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Kouji's POV

"Come on!" panted Takuya.

They ran through the forest of dead and ancient trees. Junpei was clutching the side of his stomach as a sharp pain went through as he ran. Takuya was holding his D-Scanner in one gloved hand tightly. Izumi and Tomoki were trying to catch up with Takuya's fast speed but no avail.

"Light Attack!" Beowulfmon shouted.

They arrived to see Beowulfmon change into a blue flame wolf charging at Duskmon. Duskmon blocked the wolf with his rigged crimson sword grunting. Takuya took out his digivice as it glowed brightly.

"Spirit evolution!" he yelled. "Vritramon!" The fiery dragon sneaked behind Duskmon and attacked.

"Flame Storm!" Changing into a fire tornado Vritramon hit Duskmon's back allowing a diversion.

"Spirit Evolution!" Junpei, Izumi and Tomoki shouted. Light engulfed their bodies as they grew into a tank sized cyborg, a pink and golden humanoid bird, and a white furry yeti.

"Ultimate Thunder!" Two golden spheres of thunder hit Duskmon's front.

"Wind of Pain!" Blasts of pink gusts hit Duskmon's face.

"Avalanche Step!" He threw his axes only giving Duskmon a mimium affect.

"Light Attack!" Beowulfmon once again changed into a four legged blue flame wolf. He attacked Duskmon full force.

They waited eagerly for the smoke to clear to see their result. The smoked flew away and Duskmon was there, crouching in pain. Duskmon slowly got up and suddenly advanced towards Vritramon. He grabbed the bird beast's throat with a single hand. Vritramon let out a yell of pain.

"Memory Honours," Duskmon said softly.

Dark black mist enveloped Vritramon as he struggled to escape from Duskmon's grasp.

"Leave him alone!" Shutumon screamed. "Gilamesh Slicer!"

She charged at Duskmon but stopped. Duskmon's eyes went wide as he dropped Vritramon. He glared and hissed at Vritramon; he devolved to Takuya.

"Just what are you playing at?" he asked glaring at the boy.

"I don't know what your talking about," Takuya replied back. He got up massaging his neck. He glared back at Duskmon.

"Do not lie!" he hissed. He charged with his sword high in the air at Takuya but Shutumon, Bolgmon, Blizzarmon, and Beowulfmon blocked him.

"You'll have to go through us to let to him!" Bolgmon snarled. The others agreed silently.

"Hmp, you seem very fond of protecting your friend," Duskmon said with bitter amusement. "Ghost evening!" Black mist surrounded everywhere as it swallowed the trees and themselves.


Duskmon's footsteps echoed as he walked through the walls of the palace. They were gone. Each of them destroyed. Grottomon was obviously the weakest and was destroyed easily by Bolgmon, Arbormon was destroyed by him, Ranamon was killed by the weakest hybrid on those Chosen Children's team, and Mecuremon was destroyed when that boy was revived (Hamtaro: These are only Duskmon's opinions so don't be offended readers!).

He stopped and a shadow appeared. A large one with gleaming eyes behind his back.

"So you ran away from another battle?" a deep voice asked curiously.

"They were stronger than I anticipated," Duskmon said quietly. "And I've brought you some interesting news."

"Oh, really?" said the voice amused.

"That boy, their leader, had a strange aurora. A feeling of darkness tinged inside that boy. He denies that he....." Duskmon mumbled something the voice couldn't hear. "and his friends support him."

"A dark aurora? Wouldn't his friends feel this 'aurora'?" asked the voice, obviously interested.

"No. It's invisible. I could only sense it," Duskmon said. "It's odd. The last time I encountered their leader he was....different. There was no aurora I could sense."

"Odd indeed. Especially since he came back revived," the voice said lazily.

"What? You mean their leader was revived?" Duskmon said shocked. He clearly didn't receive the news.

"Yes. I don't know how but he has. I suppose it has something to do with it," the voice said.

Duskmon was silent as he was in deep thought. He was quiet for a few moments before he spoke again.

"I see," was all Duskmon said.

He walked away into the darkness and the shadow smirked and said, "I must find more information on that boy." He vanished from sight.


Kouji's POV (Hamtaro: The author decided to make this part Kouji's POV)

"Takuya are you okay?" asked Izumi worriedly.

"Jeez, I'm fine Izumi. You've been acting weird ever since I found you almost killed by BlackSeraphimon," Takuya said. He rubbed his neck. "I'm fine." They were circled around a fire they had built. Bokomon and Neemon (who were quiet for a while) looked at them with interest.

"So do you know what Duskmon was talking about?" Junpei asked changing the subject quickly. He obviously was still not fully over his crush on Izumi and didn't want to grow jealous.

"No," Takuya said plainly. He turned and looked at me. "Hello? Kouji?" He waved a hand in front of my face.

"Huh? What?" I snapped out of my daydream and glared at Takuya.

"Kouji's probably tired," Izumi said. She gave a small yawn. "We should get some sleep. I don't think we've had any for a while." This was true. Ever since Takuya's incident Izumi, Tomoki, and Junpei hadn't slept.

"Yeah, I'm kinda tired too," Neemon said yawning loudly.

