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Chapter One: Summer Time

"James? Prongs? JIMMY!"

James' head snapped up. "Don't call me 'Jimmy'," he said.

"Well, it's the only way to get your attention," said his best friend, Sirius Black.

James Potter was on the Hogwarts express with his best friends Sirius Black, Remus Lupin, and Peter Pettigrew. They were speeding towards London and their summer holidays.

James had *extreamly* messy black hair and chocolate brown eyes framed by round, black glasses. He was rather tall, six point two feet to be exact. He was freshly sixteen and had just finished his fifth year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

James was the unofficial ring-leader of the most popular group in Hogwarts, the Marauders. Most girls would kill to go out with him, but he never obliged.

Sirius was the loud mouth of their little group. He had neat, short black hair and true blue eyes. He was an inch or two shorter than James and was also sixteen.

Remus was the brains of their operation. He had sandy-brown hair and gray eyes that melted every girl he looked at, though he was blissfully unaware of that fact. He was just as tall as James and just as good-natured. He was also sixteen.

Last, and most *certainly* least, was Peter. He had untidy blonde hair and watery blue eyes. He looked like a rat. He was basically just the tagalong that the other boys hung out with to make fun of him. He was still fifteen, his birthday being in December. Oh, yeah, and he was gay.

There were also two girls in the compartment.

Jennifer Nealson had chestnut brown hair and hazel eyes. She went up to Sirius' shoulders. They had been going out for nearly a year.

Terry Luke was Remus' girlfriend. She had short, black hair and green eyes. She was the same height as Jennifer. She and Remus had been going out since that year's Halloween Ball.

"What did you want, Padfoot?" James asked.

"I want to know what the hell you're looking at," said Sirius.

"I'm just thinking, that's all," said James.

"Is it painful?" Sirius asked. James shot him a look. "Sorry..."

"You're always 'just thinking' now-a-days, James," said Terry. "What are you thinking *about*?"


"I knew it!" Sirius exclaimed.

"Shut up, Si," said Jennifer.

"You can't be thinking if there's nothing going on inside your head, Prongs," said Remus.

"Are you thinking about Lily Evans again, by any chance?" Jennifer asked him.

"Maybe..." James went back to staring out of the window. He *was* thinking about Lily Evans. Lily was a short girl with long, wavy red hair, and her emerald eyes were the most beautiful thing James had ever seen.

He had a major crush on her. Lily didn't seem interested, however. She almost seemed scared of him, of everyone...

The Hogwarts Express slowed to a stop at Platform Nine and Three Quarters. The Marauders and the girls loaded their trunks onto trolleys and wheeled them over to whomever was picking them up.

Now, I take you to the home of Lily Evans:

It was mid-July. Lily was sitting in her room. It was nearly ten o'clock and Lily was getting ready to go to bed.

From downstairs, she heard some yelling. Soon after that, loud footsteps could be heard thumping up the stairs. Lily flinched as each foot contacted with a stair. Her door was kicked open and she saw her father standing there, drunk and fuming, with a letter in his hand.

"I thought I made it clear," he slurred his words as he spoke, "NO OWLS!" He walked into the room.

"I-I'm sorry. I didn't mean-"

Her father punched her, hard, across the face. She started to cry, it hurt. She fell to the floor and he kicked her, again and again and again. Before long Lily felt one of her ribs brake.

After about ten minutes of this, Joseph Evans picked his youngest daughter up and threw her as hard as he could against the nearby wall before leaving the room.

Lily slumped to the floor, nearly unconscious, and pulled her knees to her chest. It hurt, but she was used to the frequent beatings. Every little thing that went wrong in the Evans household was blamed on Lily.

Crying in the corner, Lily fell asleep.

Meanwhile, at the Potter residence:

James was sitting in the living room attempting to drown out the shouts coming from right in front of him and read a book. His parents were arguing, yet again, and James couldn't remember a night when they hadn't anymore.


"FUCK OFF, KATE!" John Potter shouted back. "TO HELL WITH THE BOTH OF YOU! I'M LEAVING!"

And that was the night that James Potter watched as his alcoholic father walked out of his life.

Kate Potter, James had taken after her right down to his nose, sunk to the couch. She started to cry. James got up to go sit next to his mother.

Hugging her, he said, "It'll be okay, mum, don't worry."

Kate looked at her sixteen year old son. "Aren't I supposed to say that to you?" she asked with a small smile. James smiled back at her.

To the Lupin's!:

Remus stared at the door, as he had been for the past thirty minutes or so. The flap opened and some sandwiches along with a popular carbonated beverage were pushed through. He dropped to his knees and ate the sandwiches and drank his soda quickly.

When he finished, he pushed the plate and glass back through the flap and sat back down on his desk chair. He decided to write to Terry. His parents were terrified of him because of his monthly transformations, because of what he was, a werewolf. Every summer they locked him in his room, full moon or no full moon. It was like prison.

*Why can't they just accept me?* Remus thought to himself.

And now, ::drumroll:: THE BLACK HOUSEHOLD!

"Hey, dad, do you want to go flying with me?"

"No, er, Sam. I'm busy."

"His name is *not* 'Sam'," said Sirius' mom said to her husband. "It's Sal."

"Actually, it's Si. You know, short for Sirius, remember? Your *only* son?" Sirius said annoyidly.

"Right, Sam, go play, I'm busy," said Mr. Black.

Sirius sighed and went up to his room. He flopped down onto his bed. He was so fed up with his parents that it wasn't even funny anymore. He was also so bored that all of his homework was done.

"Why can't they at least remember my name?" Sirius wondered aloud.

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