NC17! Please make sure that you are at least 17 years of age! Besides that enjoy ;)

I moaned "Please Sebastian! Mm I crave you..."

"Gladly…" I could hear the devilish smirk behind his voice and it made me forget where I was. I opened my eyes to meet his gaze. He kissed me and I felt his fingers play at the top of my panties. I lifted my hands and ran them through his dark, raven black hair, as he slid his hand into my panties, running his fingers over my clit in a circular motion and then down to the entrance of my sex and with his middle finger he entered me. He found my pleasure spot...rubbing his finger back and forth. I could feel myself become more and more aroused. I threw my head back as the pleasure built…

I gripped the sheets at my side and he ran his tongue around my nipple, biting slightly, and sucking gently. My breath quickened and I felt my body freeze as I climaxed and let out a moan, biting my lip in pleasure. He pulled his finger out of me and I squirmed. "You're so responsive…" I could hear the grin behind his voice. "You squirm too much...I need some way to keep you still." He was deep in thought...he wasn't kidding. He reached over and grabbed his black satin tie. "Give me your hands (your name). Now." He was so demanding and it was so sexy. I put my hands out in front of him and he bound them with his tie. "Now, stay still…" He grinned devilishly and placed my hands above my head. "Keep them there (your name)."

He started again, placing kisses down my jaw and into the crevice of my neck and collarbone. He made his way between my breasts, sucking the tender skin next to my nipple, teasing me. He kissed me down my stomach and to the edge of my panties. I let out a small moan that awkwardly sounded more of a whimper. He sat up and ran his fingers through his hair. "Fuck it." He took my hips in his hands, grabbing my panties and quickly sliding them over my legs, he thrusts my legs apart and kisses from my knee down to the base of my thigh, and then I feel his hot breath against her.

His tongue grazes over my clit and I throw my head back, moaning in pleasure. He begins to suck and bite gently, moving his tongue down to the entrance of my sex he circles my entrance. I feel his fingers enter me and find my pleasure spot and moving his fingers back and forth in a slow motion. My hips follow as if in a trance and I feel his tongue move back up to my clit. He sucks gently and the feeling is of nothing I have ever felt and my body is already beginning to go rigid as my pleasure builds. "Sebastian! Mm mm…" I moan his name and he picks up his pace, going quicker and quicker.

I don't know if I can take it much longer and I can't. I feel my body go rigid, as I feel pleasure explode within me. I moan as I climax and it takes me a minute to calm down. I feel as though I am panting from my last orgasm and I look up at Sebastian Grinning at me.

"You taste so sweet, (your name)...I am going to fuck you now." I flush a deep crimson red and lean my head back. I hear the clinking of a belt and know that he is taking off his pants. I meet his gaze and he slides his pants down over his knees, exposing his raging erection. He kneels over me, meeting my gaze and kisses me gently. I feel him position his member at the entrance of my sex and thrust into me. I take in a sharp breath...he is so big! I moan and hear him growl in pleasure. "You're so's unbearable! I love it!"

He slowly begins to ease himself in and out of me slowly quickening his pace. He feels so good inside of me! I begin to moan and he reaches down with one hand and rubs my clit in a circular motion. My hips meet the pace of his and the direction of his fingers. My pleasure is building and so is his, god! He feels as though he has gotten bigger inside of me. He grunts and I begin to moan. "Sebastian! I'm so close, please...harder!" He picks up his pace and I can feel his body begin to go rigid against mine. He thrusts into me hard and freezes as he climaxes. "(your name)!" I feel myself climax as he does.

He collapses on top of me, breathing heavily. He lays there for a moment and then pulls out of me which feels strange. Looking up at me he kisses me passionately and rolls over next to me and props himself up on his elbow. He reaches up untying my hands, kissing me once again while doing so. He pulls me close to him and I can hear him whisper "So, how was that for one hell of a night? Quite the release, huh?" I can hear the devilish smile behind his voice as he falls asleep. "Thank you… Sebastian" I whisper as I fall asleep in his embrace.