Everyone but I fell asleep by the fire. I couldn't sleep. I stared at the sky my eyes glassed. My gaze fell to Takuya and my eyes narrowed. Takuya was hiding something. The others probably couldn't see it but I did.
My eyes turned to Izumi. She's been acting different too. What was going on? Junpei and Tomoki seemed normal enough. It was just those two.. and Duskmon. I felt my face clearly hardened from the light of the fire. Duskmon...he looked familiar. When I battled I saw a image of a person in Duskmon. He looked a lot like me. Who was he?

I stood up. Clutching my digivice I walked away from the fire being careful not the wake anyone. I walked away and deep into the exact forest I battled with Duskmon. Sitting down on a knocked down tree I took out my digivice once again and stared. I felt a jolt of pain sting my heart and bit my lip. No...not again, I thought. I balled my fists as I felt a wave of burning pain flowing through my whole body now. Wincing I curled up in a ball and desperately tried not to make a sound.


"Dad, how come we never had a mom?" I asked timidly. I looked at the floor, avoiding my father's eyes.

"Kouji, I think it's time I told you this," my father said. He sighed and looked down at my figure. "Your mother is...dead."

"O-oh, okay," I said nervously.

I bit my lip and walked away into my room. There I collapsed on my bed trying to recover from the shock. My mom was dead.. I mentally kicked myself. It was obvious. Why else would I not have a mom? She wouldn't have abandoned me.

Later that day I received a picture of my mother. On the other side was an empty frame (his father didn't marry yet). I felt tears stinging and narrowed my eyes, blinking rapidly. Boys weren't supposed to cry. Crying only showed weakness. How often did you see a nine-year-old boy cry? (Hamtaro: Yep, yep! He's nine in this little flashback thingy!) I fell asleep on my desk while staring at the frame. My eyes closed I felt myself enter a new reality, well, more like a place to escape reality but similar.

Later that night I awoke with a start as I felt pain suddenly zap through me like I was hit by lightening. I slid off my chair and hit the ground, my body trembling in pain. My eyes were watering from pain as I felt my limbs being stung with fire needles and my head hit with hard hot metal. I felt tears stream down my face and slide to the carpet. I saw my room was growing dark and somehow I sensed something was there. Somehow I knew. I knew THIS was the cause of the pain. I couldn't see what it was but I knew. I had one thought: This is the pain. The pain brought by darkness. I closed my eyes and couldn't feel my voice, disabled from screaming. I curled up in a ball and waited for the pain to end. My whole body shook and I wanted it to end. Luckily I got my wish and the pain stopped. It stopped all together and I slowly got up, my body still shaking.

End of Flashback

Soon the pain stopped. I got up feeling weaker than I had before. It was the second one I had since I came to this world. The first one was on a Trailmon, the one I was on after I received my spirit and the one when I met Takuya, Izumi, Junpei, and Tomoki. I was thankful that when I received this "pain" I was away from the others. I had these attacks back home and when the children saw me this way they were confused and afraid so they picked on me. I had a tough time making friends back then so when I came here I thought I was free from others. Guess I was wrong. I tightened my jacket as I felt a cold wind pass through and walked even farther away from their little warm "campsite".

"I can't let them know about this," I muttered. "They'll think I'm a freak. I need to settle this by myself...."


"Sir, I've gathered more data for your strength," a voice said. Digi-code streamed out, glowing brightly as the data streamed towards a shadow.

"Thank you." The shadow flickered as it engulfed the data greedily. "You have done much."

The shadow disappeared quickly and Icedevimon looked amused. It's long arms dangling by it's sides it approached the Digimon (who gave the data), frowning.

"He is still very weak," Icedevimon said bitterly. "I don't want to wait. I want to attack now. I'm hungry and I need more data." His eyes cast onto the mysterious Digimon.

"Complaining won't get you anywhere you idiot," a voice snapped.

Soon Mermaimon came from view. She was a mermaid with a pirate's hat and style, her blond hair braided and at the tip was a little anchor like object. She glared at Icedevimon icily.

"I'm sure those kids are already scarred enough without you doing some more," she said. "Besides, if we go by His plans it would surely work. Unlike yours."

"Hmp," Icedevimon said idsaproving her opinion. "Right. This comes from a talking slimy, grey fish who can't even beat an Adult."

"I can too! I'm an Perfect!" she yelled angrily. "The only slime here is you!" She had balled her hands at her sides. "At least I'm not a sicko pervert who likes to rape Digimon!"

"Why you-" Icedevimon hissed.

In the dark shadows, the new Digimon watched, amused. Obviously Mermaimon was right but Icedevimon was foolishly stubborn. Their constant bickering was entertaining, that is if you weren't in it. Mermaimon slapped Icedevimon with her tail harshly causing Icedevimon to fall to the floor on his bottom. She walked away, satisfied.

"Argh, females," he muttered as he got up.

"You know you should listen to her," advised the other Digimon.

"You keep out of this!" snapped Icedevimon. His white, icy wings spread as his eyes gave a dangerous flash of anger. "I'll get those children, then I'll prove Mermaimon for sure!"

"Don't be such a cliché fool," the Digimon said. "Haven't you learned anything from the hybrids of wood, water, steel, and wood? They charged in and they're now being reborn. Be stubborn if you want but you'll regret it. Especially now."

The Digimon walked away and disappeared into thin air leaving Icedevimon alone with his thoughts.

"I'll get them," he shouted. "I promise that." He cracked an ugly smile and folded his wings walking out of the hall.


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