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Chapter 89

It was the following day as Blackheart and the others were still waiting for everyone else to show up. While he was certain his family and friends would be alright, he still worries about their safety. That, and he wonders how everyone's reaction would be when they learn about Arthur and Jaune. Though, it did made Blackheart wonder, the Daedric Lords chose Arthur, Ruby and Jaune, who were each the leader of a team. Although he wondered why none of them ever approached him then realized that he did get a unique ability from one. A specific madman to be exact.

Inside the apartment, Blackheart was sitting on a couch while checking on his Scroll to see if he can get a signal from someone, but so far, he got nothing. As he sighed, a voice behind him said "Anything?"

When Blackheart looked back, he saw Cinder wearing normal clothes as she sat next to him and curled up next to him. He sighed as he wrapped his arm around her, pulled her close and said "Nothing. I am starting to get a bit worried now."

Cinder laid her head on his shoulder and said "Don't worry about them. I am certain that they will make it here. You even said it yourself that they will come in one piece."

"I know," Blackheart said as he rubbed his head, "And they are more aware of the situation unlike their alternative selves, so they won't have any drama on their end."

When Cinder looked at him, she saw that he was worried, but not about his family, and asked "But you are still worried? About what?"

Blackheart sighed and said "I am worried about when Salem arrives to Atlas. Sure, we will be able to deal with her army, but what about herself? If we throw everything at her, she would just get back up. We need to come up with a plan."

"Still with that?" Cinder asked as she rubbed his arm, "I thought you had a backup plan."

"I do," Blackheart said, "But that is for emergency only. Don't want to use it right off the bat."

She looked at him curiously and asked "But what is your plan anyways? I do not believe you had told us."

Before Blackheart could say anything, his Scroll started to go off. He looked down at it and was excited when he saw that he had a signal with Ruby and everyone else! He quickly sat up, dialed Ruby's number and waited for a but before the other end was picked up as Ruby's voice said "Hello? Johnny?"

"Ruby!" Blackheart cried in excitement, "You guys made it!"

"We made it?" Ruby said as there was a brief moment of silence, "We made it! We'll see you in a bit!"

"This is great!" Blackheart said, "We'll see you at the entrance!"

When he hung up, he looked at Cinder and said "They did make it after all! Contact everyone!"

As Cinder nodded, she and Blackheart sent a message to everyone and rushed towards the entrance as fast as they can. When they got there, they looked around to see Ruby and the others and, after a while of looking, Blackehart saw Ruby and the others.

He waved at them and shouted "Guys! Over here!"

When the group saw him, they all rushed up to him as Ruby was the first to arrive and hugged him. As Blackheart smiled and hugged back, he looked at Summer and Qrow and asked "Guys had any problems?"

Both Summer and Qrow shook his head as Summer said "We managed to find a car to take us here. But…we also brought someone with us."

"Someone?" Blackheart asked, "Who in the world did you…"

"Oh? So this is your grandson?"

When Blackheart heard the old voice, he looked down and saw an old lady with optical eyes cybernetic and had a cane with a skull on it. Oh…Blackheart forgot that this old woman was going to join them.

Blackheart walked up to the old woman and said "That is right, my name is Jonathan Dragonborn. And you are?"

"You can call me Maria," the old woman said, "It would seem that I finally met the children of my student."

Blackheart raised an eyebrow as he looked at Summer and gave her a confused look. His mother saw that as her only answer was her pointing at her eyes. Knowing what she meant, Blackheart nodded as he looked at Maria and said "Well, it nice to meet you."

Maria nodded as she looked at Cinder and asked "And who is this?"

"Oh," Cinder said, "My name is Cinder Fall, ma'am."

Blackheart looked at Summer and asked "So…does she…?"

Knowing what he meant, Summer nodded and said "She knows about our situation."

When Blackheart nodded, just then, Nora rushed in, looked at the group and shouted "CUTE. BOY. OZ!"

Alerted, when Oscar looked over, it was too late as Nora rushed up to him and tackled him to the ground. As soon as everyone saw this, they all looked over and saw Taiyang, Team AVGR and Ren rushing over to them. While Taiyang rejoined with Summer and Qrow, Team AVGR and Ren rejoined with Team RWBY. But the only member who was looking to seeing a certain someone was Weiss as she smiled brightly when she saw Arthur. She then rushed up to him as he gently grabbed her by the waist, spun her around before he brought her down and the two shared a kiss.

