For those who did not like the ending of part 3, here's an alternate ending to the story.

"I love you. I just... love you." Joey looked into his eyes at last, brushing the hair away from his face. He kissed Chandler back with all his heart.

They were still kissing and embracing when Monica came in, carrying one of the baby shower presents. "This is Ross's idea of a--" She screamed and dropped the toy keyboard when she saw them.

Joey and Chandler broke away from each other and jumped up to their feet. "M-M-Monica!" they stammered in unison.

"You--you--" She was almost too furious to speak. "That's the last time I make pancakes for you!"

Joey tried bluffing. "No, no, no! He--he was just helping me rehearse for a movie where I have to kiss a man. We were doing a scene."

"Come on!" She made a disgusted sound. "You don't even have the decency to do it behind locked doors! It was bad enough when I just caught you guys looking at each other all the time, but there's only so much that I can willfully ignore. I'm sick of it! Sick of it!" She kicked the keyboard savagely, then leaned on the foosball table and started to cry. "Having a husband to rub into my mother's face is just not worth this!"

"Mon..." Chandler came closer. "I never meant to hurt you--"

"Do you wanna lose an arm?!" she warned, not letting him touch her. She turned away and held her pregnant belly sadly. "And to think I thought you were becoming more committed to me because you suggested this baby."

Joey couldn't take it, but Chandler caught his arm before he could retreat into his bedroom. "Please," he whispered. Joey reluctantly stayed.

Monica swallowed and thought back over their marriage, and how it had dwindled into this hollow shell. "So this is it, huh? No more pretending. No more jokes."

"No more," Chandler answered. "I'm sorry. We're both very sorry."

"Shut up! You're sorry you turned out like your father, leaving your wife and kid for a man. I guess the Bing marriage curse fulfilled itself after all."

"I guess it did," Chandler winced. "Look, don't worry about the baby. I'll give you alimony, child support, everything."

"You damn well better!" She sighed heavily and shook her head. "Do you know how long I waited for this, Chandler? For a baby. A family."

"I know," he whispered. "I know."

"We all knew," Joey said, watching her face and hating how much this was hurting her.

"And now it's ruined!" Monica sobbed. "I can just hear my mom now, telling me how I failed so spectacularly at my marriage. --And you know she'll blame me worse than she ever blamed Ross for his three divorces!"

"Don't listen to her!" Chandler insisted. "Look, when my parents divorced, my mom blamed herself for somehow 'turning' my dad gay. She became this embarrassing, slutty alcoholic, always trying to prove that she was sexy. Don't you dare doubt yourself like that, Mon! It's not your fault. You deserve better than me. You know, somebody who can make you happy and keep you happy. Like Richard--"

"Arggh!" Monica interrupted. "Richard! Why do you always have to bring him up? Sometimes I think you keep harping on him because you *want* to start a fight, because..." She paused and realized what she was saying now. "Because you really want to spend to night at Joey's."

They all absorbed that in silence, until Joey cleared his throat. "Um, Monica, remember the time that you were thinking about doing artificial insemination, but you changed your mind because I pictured you with a blond guy named Hoyt?"

Monica nodded numbly. "With three kids and a pool."

"Hoyt?" Chandler found the name weird and pretentious. But then, possibly 'Chandler' was too.

"Listen," Joey came over to Monica, "I'm gonna find you a Hoyt if it's the last thing I do. I mean, I'm the one who convinced you to wait longer, so I'm gonna find you that perfect guy."

Monica was touched, and squeezed the hand that Joey offered to her. "Thank you."

"It's the least I can do."

"I'll help too," Chandler added.

"I'm still mad at you!" Monica pointed a finger in warning.

"And you've every right to be," he stepped back.

"So are you... are you gonna be all right, Mon?" Joey asked her.

"Yeah," she sniffled. "Yeah."

They hugged, and Chandler stood watching them with a smile. There was hope after all that their friendships would survive this divorce.

Monica broke away from Joey, then picked up the keyboard from the floor. "I'm gonna put this back in the nursery. Phoebe's, um, Phoebe's still expecting us for the housewarming party for her and David, remember. Let's not spoil it by telling anybody about this yet, okay? There's plenty of time tomorrow to ask Ross for the number of his divorce lawyer."

They agreed, and she quietly left them alone again, shutting the door behind her.

Chandler sighed in relief. "That--that wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be."

Joey frowned. "I still wish it didn't have to break up your family."

Chandler hugged him close. "Ross and Carol get along fine now, and Ben seems okay for having two mommies and a dad. Maybe not everybody turns out like my family did."

"I hope so." Joey held onto him for a long while.