Note: This will make more sense if you watched episode 28. It's Japanese but you'll still be able to understand what's going on. I'm glad no one took this idea. I've been waiting to do this ever since I saw that episode! I got this translation from Digimon Frontier Translations.

A Fallen Warrior

Agnimon ran through another red tunnel when he stopped. On the walls and floors were eyes (eyeballs) flashing. He looked trying to decide which way he should go. 'Hold on Kouji...' Takuya thought from inside. He leaped to a random eye and found himself on air. He looked down and descended, falling with a crash.

He jumped out of the smoked explosion panting heavily.

"This place is......" he muttered. He walked near a tall metal stalagmite(looking a lot like the dark towers from Zero Two) and saw his reflection. "A mirror?"

He heard a familiar voice speak out.

"You are doing well, warrior of flame."

Agnimon turned around to be face to face with the warrior of steel. "You!" he shouted angrily.

"Long time, no see."

"Mercuremon!" His voice sounded a little surprised and confused. He was inside Sephirotmon, Mecuremon's beast form so how is it that Mecuremon can be in two places at once? (A/N: I've been wondering this too. Yet Toei didn't give me and explanation still....)

Outside, Izumi, Junpei, and Tomoki looked at the giant spherical balls connected with golden metal pole like pathways to get from one ball to another.

Neemon was holding Seraphimon's digitama (egg) and asked out in a curious, childish way, "I wonder why it hasn't hatched yet.."

Bokomon jumped and grabbed the egg in a annoyed fashion. "Gimme!" Bokomon stretches the pink waist band and plops the egg securely around it. "This is my baby!"

"Hey, what are you doing? I wonder if Kouji is okay, even if he is in danger," wondered Junpei. They saw the fierce battle between Duskmon and Wolfmon who soon double spirit evolved to Beowulfmon. They weren't very sure of the outcome though.

"Hey, look!" Tomoki yelled. He was pointing to the top sphere of Sephirotmon which glowed then showed Agnimon, then shifted to Mercuremon.

"That is....Agnimon!" said Izumi. 'I hope he's okay....' she thought worriedly. After seeing what Kouji went through she hoped Takuya didn't get the same treatment.

"Mercuremon!" exclaimed Junpei. He was surprised that Mercuremon was able to hold both his forms at the exact time.

"Bastard. How can you exist at the same time as Sephirotmon?" asked Agnimon, pointing to Mercuremon. He tried to control his anger for it was Sephirotmon who separated him with the others.

"That is something you have no need to know," Mercuremon said simply.

"What the hell!?" growled Agnimon. He was losing much patience enough with Mercuremon taunting him.

"Even if I explained this world, my existence as an idea, there is little probability that you would grasp my double presence. No conversation could describe this world, this shifting chaos," replied Mercuremon. He had a taunting finger lifted and swayed from one hand as if teasing in a rude sort of way.

"What the hell is that creep saying?" asked Agnimon to himself. He looked down but when Mercuremon spoke once again he looked up.

He saw Mercuremon was gone and heard his voice from behind. He froze still listening to Mercuremon all the same.

"Warrior of flame! In this battle with'll be eradicated entirely by contradictions, you bastard," Mercuremon said.

Agnimon had it. He turned around punching but instead only punched thin air. Agnimon shakes his fist.

"Stop fucking around with me!" shouted the enraged Agnimon (A/N: Yes, they DO cuss in the Japanese version. I do know some cuss words just not very well. That's why I rated this PG-13 ^^;;)

Mercuremon appears in front of a mirror and straightens up.

"Even though I don't understand what you said before, I understand one thing," said Agnimon. He raised his fist and stood in a battle like position. "Your too loud, so I'll shut you up!"

Mercuremon just gave a smirk.

"You die here! I'll tear you for sure!" Roaring Agnimon ran to beat the pulp out of the chatty mouth Mercuremon when Mercuremon slid through the mirror. Agnimon stops in shock. "What?"

Agnimon puts his black gloved hand onto the mirror when he heard Mercuremon speak again somewhere in the crazy place. He turned around trying desperately to find that voice and shut him up for good.

"Warrior of flame, it would be so easy to kill you. However doing that would be boring. I have more refined tastes. In my private hell, you'll play a part in my drama. First a dance.....and then......I kill you."

