she was pleased in bringing down Ranma a notch. "So what if I did? He needs to know what his limits are. No one crosses me, Nodoka."


In a flash, Nodoka was on her feet, and Nabiki was on the floor, courtesy of a punch to the jaw from Nodoka. The middle Tendou found herself being picked up from the ground by the throat and slammed up against the wall. This was not what Nabiki had thought of when it came to Nodoka. She was supposed to be a ditzy, manliness-obsessed housewife. But she moved like a martial artist, and hit just as hard as well.

Akane tried to intervene, but a glare from Nodoka stopped her in her tracks. Her unspoken threat made it clear: One step closer and you lose your head.

"There is no excuse for what you have done. The Tendou-Saotome pact is now null and void. Your father has already agreed to my demands. There is also the restraining orders placed against you and Akane. I will have the both of you arrested if you come near my son ever again."

She released Nabiki, who wiped the blood from her lip. As Nodoka turned to her lawyer, Nabiki spoke. "Before you go, there is the matter of the debt Ranma owes me."

Nodoka slowly turned around. "Excuse me?" she said in a cold tone.

"Services rendered," Nabiki replied. "The total was 1.4 million yen, but since he missed the photo shoot and failed to repay me for the wedding that Genma and Daddy had me set up, not to mention the disrespect he showed me, the total comes to 29 million yen."

Behind Nodoka, Azumi scoffed.

"There is no debt, as far as I'm concerned," Nodoka replied. "With the photos and videos you made of Ranma, not to mention that Akane lacks self-control in the art, you have made enough money off of my son. I want the photos and videos of my son in both of his forms destroyed immediately."

"Are you threatening me, Nodoka? You really shouldn't. Look what happened to your son," Nabiki replied, her expression still smug despite the busted lip.

Nabiki regretted those words, as she felt cold steel resting up against her throat. Nodoka had her katana drawn, and the razor sharp blade was resting up against her carotid artery.

"Listen well, Nabiki Tendou," Nodoka said in a cold tone. "I am not in the mood for your antics. Because of you and your younger sister, my son is in the hospital. If he dies, then I will return and I will kill both you and Akane while your father and elder sister watch. That's a threat. See the difference?"

"For God's sakes, child! Do as she says!" Soun pleaded.

"Listen to your spineless father, girl," Nodoka said. "Make the wrong choice and you will not live long enough to regret your decision."

To drive her point home, Nodoka turned to Azumi and nodded. The lawyer picked up the small bag and upended the contents over the table.

A broken wooden bokken. A mangled pair of hair shears. And a torn ribbon tied to a bent gymnastic pin.

Soun's eyes widened in horror as he saw the significance of the items. He had heard that the Kunou family was found dead inside their home earlier that day. Now he knew why.

Nodoka had forced them to commit seppuku.

"I see you're not as dense as I pegged you, Soun," Nodoka confirmed. "It's indeed true. Once I've confronted the Kunous on their crimes towards my son and that he was a member of the Mamiya clan, they chose to surrender to the knife to regain their lost honor rather than face the Mamiya clan in a blood feud."

Nabiki's eyes went wide. The Mamiya clan was the richest – and in most cases, the most ruthless – clans in all of Japan. Even the Yakuza and the Chinese Triad stationed in Japan had the good sense not to screw with them. It was said of the Mamiya that the Sicilian Mafia may have invented vendetta, but the House of Mamiya had made it into an art form.

And she just pissed off the wrong Mamiya by nearly killing her son.

There was an incident surrounding the Mamiya clan, in which a Yakuza had tried to muscle in on the Mamiya Clan's business interests. When the Yakuza threatened the Mamiya, even going as fas as to send some of their members to the hospital and killing one of their numbers, the reprisal was brutal.

Instead of directly going after the Yakuza chieftain himself, the Mamiya had instead put his whole family to the sword, as well as the group he led. The Mamiya's reasoning? "So there would be no one left alive to seek revenge," all the while leaving the Yakuza chief alive. He had committed suicide shortly thereafter. The incident showed that the Mamiya were not to be messed with.

"Yes, Nabiki," Nodoka continued. "I am part of the Mamiya clan. Which means that Ranma is also part of the clan. Genma has no authority over Ranma. He just thinks he does. I am clan head, not him. Either destroy those photos and videos of my son...or else you, and your family will join the Kunou clan in hell. You don't believe me, then ask Sasuke, as he was the one who witnessed the ceremony."

Nabiki felt the katana draw a small trickle of blood. "Or...I can just kill you now for the slights against my son, and I will not be in the wrong. I take the heads of both you and Akane and the police will stand aside and let me walk out of here scot-free. What do you say? How much is your life worth to you? Either destroy the photos and videos of my son...or you, your father, and your sister will commit seppuku before the day is done. Or maybe...you can spend the next fifteen to thirty years in jail. I heard that the Japanese government has grown very strict when it comes to racketeering charges. Kind of similar to the Americans' RICO charges. Make your choice."

"Okay, okay. I'll destroy the photos and videos," Nabiki said, now scared out of her mind.

"For your sake, you better," Nodoka replied. "I have eyes and ears in Nerima, so they will let me know if you did it nor not. The next time I come back here, it will not be pleasant." To Soun, she said, "When Genma wakes up, tell him that he is no longer welcome at my home...if he wishes to keep his head."

She sheathed her katana and walked out, with Azumi following behind.

"Dad, you're going to let Nodoka get away with this?" Akane demanded.

"We have no choice," Soun replied. "Not against the Mamiya clan. They would destroy us and not lose any sleep over it. We have to deal with this in our own way."

Nabiki thought about not following through with her bargain. But the evidence was there to see. Kunou and his family were dead. And with the threat of legal action hanging over her head, Nabiki valued her freedom more than money.

Sighing, she walked upstairs and into her room, where she proceeded to do as what Nodoka had demanded.

Soun, in the meantime, had remained seated. He knew that Kazume had cheated on him throughout their marriage, and suspected that Nabiki and Akane were not his children. Nodoka had all but verified it. But his hands were tied. Were this secret ever to get out to the public, he would lose face and more than likely, be chased out of Nerima.

He did the honorable thing by marrying Kazume, but she used it against him. The girls shared the same mother, but their fathers were different.

And the fact that he had married an Ainu woman...

...aside from the burakumin, the indigenous people of northern Hokkaido have been dealing with serious discrimination to the point that they had to hide their ancestry. Happi hated the Ainu with a passion. The reason being was that he was cursed to his present state by an Ainu temple maiden after the old pervert had glomped onto her chest. Genma was not too fond of the Ainu as well, and made his hatred of the people known.

In the end, he decided to keep his mouth shut. Better to let the secret die with him rather than to let Nodoka use it against him, not to mention the fallout of such a secret were it to be revealed to the public. They would be lucky if they would make it out of Nerima alive. Worst case scenario is that they beat Nabiki down within an inch of her life for her extortion tactics.

Or both Akane and Nabiki try to kill him for keeping such a secret.

Snafu's Notes: The Ainu are Japan's indigenous population who reside in the Hokkaido region. Like Japan's Burakumin, the Ainu had dealt with discrimination from the Japanese people, despite a landmark law enacted in 1997 that for the first time recognizes their culture as unique and officially promotes their rights. In this story, Nodoka recently found out about Soun's deceased wife and uses it against him, as Nerima is in this story, particularly xenophobic to the Ainu.