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' - thoughts

Edward slumped through the halls, berating his past selfs stupidity of skipping those dance lessons. Then again, "How was I supposed to know I would need them!" He screamed, his head in his palms.

Without that ability, he will have pay tamaki very penny of the damages he caused. 'Who knows how long that'll take!' he thought to himself "Need what?" Ed blinked and turned his head to see the girl who marked him as her favorite, um... What was her name again? "I need some dance lessons, um..."

The girl claps her hands together with a smile "Konoko konokzuki, and I can help you with your dancing problem." Edward blinked "You can?" she smiles as she takes his hand, leading him away "Of course, it's a date!"


On the other side of the gate, one miss winry rockbell looked to the sky, leaving awfully angry and jealous for some reason... Edward must be doing something stupid in central. She gripped her wrench hard "You... IDIOT!" She hurled at an unsuspecting customer in the middle of the street. She blinked "Um... Sorry?"

[back at the academy]

Edward was blushing more than he has ever done in his life. Both at the fact konoko saying this was a date and being so intimately closed to a girl more so than he has ever been in his life. If it had been the lieutenant or maria ross or someone else older, he wouldn't have minded so much, but having someone around his age (and admittedly very pretty) this was quite unnerving

He also regretted having her lead him to the music room..

Tamaki looked at the two with keen interest. When Edward and haruhi mentioned that they couldn't danced, he expected them to be floundering around like fools on the dance floor. But seeing Edward and miss konokzuki move, he can see young edward being quite the natural... Now if only he'll just stop blushing so much at holding a girl's waistline.. Ans speaking of his young daughter...

He looked off to the side to see the twins hiding from a menacing aura, he then turned to the side to see the source of that aura. Haruhi was sending death glares at the two dancing, while eating Ramen. He blinked, he felt... Kinda robbed for some reason. He shooked his head and smiled "Why haruhi, dear daughter, how's about I help you dance aswell?" She turned her gaze on him "Buzz off." she said with vemon

Tamaki gasped and fell back dramatically, falling near kyoya. "Mama... What is wrong with our daughter?.." Kyoya pushed his glasses as if he hadn't heard that, but it was quite obvious what was he seeing.

Envy. Or better yet, jealousy. But why?.. Kyoya pushed his glasses again, this isn't going to go good at all...

And where was that idiot with his shipment of fine china?


It was discovered that miss konokzuki and a son of a wealthy china company were childhood friends. But due to him leaving to study abroad, neither could reveal each other's feelings to the other. The host club decided to step in

Tamaki smiled as he pieced his plan together, haruhi would get the boy to admit his feelings, meanwhile edward will causally lead miss konokzuki on a walk, "ACCIDENTALLY" listening on these twos conversation. Thus these two will know each other's feelings and live happily ever after.

Edward sweatdropped at the ending but nodded in agreement anyway, understanding his part in all this.

Haruhi clapped "I like this plan, I'm excited to be a part of it." Edward stared at her as if she grew a second head, just what hell is she drinking?

Haruhi herself was wondering tge same, but atleast she'll get rid of that girl for good... Which was important to hers. She has no idea why but... She can't let Ed near that girl... For some resaon... Love? Pis sah! He was her newest friend and she was just being a good friend, right?

She needs more ramen...

[The night of the party]

The festivities kicked off with a blast with all the guests fighting tooth and claw to dance with their favorite host.

Edward sighed. He was made to wear a suit, a white shirt with green tie behind a black vest, with matching black slacks and his standard combat boots, all topped with a brown trenchcoat. In all, a nice suit and he was sure he looked good, just... "I just have to look like hohenheim, don't i?" he asked to no one. "Hohen.. Who?" he turned to see konoko in a very pretty dress, looking at him expectantly

He rubbed his hair, hoimg reddish "Um... Just a jerky old man I knew, but Don't mind him.." he coughed "Um... Care to dance?" She smiled brightly, grabbing his arm and dragging him to the dance floor "Why of course!" he smiled nervously 'Pretty grabby...'

Haruhi looked from the concession stand of fancy foods, partaking in it's tuna. She glared at the two 'Where is that guy, imma be sick if i have to watch more of thi-' she thought as she was suddenly whisked away for a makeover by the other members of the club


Haruhi wasn't the only one glaring at the couple. All the girls, since the other hosts disappeared, were glaring at the princess who kept hogging the only prince charming there. The boys there repeatingly tried to gain their attentions and their hands for a dance, but most were brushed aside. One boy glared at Edward, for taking the girl of his dreams from him, now he'll leave ouran without telling her his feelings.. He pulled out a very strange love confessional he got, just about time him to leave too... Good, he leaves he's gonna be sick here. He walked to the planned room

Edward caught sight of him leaving 'Right on schedule' "Hey, uh.. Kono?..." he said, forgetting her name. She blushes, thinking he is just nicknaming her "Y-yes edward?" he smiled sighly "Wanna go take a walk?" she smiled, nodding "Okay, if you want to." this was pretty easy


Okay, so that could've gone better. Konoko was shocked at seeing Hauhi, looking like what she lloked like before ouran, and the guy in the same room together, she ran from the room in tears. The guy tracked her down to the main foyer where he confessed.

The hosts shined a light on her declaring konoko the maiden of the night. Kyoya pushed his glasses up, smiling "And now the princess shall receive a kiss from a princely figure." Tamaki smiled and began to step forward "Which tonight will be our very own, Edward elric!" Tamaki stopped in shock, but shrugged, no loss here. Haruhi's eyes widen and furrowed into a glare, Damn it kyoya-sempai...

Edward stood there in shock, unsure what to do. He had never kissed anyone before, so he was supposed to kiss her?! His first kiss with her?! He would rather have it taken by wi-

The twins began pushing him forward. "Damn it, we were barely in this chapter!" kaoru grumbled, hikaru groaned "Stupid late author..." they gave a mighty push "+We're relevent, damn it!" the push was too strong however causing Ed to miss her cheek and kiss her... Lips


"IDIOT, IDIOT, IDIOT, IDIOT!" mister garfiel, paninya, hohenheim and Alphonse (who came with her to rush walley to cheer her up about edward) were hiding from the many wrenches winry was throwing while also nursing their heads of the bumps she gave them, except of course hohenheim who automatically healed his injuries. Al mumbled, rubbing his head "I will never laugh at brother about this ever again..."

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