FUAHAHA I FINALLY GOT A NEW STORY IDEA AND YOU WILL LOVE IT! Even though i need to do my homework and deal with my archery class I will keep writing!" BECAUSE, I LOVE IT. AND YOU LOVE IT!. ฅ^•ﻌ•^ฅ

-Eddward just wait a moment, it will be done in a second soon.


I laid on the cold surgical bed in the basement looking up on the cement ceiling without a impression or any emotion shown,
Even thought it felt like I was in hell. Feeling like someone poured lava inside of my whole being. But I had learned to control my emotion's after year's of different kinds of pain's. So you could say it hurted even thought the pain didn't exist.

-Were done, You can go back now.

I leaned up on the bed an looked my parent's in there eyes, like looking into there soul's even thought they may not have a soul at all. They may not even a heart left. I went down on the cold cement floor with my bare feet and went towards the door that led back up to the house.

-Ah! Wait a minute. I almost forgot to tell you. We won't be home for about 2 week's we have some business in another state.

I nodded my head and left. My feet dragged themselves up to the second floor and into the spacious bathroom. I pulled my black jeans off and my boxer's, then I took my hands through my black messy hair. And went into the shower. I Raised my hand and touched my chest that was full of scars, marks, stitches, and burns.

Even my legs was covered with these stupid thing's. That only left my face, neck, feet, hands and some spots on my arms untouched.
the water was red as it dripped down my body and down the drain. When all of the blood had been cleared off i took a towel and took it around me as I made my way down to my room. I opened the closet and putted on a long sleeved gray sweater. and a pair of new black pants.
Then of course a black beanie with 2 white stripes on.
I took on a pair of black socks and putted them on my feet.
I leaned back up and went towards my mirror that was placed beside my closet and looked myself in it.
Staring into my white pale face and my blue eyes the way I always did, I was expressionless. I used to show more emotion's when i were younger in middle school. But now was different. I had gone through hell for months, years. and this was the result of that. No emotion's. Ed and eddy was still my friends even though i became the way I am now. I have always wondered why they keep me by there ?. No, they was simply my best friend's since I was young and it's not easily to let that type off relationship go. And the scams?, Yes. Eddy still needed my help with those. Ed? He's just someone that wouldn't let a friend go. I love them dearly for who they are and for sticking by my side.
"I can't stand here any longer"
I moved and went towards my closet and took down a red scarf and whirled it around my neck.
Then I took my marine blue jacket on and a pair of black mittens. Then i took my leather backpack and pulled it on my back. I made my way down the stairs and putted on my white sneakers. The door creaked as i closed it. The air was cold, and the air in the morning was fresh. And there was no sound only a few birds now and then. after breathing the air in and out for a few moment's i walked with quick steps towards my high school.