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~ Your P.O.V. ~

It was cold out and I was alone or at least I thought I was. Joker just abandoned me...he just walked away, leaving me feeling empty and wanting to die inside. The only thing that brought me warmth in this moment was his scarf that he had so delicately draped around my neck. I couldn't bear the emotions welling up inside of me...I felt my knees give way...tears began streaming down my face…

Until that voice broke the never ending silence. "(your name)...why are you crying? What seems to be the matter?"

I could feel his footsteps getting closer...I knew it was him...that distinct voice...the way his presence made you shudder in a way that you never wanted it to end. I wanted him to end my misery but, at the same time...I wanted to be left alone. "Nothing...you can't help me now...no one can, so piss off!" I trailed off and stood up. I could hear the dirt crunch beneath his feet and as the crunch of the dirt became louder I knew he was behind me...he was so close...my heart felt as though it were to beat out of my chest and my breath began to quicken. "(your name)...it's no use wasting your time on men like him...He can't return your feelings so he opts to be kind instead. They know that it only hurts you more, the more they do it… Cruel isn't it? What is it that you feel the most? Sadness, pain, a broken heart? How long do you plan on carrying on this relationship that only makes you maudlin?" His words came slow and I couldn't take it.

"What would you know about it?!" I yelled back at him. "Nothing, yet." he replied with a devilish smirk. I was furious, what good was he doing sticking his nose in my business? I turned around, threw a punch and missed. I swore I was to fall on my face but, he caught me, pulled me up by my wrist from behind and placing his other hand firmly on my waist he pulled me close. I didn't want to move, I...I couldn't move...I was stuck in his grasp. "What if I knew a way to release you from this pain if only for a little while?" His words were almost seductive and I hated it...hated it in that very moment…"Enough! Let me go!" I screamed. He pulled my arms back, forcing me in front of him. "I'm being completely serious." I continued to struggle even though I knew I would never be released from his grasp.

His next words hit me like a ton of bricks. "What will that constant sadness do you? You can't move forwards or backwards with a weight on your shoulders. Scream, shout, yell...but, he will never turn to look at you…you poor dear…" He moved in closer to me...I could feel his warm breath on my ear and he whispered. "Isn't it painful? Don't you want to forget him?...that kind and cruel man?" I could feel him move his whole body closer...his ran his hand across my waist...my abdomen...he was tempting me...he ran his right hand up my arm, caressing my hand and interlocking his fingers in mine. "Why not forget everything, even if just for tonight?"

He caressed my face, gently running his fingers across my chin and jawline. "Enjoy the pleasure...even to your deepest depths...you seduce your prey into darkness with sweet words." He ran a finger across my bottom lip...and ran his fingers through my hair. "(your name)...forget him, forget everything...be mine for just one night…" Tears streamed down my face...I want him to take me, take me away from this world and my pain. "I want to know...that secret place inside of you…" Those words were all he needed to break me down.