Hi all! I'm still alive, not dead in a ditch.

The whole reason I'm posting this instead of a new chapter is to apologise for how long it's been since I last updated and/or posted something. I've mentioned it in the last few chapters and one-shots I've posted for Tok'ra in Atlantis, but I figured I ought to let everyone know.

Since early May last year (2015) I've been dealing with a major shoulder problem – something that nearly a year on I haven't yet got a diagnosis for – that has made sitting at a computer long-term a painful and admittedly frightening task. I have, with very little success, tried to get a diagnosis of what's wrong with me so I am now left trying to treat the symptoms. That, sadly, means I am taking enough painkillers to choke an elephant, all of which barely take the edge off the pain I'm in most of the day.

I have my good and my bad days, so in between doing what work I can manage I've been slowly writing more for my various stories: Tok'ra in Atlantis; Stargate: A New Path; Lost and Found; Stargate Origins: Camilla Carter, and A Wing and A Ninja, but it's been slow going since my typing speed has slowed right down.

I fully plan on updating as soon as I can, but with my shoulder as royally mucked as it is, it's going to take longer than I want it to, so please, I beg, bear with me. I'm hoping to have this updated soon, so I'm very sorry it's taken this long to let you all know!

My sincerest apologies,