Richmond straightened his cape. It fell drastically over his angular shoulders, emphasising his looming stature. It had been three days since anyone had come to see him. The monotonous drone of 'have you tried turning it off and on again?' rung around in the cavernous dark, every syllable drooping in the musky air. He enjoyed the isolation, but to escape the mechanical hiss of whatever-it-was behind him seemed the only thing that would alleviate the boredom he began to feel. Suddenly, he heard a hand on the doorknob.

'Hello?' he called, quietly.

'Only me, Richmond,' came the reply. Jen. Lovely Jen.

As she wrenched open the door, he drank in her appearance. She was beautiful, short, with fiery hair and an impeccable taste in kitten heels. Although none of this was news to Richmond, something about her pleasantly surprised him every time they met. Today, she looked radiant. Her eyes shone under her thickly-applied mascara. New. He could tell.

'I'm just nipping out for snacks, do you want anything?' Richmond considered this.

'I'll have a cinnamon whirl. They're great, have you ever had one?'

Jen recoiled slightly at the goth's order. Richmond almost frowned, but a comforting voice swiftly followed,

'No, actually.' He smiled, his gaunt face in the shadow of his cheekbones.

'They're best at Morrison's. But the ones at Tesco are pretty good too.'

'Right,' Jen couldn't help but admire the way his thin frame rose and fell, with every word he uttered. Though frightening, there was something oddly impassioned about him. Jen found him utterly enthralling. 'Anything else?'

'Oh, actually, yes.' Jen raised her eyebrows, 'The Filth have a new album out. They released it yesterday.'

'Richmond, I think Tesco just deals with the charts.' His heart sunk.

'Yes, I suppose you're right.'

'I'll have a look for you.' Used to the ugly end of human nature, Richmond had forgotten acts of small kindness. It was just moments like this that he longed for, when he had been cooped up alone, for days on end.

'Thank you very much, Jen. That's very kind of you.'

'You're welcome, Richmond,' her hand expertly found the door handle without her soft gaze leaving the goth, 'You're welcome.'