Mercuremon appeared on the mirror behind Agnimon. Agnimon turns to smash it and did successfully. However Mercuremon vanished again leaving shards of glass from the broken mirror.

"Fuck you!" screamed Agnimon.

Mercuremon appeared on a metal stalactites. "And the curtain rises on the death scene."


"Act One- Straying," said Mercuremon. He snaps his fingers and the stalagmites (or stalactites! ;; What's the difference!?!) collapse. Agnimon was force to jump from place to place to avoid getting crushed along with the metal objects.

"I am warrior of steel. I am able to come and go in mirrors as I please. I am sorry...This plain an area suited me."

As Agnimon is running he turns his head seeing Mercuremon vanishing and reappearing in each mirror. Agnimon leaped up giant blocks and yelled.

"Are you playing with me?!"

"You're quite wrong," answered Mercuremon.

The mirrors gave off beams of light into the middle, left and right beams crisscrossing each other. Mercuremon's image appear in the center.

"In reality, I only want to make this battle the height of elegance," said Mercuremon in the image.

"Some has to be real!" screamed Agnimon. He punched through beams breaking glass. "These are just illusions." He punched another set of beams. "You're only running away."

After breaking all the beams Mercuremon's image vanished Agnimon landed down panting. He stood back up still trying to catch his breath.

"Whatever do you mean? I'm right here," said Mercuremon. Sure enough the actual Mercuremon was standing leaning against one of the metal stalagmites which didn't collapse.

Agnimon who had his back turned, turned forward to Mercuremon. \

"You aren't near me at all. You appear like this, and I strike, attack you. Time to change my tactics. Burning Salamander!!" Agnimon punched sending fireballs flaming towards Mercuremon.

"Generous mirror!" Mercuremon takes out one arm and a mirror attached to it absorbed the attack. It came right back to Agnimon.

"What?" He said before the flames struck him. Agnimon gives out a small scream as his own attack set on him. Agnimon was thrown to the ground wincing in his pain. He heard the familiar clicking of Mercuremon's feet and got up.

Mercuremon disappeared into the eyeball and Agnimon ran after him. 'He'll pay for what he has done.'

"Ugh. He's made tracks."

Mercuremon chuckled and disappeared into another eyeball. Agnimon followed him again.

"Where's he going now?" wondered Agnimon.

He walked into pitch blackness when a beam of light grew from one of the windows until the whole place was lighted. It appeared to be a church of some sort.

"How could this place be inside Sephirotmon?" Agnimon asked. "Where are you? Come out and show yourself!"

The light covers an organ and it played instantly. "Inside it?" Agnimon walked on the aisle and stopped to see an enormous organ still playing it's haunting tune.

"Second Act- Fallen Angel. This will be your requiem. Take heed of it," said Mercuremon. He was appeared to be on the keyboard.

"I'm not going to lose to you a second time," said Agnimon angrily. He raised on of his arms and on the wrist small flames escaped.

"You're impatient. Before we fight, there is something I wish to show you." Mercuremon snaps his fingers once again and something fell from one of the windows on the ceiling. Agnimon dodges it so he couldn't get crushed with it.

"Seraphimon," said Agnimon. He was shocked to see the fallen angel wrapped in devilish black spiked wire. The angel was in a crucified position which looked like he was dead. He had a brief flashback of Seraphimon for a moment when Mercuremon downloaded his data.

Outside the sphere the three chosen children and two Digimon were startled.

"What? How can that be Seraphimon?" Izumi wondered. 'And what is Mercuremon going to do with him?' She wished she was there to help Agnimon. It seemed like Mercuremon had planned for this.

"Seraphimon was destroyed by that guy wasn't he?" Junpei said. 'What's going on here?' His face was serious but really he was afraid. Afraid Mercuremon was going to pull something on Takuya.

"What is it?" Neemon asked. His eyes weren't closed like normally. Instead his eyes were huge with tiny pupils.

Agnimon got up and said, "Seraphimon.."

"That's the data I scanned with great trouble from Seraphimon. I could put this data to use like this." The spiked wire deleted and Mercuremon spread his arms out saying, "Fallen angel descent!"