While the two lovers reunited, Yang turned to Grif and said "Not gonna give me a kiss?"

Grif gulped as he said "Um…maybe when your family isn't around?"

As Yang laughed, Riku looked at Blake and asked "Any problems on your way?"

Blake shook her head and replied "Other than a few Grimm, I say nothing new."

"That's good," Riku said as he pecks her cheeks.

As Blake giggled, Ruby looked around and asked "Where is Jaune and Pyrrha? Shouldn't they be here? And where is Aruna?"

Cinder replied "She is back at my family's apartment with Jaune and Pyrrha. And…also Holly."

"Holly?" Ruby asked.

"The Summer Maiden," Victor said as he tipped his hat, "Apparently, we weren't worthy to bring the Sword, so the Headmistress sent Holly to deliver it for us."

As Oscar got up, he heard Ozpin's voice in his mind said "I would expect Abby would do something like that. She is too prideful of her position and am thankful she didn't fall like the rest."

"Is Pyrrha walking?" Weiss asked as she separated from Arthur.

Nora nodded and said "Oh yeah! She is up and ready to fight!"

"Awesome!" Ruby cheered, "Let's go see her!"

Right before Ruby was about to take off, Blackheart grabbed her hood to stop her and said "Hold on, Ruby. There…is something you need to know before you see them."

Confused, everyone looked at him as Blackheart sighed and said "Jaune…well…"

"Jaune?" Yang asked, "What about him?"

Arthur then rubbed his neck and replied "Thing is…me and Jaune…we went through some…changes."

Hearing the worry in Arthur's voice, Weiss turned to him and asked "What kind of changes?"

Arthur sighed as he reached up to the sunglasses he had on and took them off. When everyone looked at him, only Blake noticed as she perked up and said "Your eyes…you're…are you a Faunus?!"

The moment she said that, everyone gasped in shock as Weiss said "You're…You're a Faunus?!"

"I thought you weren't one!" Yang said."

"I wasn't," Arthur said, "When we were in Vacuo, I was…part of an illegal experiment that turned me into a Faunus. The headmistress said that she is going to conduct an investigation on it."

As everyone gave off a concern looked, Ruby looked at Blackheart and gave her a knowing look. When she nodded, she then asked "And…Jaune?"

Everyone stood quiet as Nora said "He looks awesome now! Come on!"

While Nora rushed ahead, everyone headed to Cinder's apartment, Weiss leaned in towards Arthur and whispered "What happened?"

Arthur whispered back "Daedric Lord."

"Oooooh," Weiss whispered in realization.

After a while of walking, they group eventually arrived at the apartment. When they entered, they saw Holly and Aruna talking to each other, Emerald and Mercury were hanging out on a couch, and Pyrrha and Jaune were in the kitchen…but the moment they all saw Jaune, their eyes widened and their mouths dropped wide open.

When everyone saw the group entering, Jaune was the first to speak as he said "Guys! You made it! Glad to see you guys are alright."

"Alright?!" Yang shouted, "Look at you! We've been gone for a few months, what happened?!"

"Oh, yeah, this," Jaune said as he looked at himself a bit, "Well…heh, funny story about that."

Once everyone was settled, Jaune and everyone else began to tell them what has happened to them while they were all separated. Although, they had to leave out a few parts, like the Daedric Lords, when they had to tell their story, but regardless, what was done is done.

"So…Alduin is planning to reintroduce the Dragon Faunus?" Blake asked as she was shaken up by this information.

Jaune nodded and said "Yeah, and apparently, it doesn't matter if you are a normal Faunus or a Human, he can still turn you into one."

"Is…that even legal?" Summer asked cautiously.

Jaune shrugged and said "If not, I don't see anyone stopping him. I mean, have you seen him?"

"True," Blake said, "My godfather is a respectable member in the Faunus community, and considering how both powerful and influential he is, I doubt anyone would speak up against him."

Weiss looked at her, almost in shock, and said "You support this?"

Blake however shook her head and said "While this is a…unique and troublesome situation, there is nothing we can do about it. Like Jaune said, if people want to become a Dragon Faunus, no one is forcing them to become one."

"Man, that is a scary thought," Oscar said, "But for Jaune and Arthur to become a Faunus? That is new."

