'Richmond, they're gone now. I promise.'

Richmond felt his heart pounding against his rib cage. Moss and Roy had not been as much of a problem as he had felt. He felt stupid for putting someone as sublime as Jen through something so demeaning. Of course, it was out of the question for her to reciprocate his feelings. This would just be a talk, where he was sat down and reminded of his place. She was beautiful, phenomenal. He was nothing compared to her.

'Richmond, open the door.'

'No, really. It's fine. I'm okay now.'

'You're not. And I think what I have to tell you might make you feel better.'

There was a pause. Richmond rested his head on the whirring monitors, trying to gauge peace of mind. He pondered her words, the sweet silk of her voice. He heard her sigh. 'Richmond, I'm not leaving until I've said what I have to say.'

He was about to argue, but it was as if she had read his mind. 'And, no, I'm not saying it through the door.' He smiled slightly, stirring from the corner. He stood up slowly, inhaling deeply as he stalked to the door. With trepidation, he opened the door.

'Hello, Jen,' he began, awkwardly. Without warning, she took his face in both hands and drew them closer. Their lips met in frenzied lust, and the rest of the world dissolved around their embrace. Richmond's hands came to rest around Jen's waist, holding her as though she was his last hope. Her tongue explored the goth's mouth, and he fervently pushed back with his own. Slowly, heatedly, they devoured each other. Jen pulled back first, gasping for breath.


'You're right. That did make me feel better.'

She smiled. Richmond relaxed his grip as she fumbled in her handbag.

'Here,' she handed him a bag. Nimbly, he unwrapped the contents. 'Got your whirl, and something else.'

'The Filth!' He gushed, clutching it to his chest. Jen giggled like a schoolgirl.

'Yeah, I found it in the bargain pile. I wonder why.' He hugged her tight, making her gasp slightly. Grinning, she relaxed into him, hugging him right back.