A Single Choice
Prologue/Chapter One- Shattered Destiny
By- IceWind


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Warnings: Probably slash in later chapters… which for those who do not know what that means, it means boy/boy, yaoi, shounen-ai, or homosexuals if you want to get technical. It's AU (alternate universe) Definitely AU; nobody could mistake it for anything else. I accept constructive criticism, and flames are fine as well just as long as you don't care if I write a reply, most probably sarcastic, unless you actually had a good reason… though that would probably go under the constructive criticism column and I wouldn't do anything but thank you. ^_^

Well… I must say that this isn't a completely original fic, at least I think so. *pouts* Since it has Harry as a little kid, raised by other people *shuts up and smiles sweetly at everyone* But I happen to think that I've stayed away from too overused topics, I sure hope so anyway. I may only put up the warning in this chapter, I'm not too sure yet.

Anyway, I'm holding off on my other Harry Potter fic for a bit, not a lot of people seem to read it *pouts* besides, this idea seemed to scream out at me. *smiles sheepishly* I'm sorry if this seems kind of short, but anyone who has ever read my fics would know that the first chapter is always short -.-;


So it has begun…

A voice was heard; high pitched, pleading, whimpers wrenched from a distraught woman. A cold tone answered her, mocking and triumphant, his words a clear negative. A broken voice answered, voice strained and full of grief over lost loved ones, her tone finally landing upon a unyielding, rock hard, strength arising from places never before thought about.

Behind her a baby laid peacefully nestled in a bunch of blankets, innocent, wide emerald green eyes staring at the scene with nothing but wonder, clouded with slight confusion. He felt sorrow radiating from the woman, but he couldn't feel the man who had that strong, confident laugh. He waved a tiny fist in the air, the woman's sorrow growing too much for him as he suddenly burst into a fit of tears.

Actions to be played out…

Behind the stranger stood five others, their forms unmoving, all eyes unwavering from the scene except for one… one pair of cold eyes that stared down at the baby with no emotion at all. The man watched the baby with an intensity unrivaled by any, his gaze not flickering even when he heard the woman scream, her voice strangled and full of pain.

He watched the chubby fist wave in the air, the tear filled emerald gaze stricken. He watched as if something was compelling him to watch, to see no other but this little boy who would soon lose his last remaining parent before dying himself. Suddenly the crystalline bright green eyes locked onto his… and he found himself holding his breath.

The end comes swiftly…

As if by magic, the cry grew softer, the sniffling abating, the curious gaze filling his own vision. The little boy fretted, before finally holding out his arms to the man, his actions clearly demanding to be picked up so that he could examine the stranger in front of him better. A swift cry broke the delicate moment, and finally… finally… the man looked over at the woman who had dived in front of the little boy, a green flash… terrible, dark, twisted… filling his vision before dissipating as if it were never there.

But to all's surprise, it was not only the woman who had slumped over, her form prostrating itself on the ground in front of the little baby who cooed unknowingly at his mother, but also the man. A scream was heard from him, shrill and filled with disbelief, his terrible crimson eyes flashing with rage and fear. With a strangled scream, he disappeared from sight, leaving nothing but the mangled body of the woman to show that he had even been there.

Panic does none good…

With frightened yells, the five men… no four of the men, scrambled away from the baby who was once again bawling his little eyes out. They looked at each other in a frightened manner, none noticing their last member watching them calmly, surprisingly feeling nothing at all but acceptance. As if they made the decision together, they all disappeared from sight, unlike the man before them, they did this voluntarily.

The last man stood in the middle of the ruined room, his gaze traveling down from where his 'comrades' escaped to where the baby laid, the tiny voice surprisingly loud in the empty house… the house that was nearly totally destroyed. He hesitated for a moment, suddenly feeling uneasy, as if he violated a sacred place.

A choice to be thought over…

Something compelled him… no it was his own will. Slowly, almost reluctantly, he stared back down into the baby's eyes, those beautiful oculars darkened with sadness and tears. He moved himself forward, feeling every bit of his moving body; his mind jumbled, yet somehow clear as well. He knelt down and picked up the boy, blankets and all, and held him for a moment, face blank as he stared into the tiny face.

Suddenly he stood up, his hands remarkably light and soft when they handled the boy. Emerald eyes looked at him and the boy hiccupped, before finally calming down once more, caught once again in the steady gaze of the one holding him. The baby smiled, seemingly unaware of the vicious scar carved out upon his forehead, his little eyelids drooping, the day's events proving too much for him. With a tired sigh, the boy fell into a light sleep, his chest rising up and down slowly and steadily.

And here is where the road splits…

High up in the starry skies Destiny looked at her chessboard filled with rows upon rows of figurines. Each one a likeness of the people down upon the planet she resided over. Her smiled was full of pain, sorrow, happiness, despair, joy, laughter. It held every emotion in man, her features twisted and ugly. She watched down upon the ruined house, the man and the baby, one eye upon them, another upon the chessboard. Suddenly two pieces moved… through no hand of hers, and she smiled once again, watching two figures join onto one square, another one standing watch over them on an adjacent square. For the first time her smile had only one emotion… acceptance, and her face was beautiful.

Lucius looked down upon the fragile baby in his arms, his face calm and stormy. When it finally cleared, a resolute expression was set upon his face. He cradled the baby carefully in his arms, a weary smile coming upon his face as he gently brushed away a piece of ebony hair away from Harry's eyes. Finally he started to walk out of the ruined house, his eyes only on the baby who slumbered peacefully in his arms.

Destiny turned and faded, her ears catching a faint whirring of an engine speeding towards the house. Too close… too near… it was Their last effort to let everything go the way it was supposed to. Her smile held only supreme knowledge now, the knowledge of nothing, and slowly she blinked her all-seeing eyes and the engine from the machine grew softer. It was all she could do… and it was enough. Without a parting glance, with no emotion at all, Destiny disappeared. The chess board finally shattered behind her and the castle she resided in vanished forever more.

A decision has been made…

With firm steps Lucius headed back to Malfoy manor where his wife and son awaited him… a surprise coming along with him. One made out of a gut feeling, instinctive, and it made him feel tranquil and serene, for the first time he felt in control of his actions. The sleeping baby gurgled softly and nestled deeper into the soft blankets and warm body.

Too late… Hagrid arrived at the ruined house, his voice wailing and full of grief as he searched through the ruins, his large capable hands pushing away rubble as if they were nothing. He found the broken bodies of James and Lily Potter… but could not find the little boy, the little boy who would one day prove himself to be invaluable, the little boy who had somehow defeated the one wizard everyone feared… Harry Potter.

At last Destiny was at rest…


Ta da! Harry is with Lucius! *beams* and NO, he's not going to end up with Lucius *waves a finger in front of your faces* I have other plans for the man. If you guys don't get the Destiny part, here's a rundown. Destiny is supposed to control everything, yet what if one action, one decision, occurs without Destiny to guide it? What if that one action completely shatters whatever Destiny had planned? What if Destiny was tired of meddling in people's lives, rather she wanted them to make their own choices? So that's why she delayed Hagrid from arriving too soon (that's what happened when she blinked her eyes) and the 'Their' are the supreme powers of the universe who have no other meaning in this fic except for that one reference to them.

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