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So, a lot has happened in the Marvel Cinematic Universe since the last time I posted. After careful thought, this story will be moving much further away from the original plot. Think of this universe as a different Earth. Even if some events stay the same, Hermione and company will have other matters to deal with. I don't want you all to know who the villain is or what will happen next. Saying this, I must remind you that every character death, relationship, and sexuality is fair game. I was originally leaning on pairing Hermione with Harry, but now I will let her relationship develop naturally with others.

So without further ado, to anyone who may be out there, I present the next chapter of Harry Potter and The Avengers!

Chapter 6- Plan, what Plan?

"Did you see the notice in the Gryffindor common room?" Fred asked, sliding next to Hermione. She was shoved into Ron, who unfortunately was on her other side.

"Watch it." Ron growled, scowling at Hermione. She rolled her eyes.

"What's the notice?" Hermione asked, shifting her attention back to Fred.

"Flying classes for first years." George explained. Hermione clapped, nearly squealing in excitement.

"Oh joy, flying, such fun." Peter said, waving his fork in false enthusiasm. He was always such a joy to be around in the mornings.

"You're excited for flying lessons?" Ron asked, rudely. Hermione frowned, crossing her arms.

"Surprised, are you?" Hermione said, snippily. Ron's ears turned red.

"You just don't seem like the type." Ron said. He didn't see the twins frantically waving their arms, signaling him to shut up.

"I love flying." Hermione said. Honestly, her, a fear of heights? She once stole one of her father's suits and flew it around her house. Hermione flew brilliantly. She chose not to remember that she broke four windows and the dining room table.

"I hope you realize first years never make the house team." Ron said. She rolled her eyes, but an irrational part of her very much wanted to prove him wrong.

"Do you three want to eat at the Ravenclaw table?" Hermione asked. The twins and Peter nodded, gathering their things.

"But I just got here!" Harry said, looking between Ron and Hermione. His hair looked every messier than usual and there were dark circles under his eyes. Hermione shared a look with the twins, thankful they had noticed it too. She felt like she was missing something important.

"So?" Ron shrugged, going back to his food.

"So? I want to see her." Harry said, exasperatedly. Hermione smiled, swinging her bag over her shoulder. She would worry about him another time. There were more pressing matters to deal with, such as moving as far away from Ronald Weasley as possible.

"It's alright Harry. I'll see you in classes later." Hermione said. She quickly hugged him, giving him a small wave before hurrying to the Ravenclaw table.

Hermione sat between the twins, with Peter across from them. Fred immediately started prodding at her side and she could feel George kicking Peter. What a lovely show of affection. She was still getting situated when the mail arrived. The gorgeous owl she sent before was finally back with her father's letter.

"Who's it from?" Fred asked, looking curiously at the computer typed letter.

"Just my Dad." Hermione replied, nonchalantly. She may have enlisted the twin's help to solve the mystery of the warning, but she wasn't ready to let them know just how close to home it really was.

Dearest 'Mione,

Hilarious. If you would have told me I would have figured out how to get at least Jarvis in. Now you completely set me back. Enjoy your freedom while it lasts.
Pepper and I are so proud of you getting into Gryffindor. Ravenclaw would have gotten you into less trouble. So, you can understand my lack of shock. Also, congratulations for making some friends. Those boys better treat you right. If not, you have all of The Avengers to punish them. Although, I must admit I'm much more worried about your corrupting them.

Now, for the hat's warning. I'm not into that future telling stuff. I'll keep my eyes open, but really don't worry. After all, it's just a hat. It has nothing better to do, but to scare unsuspecting children. Besides, even if it was true I can always keep Fury updated.
Mom send her love and all that other mom stuff. Girl chat and whatnot.
I expect you to write again soon,
A.K.A best hero

Hermione crumpled up the letter. Boy, he sure was useful. At least she was smart. Who needs state-of-the art technology, when she can follow one clue that leads to nowhere? Wow her cynicism was getting out-of-hand.

"Over protective parents won't let you send a toilet seat too?" George said, gripping her shoulder with mock sympathy.

"Oddly enough, my father would probably encourage it. No, just some family drama. He never listens," Hermione confessed. She hated feeling powerless.

"You're smart enough on your own. You don't need his approval," Peter said, giving her a tiny smile. He liked to hide behind sarcasm, but Hermione knew he had a heart-of-gold.

"Just wait until she starts dating. The poor bloke won't know what hit him," George laughed. Fred and Peter both glared at him.

