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Chapter 23- The End

Seven Years Later

            It was a sunny spring day. The guests sat in chairs staring up at the dais at the edge of the clearing. The groom stood nervously beside his two best men, but when the music started up and the bride began to walk down the isle his nervousness faded into a look of sheer rapture. His best men shared a knowing look before smiling broadly to their wives who stood beside the bride. The old wizard looked out over the crowd before beginning the ritual…. "Hic Illic es duos..." A short while later, after the binding ritual he began in English. "Dearly beloved we have gathered here today to witness the joining of Draco Vladimir Malfoy and Davina Estrellita Sinistra in holy matrimony…."

            "That had to be the most beautiful ceremony I have been to in a while." Isis sniffled as she and Minerva sat at the reception watching the bride and groom dance.

            "That's because it's your nephew." The older witch assured her.

            Isis rolled her eyes. "Thank you. But it was more than that. It was how far everything has come. Harry and Ron were his best men. He danced with both Hermione and Ginny and neither Ron nor Harry tried to kill him for it." Her eyes got a little distant and she looked out over the sight of the fateful nightmare she and Minerva had lived through. "I only wish Lucius could have lived to see it."

            Minerva squeezed her hand. "He died bravely, fighting by your side. He died for this Isis. And I think…I think he did see all this, from somewhere."

            Isis smiled gratefully, then her eyes caught sight of something over Minerva's shoulder and she stood, a frown on her face. Minerva turned and saw what she was frowning at.

One foot in the mud, as little James Potter and little Athena Weasley watched, was a six year old girl with long black hair shot through with platinum highlights and wide blue eyes. Her white shoes and stockings were muddy as were the edges of her pink dress.  "Lucia Albaline Snape, you get out of the mud this minute!" Isis scolded.

The girl turned around and smirked at her mother before jumping in the mud puddle. With a frustrated growl, Isis turned around searching her husband. She found him speaking with Dumbledore and the groom. "Severus!"

Her shrill voice carried across the grove and both of the other men laughed as he winced and turned. "Yes?"

"Go get your….daughter out of the mud."

He looked over to where she pointed then back at her. "You're closer." She glared at him. "Alright." He strode quickly over to the mud and hefted his daughter out of it. With a flick of his wand, he cleaned her up, then he passed her off to her mother. "There, clean and pretty." He smirked.

"Thank you." Isis gave him a quick kiss before beginning to scold the child in her arms.

Minerva watched the scene with a wistful look on her face. Her husband pulled her back against him, his arms around her waist. "You are still quite young enough to have children Min." He whispered in her ear.

She chuckled and turned her face to place a kiss on his weathered cheek. "You always were a little blind Albus."

He lowered his hands to sit on her abdomen. "I think it would be wonderful to have children of our own Minerva."

She pulled back and studied his face. He was serious. "It's something we'll have to talk about."

He smiled, delighted and pulled her back into his arms. "Look out there my dear Professor Dumbledore." He pointed down to where Draco, Harry and Ron were standing on the dance floor playing catch with James, laughing, friends. He pointed to a very pregnant Ginny who was complaining to Hermione about her swollen feet as they watched their husbands with tender smiles. And Davina who had her hand on Ginny's stomach and Athena sleeping contentedly on her lap. "This is the world without Voldemort. This is the world we helped to create. This is peace."

"Peace…" she echoed as they watched the next two generations, carefree and happy.