The Wizards, the Animagi, and the Web of Darkness

By Isis Malfoy

Summery: A new DADA with a connection to Draco comes to the school, bringing with her secrets that could change the course of the coming war, and lives and hearts of the Hogwarts staff and students.

Category: AD/MM, and SS/OFC

Disclaimer: The characters in this story, except Isis, do not belong to me. They are the sole property of J. K. Rowling, and WB. I am making no profit, this is just for fun.

Rating: PG-13 for now

Her hair was silver threaded fire-a mix of silver blonde, honeyed gold, and three different shades of red and orange flames. The platinum locks and eyes the color of a frozen artic sky were the only physical ties she had to her father and brothers. Her warm smile, the predominant colors in her mane, her rosey porcelinesque skin and voluptuous figure were all the inheritance she had received from a woman she barely remembered- her father's mistress. Her mother.

At least, outwardly, that was all she had inherited. Inside, she had inherited more than anyone knew. Gifts beyond what even a great wizard like Dumbldore had. Gifts beyond what You-know-Who could ever hope to aquire. Gifts, that should her brother ever discover them, would turn her into quite a prize. And so, mindful of the stirrings on the wind and the things she wasn't being told, Isis Lucrasia Malfoy took a job the one place she hoped could protect her from her family and the man they followed so blindly.

CHAPTER 1 -The Sorting and a New Year Begins

1st year students filed into the hall one by one on the heels of Deputy Headmistress and Transfiguration Professor Minerva McGonogall. The only slip in her stern countenance was the small wink she gave to Harry, Ron, and Hermione as she passed them. Just as every year, she recited her "sorting speech" as the older students had coined it. It struck Harry as she went on in a strong voice but one still warm and affectionate that she loved the attention bestowed upon her every bit as much as their headmaster did.

When she had concluded her remarks, McGonogall pulled open the long scroll and began calling out names. Each house clapped wildly as they gained another member, the noise level rising as Slytherin and Gryffindor attempted to outdo eachother. The sorting finished, but there was still one girl standing up front. The whispering started immediately and the little honey blonde head lifted in pride and steel hardened in her storm colored eyes. There was a bit of approval in Minerva's eyes as she introduced the child. "Davina Sinistra is a 6th year transfer from Drumstrang. I trust she will be welcomed warmly into whatever house she is sorted into."

Then Davina was sitting with the hat on her head. It hummed and Hahhed for a while before announcing in a loud voice, "SLYTHERIN!" The sorting was over and the feast began.

The food was being filed away when Albus Dumbledore stood quietly. The movement was noticed by the woman on his right and she tapped her glass. The headmaster gave his standerd welcome speech, then paused. He looked over the students and began again. "The time has once again to introduce our newest professor. WE have once again aquired a new Defence Against Dark Arts teacher. Please welcome Isis Malfoy." The hall got silent and everyone turned to stare at Draco but he appeared as bewildered as they were. The door pushed open and the red haired woman wandered in, a smile on her face. She walked slowly up to the dais, her eyes taking everything in with delight.

Up on the dais, Minerva stilled at the name and turned a pretty glare to her friend. "Did you neglect to tell me about her return for a reason Albus?" She asked coolly. But her eyes sparkled, so he simply smiled in return.

At that exact moment Isis's eyes landed on her former professor. The usually cool blue lit up into shining, twinkling orbs. When he had hired her, Dumbledore had forgotten to mention that Professor McGonogall still taught. The Transfiguration professor band been her favorite professor, and the only maternal influence that Isis had ever truly had.

Her eyes met the gentle brown of the Deputy Headmistress and a smile spread across both of their faces. Isis hitched up the snowy white robe so she wouldn't trip. "Oh for Merlin's sake." Minerva muttered in frustration as the young woman ran through the aisles toward her. But Albus noticed that she stood to receive the high speed projectile racing at her.

"Mama!" Isis squealed as she threw her arms around the older woman's neck.

"Don't you think you're a little old for that particular nickname, Miss Malfoy?" The older witch scolded gently as she held the girl close.

"Nope." Isis retorted childishly. Then she turned and placed a kiss on the cheek of the old man sitting next to where she stood. "Hullo Again Albus."

"Hello Isis." He greeted her with a gentle squeeze to her hand.

Isis smiled and turned to find the only open chair next to her eldest brother's former best friend. The students watched as her eyes turned cold and distant, her body stiff. She stalked over to him and sat. He turned a cold stare to her that she met with an equally rigid look. "Severus."

He inclined his head to her. "Ms. Malfoy." His voice was cool and smooth as steel. "Welcome back."

"Does Dumbledore know what you are?" She hissed.

There was a flash of regret and bitter self recrimination in the coal black eyes. "Was, Isis. Yes. Dumbledore knows what I was. Didn't you hear about the trial?"

"Yes." She admitted, her anger and disgust fading. He'd been a sixth year when she'd started, but a friendship had formed none-the-less. He had supported her despite how unusual she was for a Slytherin. In return, he had relaxed around her and she found the true boy inside the Snape shell. As a consequence she had fallen in love with him, and he'd lost the ability to lie to her.

She would have known if he were still a Death-Eater. To his great surprise, she covered his hand with hers. "I believe you." She told him sincerely. She slid her chair closer to him. "So, which of those scowling angerballs is my nephew?"

Severus nodded in the direction of the boy. "Draco is over there with Crabbe and Goyle. Staring at you suspiciously." She followed his gaze to the platinum blonde at the Slytherin table. Inside her chest, her heart constricted at the boy who could easily be a twin for her estranged sibling. Tears built up in her eyes.

Draco shifted uncomfortably as he noticed the tears, but before her could figure out what she meant by it, a huge black owl swooped through the hall, a note in his beak. He stiffened, recognizing Daemeon, his father's owl. But the bird flew right passed him towards Isis. He dropped the card on her plate, screeched at her and left.

With a low hiss in the direction the bird had flown, she turned her attention to the table. "Unbelievable!" She shouted, causing Severus, and Madame Hooch, who was on her other side, to jump. "Lucius sent me a howler!" She took out her wand and blasted the letter apart before stalking over to the fireplace. She took a handful of Floo Powder and screeching, "Lucius Malfoy's study!" she disappeared into a burst of green smoke. The hall quieted. Professors Dumbldore and McGonogall shared a look before rising and following Isis through the flames, Snape at their heels.

After they had all left Harry, Ron, and Hermione dashed from the hall to find out anything they could. Davina sighed and gave a hesitant smile to Draco. "Is it always like this?" He didn't answer, just stared at the fireplace.