"Oh please. As if I'm going to have time to date. There's more important things to worry about," Hermione sighed, giving the twins a significant look.

"Oh you mean the sorting hat's warning?" Peter asked. He took a sip of tea and blanched at the trio's shocked expression. "What?"

"How in the name of Odin did you ever find that out?" Hermione sputtered. The twin eagerly nodded along.

"I pay attention? Have I been living under a rock my entire life? Of course, I know about heroes. Who doesn't?" Peter laughed.

"He's got to be joking..." Fred gasped

"...completely mental," George added.

"Sure. I'm the one that's crazy. Now that that's out in the open, what are we going to do?" Peter sighed.

"Well the first thing is to find a better place to talk about this. I don't want our conversations overheard,"

Hermione grumbled. She really didn't like to be blindsided. It was unfair and annoying. She choose to ignore the fact that That's how people saw her. "We can talk in my room. My roommates take being a Ravenclaw very seriously. I rarely see them," Peter suggested.

"It's probably for the best. My room is full of twittering girls and I see them far too often. Let's go," Hermione said.

"We have class in 10 minutes," Peter groaned. Hermione raised her eyebrows at him.

"I'm quite sure we all know the material. Besides, we can always be late. I'm sure it's happened before," Hermione laughed. Fred and George even looked stunned before pulling themselves together.

"Well, let's get going. Now is as good of a time as any," Fred said, standing up. George shrugged and followed

"Are you serious? We are being horrible influences!" Peter chided. Hermione giggled and shook her head.

"I think I'm the influence Peter. Trust me; I'm fairly sure I have you boys on a leash," Hermione said, smugly. Even Peter couldn't argue with that and followed her out.

"Hey Hermione, wait up!" Harry yelled. Hermione tensed, looking at the guys to help her.

"Hey Harry? Where are you off to?" Hermione asked, her voice had gone up unnaturally high. Yikes she needed to work on staying natural in a crisis.

"I thought we could walk to Herbology together. Ron is nice but he's useless as a partner in class. I know you don't want to be "subjected to unnecessary stupidity," but I promise I've actually been studying" Harry chuckled.

"Oh," Hermione gulped. The twins were shrugging. They had no idea what to do. Some help they were.

"Are you okay?" Harry asked. He gently touched her arm and looked in her eyes. Worry. Well that was weird. She probably just imagined it.

"I'm having girl problems! They're um taking me to the hospital wing!" Hermione yelped. Harry blankly looked at her until his eyes widened.

"Oh! I'm sorry, I'll go tell Professor Sprout? Do you um need anything?" Harry asked, his face turning red.

"Just er rest. I'll be fine," Hermione blushed. He didn't seem to think it was gross like the other first year guys. She was hoping he would leave her alone for a while. Just enough for her to focus on this mystery.

"I'll take notes for you," Harry offered.

"Thanks Harry. You're a saint," Hermione sang. She kissed his cheek and skipped away.

"What was that?" Fred asked, out of earshot. He looked highly amused. Hermione's face felt extremely hot.

"I panicked?" Hermione shrugged.

"Understatement of the year. Although it's nice to see even you make mistakes," Peter snickered. George started laughing along.

"If you make one derogatory comment about me being a woman now I will get you into next week," Hermione warned. The boys immediately shut up.

"Why does he make you so crazy 'Mione?" Fred questioned. Hermione sighed, fiddling with her robe.

"I'm not sure. It feels like I've known him forever. I hate lying to him, but the less people that are involved, the better," Hermione said, thoughtfully. In reality she hasn't really noticed how odd she acted around him. Her emotions always seemed out of whack when she was around him. Maybe she should read a book on phycology. That might help.

"Earth to Hermione?" George said, snapping his fingers in front of her face.

"Huh?" Hermione yelped, shooting him an evil glare.

"We're in front of my common room," Peter said.

In front of them was a door without a keyhole or knob, with a bronze knocker in the shape of an eagle. It was defiantly not an inconspicuous door. Hermione was surprised she hadn't stumbled on it before.

"Anyone could find your common room," George said, confused. She was glad someone else voiced her thoughts.

"It doesn't matter if they do. Watch," Peter grinned. The knocker yawned and looked directly at them.

"What is the beginning and end of time?" The knocker asked. The three Gryffindors looked stunned. A common room without a password?

"What happens if we get it wrong?" Fred asked.

"Someone else will have to try or we have to wait until someone gets it right. It's how we learn," Peter replied.

"That's got to be annoying," Fred muttered.

