Dimitri was walking passed the medium side gardens when he heard crying, he stopped and looked around in the dark to see where this small crying was going from turning his head he sees in the light from one house and the light coming from the kitchen and spilling out onto the back garden where he saw the a small boy huddling up against the walls. He tilted his head and looked up into the glass doors of the family inside sat around the table eating mountain of food.

Dimitri jumped over the fences and walked up to the child and knelt in front of him, the young child looked up with his large green eyes and blinked at him as big blobs of tears rolled down his cheeks "W…Who are you?" He sniffed, the dark haired man could see the boy shiver and slipped his jacket off and placed it around the young boy's shoulders. The child flinched at the stranger but let the warm jacket warp around him.

"My name is Dimitri. What is yours little one?" He asked softly as not to scare the boy

"H...Harry." He whispered

"Harry what a lovely name, tell me Harry so you live here?" He asked, the dark haired boy nodded "Why are you hiding out here in the cold?" He watched the child look up at the sound of a large male of the house laugh

"My uncle locked me out." Dimitri frowned and tilted his head

"Why? Would he do that?"

"I was late home. It wasn't my fault I had to walk home from school and I pushed by some bigger kids and hurt my leg." The dark hair man looked at the boy look to be about 6 but from why he spoke and talked he would have guessed he was 10 or 11

"How old are you Harry?"


"And you uncle didn't pick you up? Did he forget?" He asked, Harry shook his head and wiped his eyes with his arm

"No, he picked up Dudley his son, but I'm only allowed one free ride." He whispered looking down at his leg.

"And no one else helped you?"

"No." He whispered sadly.

He doesn't take strays he doesn't care for children especially wizarding children but he didn't want to leave this boy on his own and by the looks of his leg he broke it. Dimitri made his choice he was not going to leave his boy here, he smiled softly "Would you like come with me Harry I get your leg looked at?" He asked, the boy looked up at him with his beautiful green eyes and blinked

"Will you being me back?"

"Do you want to come back?" He asked the boy, Harry pulled the jacket around him tighter and looked up at him

"No." He said, Dimitri smiled and leaned forwards and scooped Harry up into his arms.

Harry whimpered at the pain in his broken leg and buried his face into Dimitri's chest as he tighten his hand against the man's shirt. He was trying to hide his face and stop himself from crying all he's done is cry and this man was being nice to him and didn't want him to think of him as a big baby "Shhh its okay Harry, you can cry if you want to I know it hurts I will have you fixed up in no time." He told him as he kissed the top of his head before he started too walked off climbing over the fence and walked down the path where he was heading before.