Mercuremon and the data of Seraphimon combined and turned into a darker, and sinister looking form of Seraphimon.

Both outside and inside the sphere the Chosen Children were in confusion and fright.

"That....." Agnimon managed to say.

"BlackSeraphimon," said Mercuremon. "Now, let the third act begin..." He put his hand across his face changing the golden cross on the helmet into an X.

"Act three: Chaos. You'll die warrior of flame," said BlackSeraphimon. BlackSeraphimon charges to Agnimon and punches him high in the air then uses his wings to fly to hit Agnimon back down with his foot. As Agnimon fell down, BlackSeraphimon picked him up again and slammed him down.

"Agnimon!" cried Izumi. She felt helpless to help her friend. 'No....'

"Hey, what's happening? Why is Seraphimon attacking Agnimon?" asked Tomoki in confusion. (A/N: You'd think he'd know after watching all that -_-;;)

"That's not Seraphimon. Mercuremon is imitating Seraphimon's data," explicated the worried Bokomon. He climbed up Junpei and stood on his shoulder.

"How'd he manage that?" asked Junpei to Bokomon. His face was anxious and hoped Bokomon had some more answers.

"I don't understand all the details at all. However, it's Mercuremon who taken on the shape of an evil angel," Bokomon said.

Up ahead the screen showed BlackSeraphimon on the sphere.

Inside Agnimon was lying on the ground decided to slide evolve. "Slide Evolution! Vritramon!"

"Futile," said BlackSeraphimon.

"Corona Blaster!" shouted Vritramon. On his hands were triangular gun/amour that shot tiny bursts of red towards BlackSeraphimon. However no damage was done to BlackSeraphimon.

BlackSeraphimon picked Vritramon up and blue light shined.

"TESTAMENT!" attacked BlackSeraphimon. Vritramon was covered in blue flames of hell screaming in ear-splitting agony. He was thrown by BlackSeraphimon into the aisle.

"Splendid. My drama of dance and music is unfolding just as I wished. You're life is in dread peril," said BlackSeraphimon.

Outside the Chosen Children were horrified.

"It's impossible. I don't think he's a match for that guy," Junpei said. 'If only I could help....'

"Even under the best circumstances, he's be indomitable. Since he fused with Seraphimon, Mercuremon is very, very much stronger," Izumi said. 'Takuya, please don't die on us.'

"There is one technique....." Bokomon said.

"You mean...." Tomoki began.

"Double spirit evolution," Tomoki and Izumi said in unison.

"That's right. If he did that he just might be able to overcome him," Bokomon said seriously.

"Kouji did that, right?" said Neemon.

"If I'm not mistaken, Kouji could do it, but......" said Izumi. 'What if Takuya can't?'

"How awesome it would be if that happened again...." Junpei said somewhat wistfully.

Inside Vritramon attacked BlackSeraphimon with Corona Blasters but BlackSeraphimon deflects it with much ease.

"Futile. Futile. Futile," said BlackSeraphimon. 'The power of the beast spirit is too crude to harm me.' "I am more elegant! Soon it will be the time for my finale."

BlackSeraphimon holds his hands in a parallel fashion then attacks with seven purple balls. "Seven Hells!" It was a lot like Seven Heavens except for the color changes.

Surrounded by terrible energy Vritramon screams and reverts back to Takuya still screaming in ear-splitting agony. The energy died down and Takuya landed on his knee then on his stomach his goggles breaking.

"TAKUYA!!" the Chosen Children from the outside yelled.

"Finally, it's a finale, where I lay you in a coffin," said BlackSeraphimon. He glance over as a tomb slid down the stairs roughly.

"Act Four: The Final Curtain," said BlackSeraphimon with pleasure. He laughed and walked towards Takuya.....

"Takuya!" Izumi screamed. 'Please.....don't die on me Takuya!' Izumi blinked fiercely back the tears but couldn't help show her emotions. Even though he and her had fought often and she treated him with disrespect she still cared. He was a good friend there to help her. Tears were forming.

"Just as I feared, it's going to end in terrible disaster. He just can't evolve," said Junpei. He was in some tears too. 'Why is it that Kouji double spirit evolves yet Takuya can't!?! Why must my friends die!?!'

