Chapter Three: Hound

Steven sat on the ground, twiddling with his thumbs,

"Sooooo... Is Pearl going to be okay?" The boy asked Amethyst while she played with junk scattered around her room. The purple gem walked over to Steven and patted his head,

"Yeaah, bird nerd will be fine," Steven looked back down at his hands.

"Um, alright..." He then got up and fiddled with one of the piles of different objects, Steven jolted and quickly grabbed for his nose when he smelt and awful stench,

"Eww! Amethyst did you keep more rotten food in here?!"

"What? Probably."

Steven shuffled through the pile as he tried to find the source of the smell, then, a green colored object rolled out leaving a trail of slime in it's path. He went to go pick it up when it rolled just as he tried to touch it,

"Huh?" Steven tried to pick it up again with both hands, the horrible smell attacking his nose, he groaned as he plugged his nose again and tried to pick it up. The ball rolled again.

"Hey Amethyst, come check this out!" Amethyst ran over,

"Oh hey! It's that weird ball thing that we got on the mission today. I wonder how it got into my room," Amethyst wondered. Her attention was back onto the sphere as it started to roll away, Steven and Amethyst started to chase after it until it went into one of the transporting puddles in the gems room.

"Where did it go?"

"It went into Pearls room." Amethyst said before sticking her head into the puddle.

"Do you see it?" Steven asked, the purple gem didn't respond, instead she suddenly went into the puddle. After a minute or two she didn't come back out, Steven hovered over the puddle,


No response.

With no thought, Steven stuck his head to retrieve the gem.

It was definitely Pearls room, but there was something different. It was dim and quiet, the water was still, but not frozen. The boy climbed out of the water and called out for someone,

"Amethyst? Pearl? Uhh, anyone?"


Then, there was a small pitter patter of water, footsteps, a figure grabbed Stevens shoulders, causing him to yelp in surprise. The boy turned around,


"Ahh!" He fell backwards onto his bottom, an obnoxious laugh rung throughout the room.

"Ahahaha! I totally got you! Man, why are you so jumpy." Amethyst chuckled, Steven groaned and stood up,

"Amethyst don't do that, it's kind of spooky in here..." The half gem said in a scared tone.

"Pff, what are you scared about? It's just Pearls room-" Amethyst was interrupted by a loud banging noise.

"What was that?" Steven looked around, trying to find the source of the noise.

Laughter echoed, sending chills put the two spines,

"Amethyst, was that you?"
"What? No, I think theres someone else in the room." The gem tried to look around, but it seemed that it had gotten darker,

"Ugh, I can't even see in here!" Amethyst stomped on the water, causing it to splash a bit. Then their heads turned to the temple door as it opened, Garnet standing in the doorway,

"You two need to get out of Pearls room."
"But what about Pearl-"

"C'mon bud," Amethyst grabbed Steven and jumped off of the waterfall and towards the exit, but was hit in midair by something, or someone, rather.

The two hit the wall and slid to the floor, both dazed. The laughter occurred again, it was Pearl, she was standing on the pool of water that was right in front of the temple door,

"Whoops! Looks like I interrupted your little trip out, I guess thats been cut short."

"Pearl, don't hurt them," Garnet run in front of Amethyst and Steven and shielded them, summoning her gauntlets. Pearl took a step forward and smiled.

The gem looked different, she had gotten taller, more mouths had appeared on her arms and legs, and her ribbon around her stomach had disappeared. A sickening crack could be heard as Pearls back bent and a large mouth had opened on her stomach, teeth and everything. Garnet, Amethyst, and Stevens blood ran cold, their faces twisted in horror as the mouth smiled.

Sorry about how slow these chapters are coming out, I've been living life (Also I sort of forgot, hehe...). This chapter is a bit short since I'm lacking the drive, oops. Also, I would love it if you guys gave me suggestions for one shots in your reviews! :^]