"Only when the 7th years blow off steam at the pub and can't walk straight," Peter said, cheekily.

"Well the beginning and end of time. What could that be?" George mused.

"T and E, respectively?" Hermione said. The door swung open and Peter looked gob smacked.

"Are you kidding me? I spend so long thinking of answers, you give one smart ass reply and you get in?" Peter moaned.

"Technically it's correct. I wasn't about to go through an existential crisis just to answer some riddle," Hermione said, giving Peter a sly grin. She swore she heard the eagle chuckle.

The Ravenclaw common room had the most spectacular view. Hermione ran over to the large window and loved that she could see the Quidditch pitch. Maybe she should have chosen Ravenclaw. It was much quieter and she would love to nap in a chair with the sun on her face. The deep blue color just added to the atmosphere, making Hermione feel content.

"It's nicer than ours," Fred reluctantly admitted. Peter broke out in a genuine smile.

"You're still a scrawny git," George teased.

"Shut up and look up," Peter said, rolling his eyes.

Hermione couldn't contain her gasp. The entire dome ceiling was adorned with stars. They were just as realistic as the Great Hall's ceiling. Hermione was admiring Orin's belt, when suddenly the constellation expanded across the ceiling.

"That's amazing!" Hermione squealed.

"It's to help with astronomy studies," Peter said. He seemed to enjoy all the attention.

"Is it too late to switch to Ravenclaw?" Hermione joked. Fred and George put their hands over their hearts.

"You wound us firstie-" Fred said.

"-how could you want to spend all your time with stuffy Ravenclaws?" George added.

"Hey! Stuffy Ravenclaw standing right here!" Peter said.

"You're basically a Hufflepuff," George chuckled.

"I disagree," Peter pouted. He had too much house pride for his own good.

"Although I am quite a fan of our playful banter, shouldn't we focus on the warning now?" Hermione said. The boys nodded, agreeing quickly for once.

"Which one is yours mate?" George asked, turning to Peter.

"Down the hall to the left. It's the last room," Peter said. The Gryffindors filled behind Peter, following him through his elaborate common room. There was only 1 bedroom at the very end of the hall. Hermione was extremely jealous. It looked like Ravenclaws took privacy very seriously.

Peter tapped his wand against the knob and pushed it open. Hermione expected he room to be meticulously organized. Each 4-poster bed had a built-in bookshelf and all beds had their deep blue curtains drawn. Other than the loving care given to organizing books, the rest of the room looked like it belonged to teenage boys. Clothes were scattered across the room, along with broken quills and chocolate frog cards. Hermione wrinkled her nose and look expectantly at Peter. He was turning a very interesting shade of maroon. That couldn't be healthy.

"We're too busy studying to clean. Besides, I wasn't expecting guests," Peter said, sheepishly. Hermione rolled her eyes at that excuse. Was he a wizard or not?

"Our room look way worse. There's scorch marks on the ceiling," Fred said, cheerily.

"We literally have spells to take care of that. Morons, the lot of you," Hermione said, winking. Peter blushed even deeper, yet Fred and George look unfazed.

"They don't work on anything we've done," George grinned. Hermione shuddered; she hated to think of what they had been testing. Probably something dangerous, illegal, not invented yet, or a combination of all three.

"Personally, I'm hoping your spell work is shoddy. I can't fathom what monstrosities you both have been dreaming up," Hermione sighed. Fred and George laughed. Even they weren't ready to show the world their "monstrosities."

"Now for the point we missed class for," Peter chided. Hermione nodded, deciding not to put it off any longer.

"We're all here to try to find the original copy of Hogwarts a History-" Hermione said.

"What the bloody hell for!" Peter interrupted. Hermione suppressed her grin at knowing she shocked him yet again.

"Honestly Peter, try to keep up. We're not asking for the impossible, just improbable," Hermione said. Peter gaped at her and muttered something about "know-it-all first years." "As I was saying before I was so rudely interrupted, we are looking for the original copy of Hogwarts a History. It has to be somewhere in this school. I have a few ideas, but I want to know if anyone else has any more information they're hiding," Hermione said. She glanced at the twins, who were looking rather uncomfortable.

"I've actually got a question for you. You three seem awfully close to the issue. Mind telling me why? Hermione may have figured it out like me. You two don't have an excuse. You live in the wizarding world. You and I both know nothing in the muggle world makes The Profit. You're all hiding something." Peter pressed. Hermione froze; this is not how she wanted to expose her double life. On the other hand, Peter made some valid points about Fred and George. What exactly were they hiding? She wrestled with herself for a moment and sighed.