Inside his head, Ozpin said "I agree, this is the first I have ever heard of this procedure. Perhaps we aren't aware of it."

Ruby then looked at Jaune and Arthur and asked "Are…you two feeling okay? It must feel weird, right?"

Jaune looked at his hand/claw and replied "Well…it was hard at first. I mean, controlling and handling all this newfound strength. But, thanks to some training, I got sort of the hang of it. Still working on my grip."

Arthur nodded and said "Yeah…when my Faunus DNA was active, I was so easily sensitive to sunlight, my senses were off the chart, and I have been getting…urges and cravings."

"Urges?" Weiss asked.

But knowing what he meant, Blake came into his defense and said "It's…something all Faunus have to deal with. Don't worry, it's nothing too serious."

While Weiss gave her a confused look, Mercury coughed up a bit and asked "So…you guys have the Lamp?"

To answer his question, Ruby reached behind her cloak and takes it out and shows it to them while she said "Here it is, safe and sound."

Holly then said as she patted on the case the Sword was in "And I have the Sword with me."

Cinder nodded and said "And we have the Crown in our possession."

"This is great," Riku said, "Now that the hard part is out of the way, we can now take the Relics to Atlas without any problems."

"Um," Emerald said, "What part of 'arrogant Atlesian commander' don't you guys understand? Me, Mercury and Cinder tried to gain passage through, but the midget refused to let us through. See, this is why I hate Atlas so much."

Jaune then shrugged and said "Well, we can always steal an airship."

But Summer shook her head and said "No, we don't want to take unnecessary risks."

"Mom," Yang said, "We have 3 Relics in Argus, there will be more Grimm coming our way and a lot of innocent people will be in between them and us. We have to steal the airship. We pretty much don't have don't have a choice here."

"Choice…choice…choice!" Weiss cried, "That's it!"

When everyone looked at her, Weiss then said "We use the Crown of Choice!"

"The Crown?" Cinder asked, "Why?"

Blake replied "Because Ozpin told us that the Crown can allow us to see into the future. However, it can only show the wearer the future based on the choice they are about to make and the vision is random."

"So much for that," Mercury said, "But why use it if it will show us random futures?"

Weiss then explained "Because we will get an idea on what action to take and how to do it. Remember, our future selves stole an airship but their plans got ruined by Cordovin and Adam."

Maria, who was sitting in a single sofa, asked "And how exactly did Cordo react to this?"

Ruby simply replied "She used a giant mech on us."

Maria then full-blown laughed and said "Yup! That's what she would do!"

Everyone shook their heads as Ozpin said "Ms. Schnee, while that does sound like an idea, I am afraid that it might not work. The power of the Crown is far too dangerous and unpredictable, I don't want any of you to risk your well-being on it."

Just then, Blackheart said "I'll do it."

Everyone looked at him in shock as he said "I think I would be able to handle it and I can determine which future we would take that would involve less risk."

"Sweetie," Summer said, "You know what Ozpin said, the Crown is too much to control."

"I know mom," Blackheart said, "But what other options we have. If the Crown can help us in anyway, I say we go for it."

He then motioned at Mercury as if saying to bring the Crown, Mercury nodded as he went to get the Crown. Meanwhile, Ozpin walked up to Blackheart and said "Mr. Dragonborn, are you sure it is wise to use the Crown?"

Blackheart nodded and said "I do, Ozpin. Don't worry about me."

Before anyone could protest, Mercury returned to the room with the Crown in his hands and said "Here it is, boss. You…sure you can do this?"

Blackheart nodded as he sat on the couch, took a deep breath and said "I am."

Not wanting to have Blackheart bear the burden, Ozpin said "If you want to use the Crown, allow me. I can handle it's power and…"

"I know, Ozpin," Blackheart said, "But we can't always rely on you to pull us through. Sometimes, you have to put your faith in others. So please…let me do this."

Ozpin felt conflicted and just nodded. Summer then hugged him and said "Please be careful."

Blackheart hugged her back and replied "I will, mom."

When the two separated, Blackheart looked at Mercury as he handed him the Crown. As Blackheart stared at the Crown, he looked at everyone and said "Counting on you guys to cover me while I use the Crown."

"We got your back, partner," Victor said.