Tomoki's body was shaking. He couldn't believe it. His eyes were forming tears of their own. "Not that! Takuya onii-chan is never ever going to be defeated! I don't care what the occasion is. I'll make sure he's never ever defeated!" But what really Tomoki was saying was covering up the belief that the one person from day one here in the Digital World would help him, protect him, and keep him safe as if he was his (Takuya's) little brother would be murdered.

"That's right. All we need to have is Tomoki's courage," Izumi said. 'I wish I could have courage like Tomoki. I don't have it. He was always so scared but look at him now. He's determined.'

"It's true. If that guy dies like that...." Bokomon trailed off. 'Chosen Children dying. IS there hope for the Digital World. What if this is just buying time?"

"Head out! We're saving Takuya!" Junpei said. He looked up at the sphere and was determined to help his friend. 'I'm not letting him down!'

Neemon was panicking. He couldn't believe they were going to fight BlackSeraphimon.

"But he's more powerful than even Grottomon!" he said.

"Be that as it may. We have to take our chance to strike," Junpei said. Inside though he wanted to break down and wake up. Wake up from this nightmare. 'You have to be strong, Junpei. Takuya needs you!'

They each spirit evolved.

"Spirit Evolution!"

"Blitzmon!" the blue and yellow humanoid cyborg appeared replacing Junpei.

"Fairymon!" the pink and purple fairy appeared with a visor over her eyes replacing Izumi.

"Chakmon!" the white small bear with a green gun replaced Tomoki.

They flew towards Sephirotmon. Fairymon carried Chakmon along the flight.

"Into...." began Blitzmon.

"The....." Fairymon said.

"Circle....." Chakmon finished.

"Lighting Topper!" Blitzmon headbutted with lightening on his head crashing it to the sphere. 'Come on.....' Junpei thought impatiently.

"Go!" Fairymon threw Chakmon into the air so let him attack.

"Snow Bomber!" Chakmon used his green gun sending snowballs to the wall. 'Please, Takuya onii-chan needs my help!' Tomoki thought anxiously.

"Breeza Petalo!" Fairymon added pink ribbon like winds to the wall. 'Takuya.....please. You can't leave us.' Izumi thought miserably.

"Takuya...." Blitzmon said. 'You can't die! Not now!'

"Takuya...." Fairymon said. 'Takuya, I haven't had friends for a long time. I can't lose you!'

"Takuya...." Chakmon said. 'Takuya onii-chan you helped me in so many ways. You won't be killed! I won't allow it!'

Inside Takuya lifts his head weakly to see BlackSeraphimon above. BlackSeraphimon grabs Takuya's face with his hand and picked him up this way.

"You fought well warrior of flame, but this is going to be bad," BlackSeraphimon said.

A single tear rolled down Takuya's mostly covered face and onto his chin.

"Egg......give Takuya's power back to him," said Bokomon. Nothing happened. "Please.....egg," he whispered.

"TAKUYA!!!!!!" they all screamed.

"No! Takuya! Come on! Dammit! This wall won't open!" cursed Blitzmon. He was punching the wall harshly but his efforts were futile.

"Takuya! can't leave us! You can't leave me! You're my friend," Fairymon ended the last sentence with a whisper. Tears fell down from her silver visor.

"Takuya! He.....can't.......die! No....... He can't die!" Chakumon screamed. He was going nuts. He hit the wall with full force but nothing. "NO!!!"

Inside BlackSeraphimon carried Takuya (still holding his face) and the coffin opened magically. He put Takuya down and took one last look.

"Takuya! Don't LEAVE US!!!! Don' I-I," croaked Fairymon. She choked on her own tears and sadness that was drowning her.

Takuya's face was contorted with pain and his breathing was rapid. He was dying. Just the way BlackSeraphimon liked it. Suddenly Takuya opened his eyes halfway and gave a smile. "Bye, guys. Bye......I-Izumi...." He closed his eyes all the way and the breathing stopped. He was officially dead.

The Chosen Children slumped to the ground in such disbelief and sadness it was unbearable. Even Neemon had tears in his eyes. Bokomon looked at his egg wondering what the hell went wrong and why it didn't give it's power to Takuya when he needed it.

Fairymon heard Takuya's last words and sobbed. "Takuya....." was all she could say.

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