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(DC Police Station)

(1000 hours)

"What do we got, Mike?"

"Fifteen kids from the 7th Fleet," Tom said handing him the folder.

"That gang north of the union station?"

"That would be them?"

"What are they in for?"

"Vandalism, robbery, drugs, the usual gang crimes"

"Are they talking?"

"They said they wouldn't talk with out their parents present. All of the parents are in the Navy."

"No kidding?"

"I'm not kidding."

"Channel six picked up the story ten minutes ago. They called the boys, 'The Naval Boy's gang.'"


"No kidding."

"Where are they?"

"C block"

"Let's go round them up."

(Next day)

(JAG Headquarters)

(AJ's POV)

I knew this was going to be a bad day as soon as the Tiner informed me that SECNAV was on his way over. I read the paper this morning and knew all about the 7th Fleet. If they were in the Navy I would hang them from the highest flag pole, since boys were released on bond, the parents aren't going to get off their asses and do anything, this whole thing just made the Navy look bad. Now knew the SECNAV was going to complain to me about how the image of the Navy is ruined, so I had to come up with something to keep those damn kids out of trouble.

The first thing I thought of was getting my people involved. Now that was a good idea. But Sturgis and Mac were in the middle of a serious case, and asking Singer was out of the question. So that only left one person. Knowing that he and Singer had just finished up their latest case this morning, I knew Rabb was the man for the job. He was good with kids, and I knew he could get this bunch straightened out.

But now the question was what to do with them? Being the middle of winter, any outdoor sports were out of the question. Didn't Rabb play basket ball? Hmm. That's right, he does. So if I could get Rabb to be a role model for these kids, and have him teach them how to play basket ball or something, then they would stay out of trouble. And if the Navy sponsored them, that would be even better.

Sighing, I leaned back in my chair. Now that my headache was starting to go away, I knew I could face the SECNAV. If this plan worked, then it could save me from some serious migraines. When Tiner informed me that the SECNAV was here I sighed and popped two more Advil in my mouth. This was going to be a long morning.

(Harm's POV)

(Thirty minutes later)

(Harm's Office)

Just finishing up the last of my paperwork, I leaned back in my chair. I was so glad that The Jenkins court-martial was over. Weeks of hunting down witness and going over mounds of evidences was finally taking its toll on me. And working alongside Lieutenant Singer didn't make matters any better. Hopefully now that the case was over and Sturgis and Mac were making closing arguments today in their case, Mac and I would start working together again. I miss those days of playful bantering, spending evening's together going over cases, and just plain spending time together. Shutting the folder, I was about to head to the break room for some coffee, when Tiner poked his head in my door.

"Sir, the Admiral would like to see you."

"Thanks Tiner," I said following him back to the Admiral's office. "Do you know why?"

"No sir. But the SECNAV has been in there for over an hour now."

"This isn't good," I muttered while knocking on the door.

After being permitted inside, and told to take a seat, I could feel both the SECNAV and the Admiral staring me down. What the hell did I do now?

"Commander, did you happen to see the paper this morning?"

"Yes sir. It really gives the Navy a bad name when the parent's let their kids run loose. They should do something about it."

"I'm glad you feel that way Commander, because as of now you are in charge of that."

"What?" I asked almost in disbelief.

"The Navy is starting a new program to keep kids from Navy families off of the street, and we have picked you for the job," the SECNAV said in a voice that was not to be argued with.

"What in the hell am I suppose to do with them sir?"

"Teach them to play basketball," the Admiral said and smiled. I knew he had something to do with selecting me."

"I don't understand sir," I asked in total confusion. Why did the Navy want me to bond with a bunch of gang bangers?

"We called the DC courts and talked with the prosecutors of their case, and they accepted our deal," the SECNAV explained.

"Which is?"

"Instead of jail time for their various crimes, all of the boys will take part in an all boys basketball team. The goal is to get the kids to stay out of trouble and save the image of the Navy. And since Admiral Chegwidden told me that you play basket ball, I picked you for the job. It will have no effect on your regular duties, practices and games will all be held on the weekend in the community gym."

I looked at both men, praying they would tell me this was all some big mistake, but by the looks on their faces, I knew it wasn't. And I knew it was already a done deal, and I had no say in the matter.

"Do the parents agree?"

"Yes. They all agreed it was better then facing charges. But if the kids screw up, which I know you won't let happen, then they will face all of the charges," The SECNAV said handing me a bunch of folders. "Here is a schedule of the times when you can use the gym."

"So what's the name of this team?"

"What?" The Admiral asked.

"The name of this basketball team that I am coaching; what is the name of it?"

"That's for you to decide. I expect that you'll call all of the families, and set up team practices and such. St. Peter's basket ball team look's forward to playing your team in three weeks."

"Three weeks! You expect me to get this team together in three weeks!" I said a little louder then I should.

"Is that a problem Commander?"

"No sir," I said swallowing my pride. Just what I needed; fifteen gang bangers to baby-sit.

"Then it's all settled," the SECNAV said rubbing his hands together.

It was all settled. I'm in charge of juveniles. Yippee