When everyone agreed one by one, Blackheart looked at the Crown once again, too a deep breath before he slowly started to lower it onto his head and, the moment he put on the Crown on his head, he closed his eyes and thought "Okay…I need to get to Atlas. So…let's go over our choices…"

The moment he begins to concentrate, he felt a surge of energy going through his head as he began to see countless visions before him.

Hours later…

"I am starting to get worried now," Summer said as she paced back and forth.

It has been a few hours and Blackheart was still sitting on the couch with his eyes closed while still using the Crown. They all believed that it would take a minute for Blackheart to use the Crown and tell them what to do, but for him to spend this long on it? Even Ozpin was worried about him.

"Same," Taiyang said as he turned to Ozpin, "Are you certain that it only takes a minute to see the future?"

Ozpin nodded and said "It is true that it only takes a moment to look into the future, but Mr. Dragonborn must still be using it."

"But why, Oz?" Qrow asked.

Ozpin thought about it and replied "I believe…Mr. Dragonborn is looking for an alternative option. Otherwise, he wouldn't be using it for this long."

"That could be the reason," Cinder said, "But Mrs. Rose is right, seeing Jonathan use the Crown for this long…it's worrisome."

Off to the side, Ruby was sitting on the couch while she was hugging her knees as she brought them up to her chest. Seeing Ruby sad, Victor sat next to her and asked "You doing alright, Rubes?"

Ruby shook her head and said "No…I mean…I know we have to get to Atlas as soon as possible…but I didn't want my brother to use one of the Relics to help us get there."

"You worry too much," Victor said as he slightly bumped her, "Besides, this is your brother you are talking about. We all know how tough he really is, I am sure he will be fine."

"I know," Ruby said as she sighed sadly, "But…he has done so much for us: he saved Vale and Beacon, he saved my friends from the White Fang, even saved our mom when he was a baby like we were. For him to go out of his way just to save us all…"

"I know, Ruby," Victor said, "That is why it is important for us to help him out, you know he is pretty useless without us, right?"

When Ruby looked at him, she saw him giving her a playful smile. Seeing this, Ruby rolled her eyes and smiled back. Meanwhile, Arthur was leaning by a window as he was looking out the window as he got a good view of Argus as the weather was settling in. While he was looking out the window, his senses alerted him that someone was walking towards him and looked over as he saw Weiss walking next to him.

When Weiss was close to him, he smiled at her and said "Hey there, stranger. Have you seen a beautiful princess lately? I miss her dearly."

Weiss playfully rolled her eyes and said "Oh hush you. I had to force to wear these…clothes while I was traveling. Not going to lie…it was stressful."

Arthur chuckled and said "You look good through. You should dress like that all the time."

"Thanks but no thanks," Weiss said.

While the two were standing by each other, Arthur looked at her and asked "Are you…shocked that I am a Faunus now?"

Weiss looked at him and said "I was…surprised when you told us that you were turned into a Faunus. But…are you really one or is this a cover up?"

Arthur thought about it and replied "Well…I was told that I would have the 'beast awaken in me'. At first, I didn't know what that meant until later on I found out that I have Faunus DNA in me."

Weiss looked at him in surprise and said "But I thought you were human."

"I thought so too," Arthur said, "But remember, my ancestor was Aragon Knight, who was really a Faunus, so it is likely that I would be a Faunus too. But according to Ms. Field and the headmistress, I have less than 1% Faunus DNA due to the fact that my ancestors would have had human partners for me to have a little Faunus DNA in me."

Weiss thought about it and replied "It would make sense, but we were told that if a Human and a Faunus got together, they would produce a Faunus child."

"I know, I was told that too," Arthur said, "I guess, if the every generation of Faunus continued to have Human partners, then I guess it would make sense for the percentage of Faunus DNA to lower with every future generation."

He then looked at her and said "But…I was hoping…even if I am now a Faunus…would you still want me?"

In shock, Weiss' eyes widen and asked "What?!"

Arthur rubbed his neck and said "Weiss…I am a Faunus now and…I was scared that, if you found out that I have been turned into one…you would accept me."

"Arthur…" Weiss said as she held his hand, "Faunus or not, I fell in love with you because you accepted me for being myself and risked your life to save mine. Those feelings won't change just because you are a Faunus now. I love you and I always will."

Arthur smiled as he rubbed her left cheek and said "I love you too, my princess."

As she smiled back and the two shared a kiss, they looked out the window as Weiss sighed sadly and said "Not looking forward to returning to Atlas."