"I think we can keep secrets. It's none of our business to push someone to do something they're not ready for," Hermione fussed.

"I think we won't work as well as a team if we don't figure this out," Peter insisted.

"S.H.I.E.L.D agents keep secrets all the time and they all work together!" Hermione spat. Honestly, she didn't know why she was being so defensive. Was she ashamed of her father? Ashamed of his promiscuity and arrogance?

"S.H.I.E.L.D? Hermione can you not trust your best friends?" Fred asked. He looked hurt.

"Our blood related father is Peter Quill. Are you satisfied that we told first? And no, none of you can ask questions yet. At least leave us some semblance of privacy," George growled. Hermione's eyes widened. She swallowed her questions and her pride.

"Tony Stark," Hermione whispered. She willed the floor to swallow her whole.

"Well shit. I'm sorry guys. I thought you were spies or something. I'm sorry," Peter said, awkwardly. He actually felt bad now. Hermione looked very quiet and small. For once, actually looking her mere age of 11.

"Hey 'Mione it's okay. None of us will tell anyone," Fred promised. He leaned down and put his arm around her shoulder.

"We're here for you," George added. The four friends enveloped each other in a large hug. Hermione felt better, yet still guilty for an entirely new reason. She had wanted to tell Harry first. But was she being selfish for dragging him along?

"Hey, let's just talk about all of this some other time. I want to figure out how we're going to find this book," Hermione said. The boys nodded. George flopped onto Peter's unmade bed and Fred perched on the bedside table. Hermione waved her wand and moved the pile of clothes over so she could sit down on the floor. Peter stood protectively over her, his hand on her shoulder. Hermione was sure he did not look too intimidating, but the gesture was sweet.

"I could pay attention in History of Magic," Fred offered. Hermione rolled her eyes.

"Don't make offers you can't follow through on. Unfortunately, I am going to put you in charge of asking Professor Bins the history of the book. Just pay attention to that part of the lecture please. Peter and I will check the restricted section of the library..." Hermione said. Peter looked horrified.

"You seem to be mixing up our skills," Peter muttered.

"No one will suspect anything. We can check out any books we want without suspicion. People will think Fred and George are holding up class. No suspicions there," Hermione explained.

"I'll ask the house elves. They know everything about the castle," George offered.

"The what now?" Hermione sputtered. The twins shrugged and Peter looked sympathetic.

"House elves? The things that clean and cook for us? Haven't you wondered where our staff is?" Fred chuckled.

"I haven't actually thought about it. They aren't really mentioned in Hogwarts a History. I assumed if it wasn't magic, students might work for pay or other staff members?" Hermione said.

"Well the school costs quite a bit to stay open. They don't really want to pay anyone..." Peter trailed off

"THEY'RE SLAVES?!" Hermione yelped. She looked horrified. That was completely barbaric.

"They don't want to leave. It's an enchantment thousands of years old. We're tied together. We can go to the kitchen together, if you'd like," Fred offered.

"Any other weird information someone isn't sharing?" Peter grumbled.

"We have a map of the school that shows where everyone is at all times," George blurted. Peter and Hermione blinked slowly.

"Explain," Hermione demanded.

"We nicked it from Filtch's office our first year-" Fred said.

"-The map helped us crack the code-" George continued.

"-it seemed to recognize our rule breaking nature-"

"-Give it a tap with your wand and say 'I solemnly swear I am up to no good'-"

"-And close it with 'mischief managed'-"

"-that should be impossible-" Hermione gasped.

"- and probably dangerous!" Peter concluded. Maybe the close proximity with the twins was rubbing off on them all.

"We've been using it for years with no issue," George scoffed, waving them away.

"That doesn't mean it won't attack you! Dark things are coming and I will not have you both put your faith in this invention! We need to take this to Dumbledore. Of all the irresponsible things to do!" Hermione yelled. Fred and George paled.

"Hey 'Mione we're sorry-" George muttered.

"- we didn't think it would do anything bad. It's dead useful. After all, we have to trust sometimes." Fred concluded.

"I can run some diagnostic tests on it. But I don't think we should take it to Dumbledore. Something doesn't feel right about that," Peter said, thoughtfully. Hermione curtly nodded. After the incident with Loki's scepter, Hermione couldn't help but be fearful of mind control. No matter how innocent something looked, she wouldn't never underestimate it again.

"What are we waiting for then?" Hermione said, "We have a lot of work ahead of us."

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