Arthur held her hand tighter and said "Your father, right?"

Weiss nodded and said "He will try do everything to get me back to his good, even though he was willing to let me die for his secrets. Of course, he will try to say that it was the stress of the situation that was making me see and hear things."

"Don't worry, Weiss," Arthur said as he pumped his chest, "If he tries anything, your knight will be by your side ready to defend your honor."

Weiss giggled and said "Thanks, but honestly, he would already be taken care of the moment my sister returned to Atlas. But what about you? This is your first time coming to Atlas, right? Looking forward to seeing the birthplace of your ancestor?"

Arthur chuckled and said "It actually is. I swear, I don't know how you or anyone who lives here can put up with the cold."

As she rolled her eyes, Arthur looked a bit sad as he looked out the window again and said "But you know…when I was young and wanted to be a Huntsman…my father told me that, when I was old enough and became an official Huntsman after I graduated…he was going to take me to Atlas."

"Really?" Weiss asked as she gave him a curious look, "Why?"

Arthur gripped her hand a bit and replied "I don't know…and I never got the answer for it."

Knowing what he meant, Weiss leaned on his shoulder and said "He would be proud of you, you know that, right?"

Arthur smiled and said "I know…"

While the two enjoyed each other's company, everyone was doing their own thing while the adults, with Ozpin/Oscar, were keeping an eye on Blackheart to make sure he was alright. That is until…


Blackheart suddenly let out a gasp of air as he immediately grabbed the Crown, took it off and threw it to the side and threw a coughing fit. Everyone jumped from Blackheart's sudden action as Summer immediately rushed to his side as she gently hugged him to calm him down and asked someone for water.

While Yang immediately rushed to the kitchen to get a cup of water, Summer looked at Blackheart and said "Jonathan? Sweetheart? Please talk to me, are you alright?"

Blackheart groaned as he rubbed his head and replied "My head is pounding like a Goliath is forcefully dry-humping my skull."

"That is a pretty image to see," Grif plainly said.

"Allow me," Holly said as she walked behind him, gently placed her hands on his head and began to use her healing Sembalance on him. While Blackheart suddenly felt relaxed, Ozpin said "Mr. Dragonborn, it was dangerous for you to use the Crown for hours now."

Blackheart looked at him and said "Has it been hours? Oh man…I really did lost track of time."

"What were you doing?" Aruna asked.

When Yang returned with the cup of water and offered it to Blackheart, he got the cup, drank some of it and replied "I was looking at many different outcomes and situations where we were trying to find a way to get to Atlas."

A bit curious, Qrow asked "And…how many did you see?"

Blackheart quickly drank all of the water and replied "I saw 914 different outcomes."

"900?!" Taiyang shouted in shock, "I am surprised you kept track of all of them!"

Everyone was also shocked that Blackheart saw that many visions, Ozpin said "You are grateful that your mind hasn't been broken from seeing that many outcomes."

"I am curious…" Holly said as she finished healing his head, "How many of those outcomes do we succeed?"

Blackheart sighed as he replied "I saw 146 outcomes where we do manage to find a way…but we would leave behind a form of consequence. Whether that be having the Atlas authorities hunting us down, to Cordovin using the Mech on us, and even leaving behind Argus to fend for themselves when a horde of Grimm arrived and wipe out the town."

While everyone was in shock that, even though they would succeed, something bad will happen when they do. Pyrrha then said "No…that can't be…"

"No way!" Jaune shouted, "That's…That can't be all of our options!"

While Ren and Nora gave of a sad and worried look, Summer sighed sadly and asked "And…how many outcomes did you see where there are low risks?"

Blackheart rubbed his eyes, thought about it and replied "I saw…only 20."

Everyone sighed in frustration, knowing that if they choose one of the 20 outcomes that produces low risks, the chances of that happening is slime to now. Grif then said "Damn it…this is bad…"

"Tell me about it," Yang sadly said.

Ruby then looked at Blackheart and said "Please Johnny…please tell me…how many outcomes do you see where we succeed WITHOUT causing any risks."

Her only reply was him looking at her and saying nothing. Knowing what he meant, Ruby looked down sadly as Victor walked up behind her and rubbed her back gently, trying to comfort her. Everyone else knew what he meant as they were conflicted on what would be the safest choice to take to ensure a very low-risk consequence.

That is when Blackheart broke the silence as he simply said "One."

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