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Theme: Before Parenthood

Rated to T for implied mature themes.

Word Count: 3.4K

I. Brightness of My Worth (Kise Ryota x Shiraiwa Yuna)

"He is the brightest yellow – a warmth that radiates like the sun and a lover that shines even brighter."

Sunlight poured through the glass windows and into the space. Yuna's eyelids twitched before opening, greeting the bright rays of the sun. Her big sea colored eyes looked around the area as she recalled events. The walls were a soft crème, the nightstand and bookshelves were made of the finest cherry wood, and a 53 inch flat screen television hung in front of her. Her small delicate hand moved around slowly, the feel of silk sheets between her fingers before she came in contact with another hand, one that was much larger but smooth. Said hand was connected to a long muscular arm that was wrapped securely around her silk covered waist. Yuna turned slightly on her side to see Kise Ryota sleeping which made her recall the previous night. Her and Kise met up last night, talked for a while with a little alcohol drizzled on top before one thing led to another, supposedly.

That would explain the absence of her clothes underneath the sheets.

His blonde locks were disheveled with long black lashes nearly brushing the light cheeks on his handsome face while his pink lips spread into a subtle smile, his breathing so soft and steady. He looked so peaceful. Yuna smiled a bit, reaching out to gently push his hair out of his face which in turn caused the arm to tighten around her silk covered waist. This felt so right.

Yet it was so wrong.

Yuna lightly removed his arm from around her waist, which made Kise turn over to sleep on the other side of the bed. She removed the covers from her body before quickly tiptoeing across the bedroom to the master bathroom, grabbing her strewn clothes from off the floor. Once in the bathroom, Yuna got dressed pulling on the white peplum blouse and black skinny jeans from the night before. She ran her fingers through her messy waves of black hair before splashing some water on her face. She grabbed one of the towels to wipe her face with before her eyes came in contact with her reflection in the mirror. Staring at her was the same pale woman who normally knew the right answers and made good judgments.

What the hell was she doing?

The whole thing she had with Kise wasn't all rainbows and butterflies. Their agreement wasn't conventional in the slightest. The whole ordeal was just a "friends with benefits" situation, which sounded very stupid when she thought about it. Yuna deduced that she should lay off the drinks because it clouded her thought process.

Nearly two years ago, Yuna had ended a serious relationship with a college sweetheart when he moved to do a volunteer project in a lesser developed country. The distance made them grow apart which resulted in him cheating on her with one of the volunteers which sucked because she really cared for him. She was heartbroken. In walked Kise, international supermodel and basketball player whose work game was through the roof, and Yuna felt she found her perfect distraction. She wasn't ready to be in another relationship at the time and he wasn't ready to be tied down by one girl. It seemed perfect, right? Wrong. First it was just strictly sexual to release stress and tension, nothing more. But then sensual touches came into the mix…then kissing…holding…and conversation. She also found out that there were many charming qualities about Kise Ryota that she didn't think he was capable of having, especially during high school, and loved them. A year or so later, Yuna then discovered that she was screwed because she started to harbor romantic feelings for the blonde to the point where she could say she was in love with him.

It truly sucked.

How did she get to this point? No more importantly, why did she even suggest something so stupid? When was she ever this desperate? If her parents knew the full extent of her relationship, they would be so disappointed in her. She was such a fool!

Yuna poked her head out of the bedroom to see if Kise woke up. He was still asleep, much to Yuna's relief. She speedily crept across the bedroom and headed down the hall to the living room. Glancing around the area, she spotted her black peacoat lying on the matching leather sofa, right beside her clutch purse. She rummaged through the bag to find her smartphone. She would text Kise that their meet-ups were over later on when she was out of the building complex. It would be easier on her with all the complicated feelings she had for the man. Besides, their little arrangement wasn't anything serious to him. Her decision was settled…that is until two arms snaked around her waist.

Yuna tensed slightly as a chin placed itself upon her shoulder while a pointed nose lightly grazed the side outline of her jaw. Kise then kissed the curve of her neck, sending a slight shiver of pleasure through Yuna's body.

"Where are you off to so early?" Kise questioned in a low seductive tone. "I was so lonely waking up by myself."

"M-My event planners contacted me saying they needed me to come sort out some placements for my new art gallery opening. It's in two weeks." Yuna lied, well half fibbed. She did have to finish that up since it was very important for the global expansion of her business project, but two weeks would not be needed to complete it.

"Can't it wait for a little?" Kise asked while nipping her neck slightly. The man's hand caressed the side of her upper thigh, occasionally grazing her rear while his other hand tried to slowly inch its way up her shirt. "We could have more f-"

"No!" she exclaimed firmly, her outburst halting Kise's sensual coaxing. She untangled herself from his hold before stepping away with her back turned to him. "I just need to leave."

"Is everything okay, Yunacchi?" Kise asked.

"I wish I could say it was but I feel so confused and conflicted."

"Where are you going with this?" he asked concerned.

"I can't do this anymore."

"Do what anymore?"

"This! Whatever you and me have, this!" Yuna exclaimed with a crack in her voice, motioning between her and the blonde model. "I hate doing this. I feel cheap for propositioning myself in this way. I feel like a common whore!"

"You are of no such thing! Don't say that about yourself." Kise retorted, grabbing her shoulders to stare into her eyes but she wouldn't look at him. It was like a slap in the face to him.

"I thought it was no harm no foul, but things got complicated and confusing and I just want out." Yuna said stepping away from his touch. "I have to go." she ended, turning away. She felt like she would have an emotional breakdown at any moment and didn't want him to see. She walked towards the door but she was halted by a hand wrapped around her wrist.

"What do you mean by things are complicated?" Kise asked, slightly panicked.

"I don't want to talk about it." she said snatching away from his hold. She continued to try to walk away, her composure running thin. Kise gripped her upper arm to turn her around.

"Yuna." he said to her softly. He never called her by her normal name. It took her by slight surprise. "Please tell me."

"Ryota, just let me go."


"Ryota! Let me go!" Yuna shouted, finally looking at him. Tears glazed over those beautiful light colored eyes of hers. Kise was at a loss. "Please…" she finished off pathetically and Kise did as she asked. He watched as she speed walked to the door, grabbed her black pumps, and bolted out of the room not bothering to put her shoes on. He didn't know what to do.

Yuna quickly ran to the elevators. She repeatedly pressed the down arrow button until the doors slid open to reveal no one in the space. She pressed the ground level button and the doors closed. The artist had trouble controlling her breathing as the tears freely streamed down her face. She slowly slid down the side of the lift; her sobs became louder and uncontrollable. She wrapped her arms around her legs, curling into a ball as she descended from his penthouse down eighty-four floors, her heart feeling the same pain from the last break-up. Perhaps, even worse.

Two weeks later…

"Thank you for all coming out tonight. The committee greatly appreciates the contributions that you've all made to the charity organization." said the president of organizations before turning slightly. "Now, I would like to welcome the founder of the charity, Shiraiwa Yuna-san." claps ensued from the gathering as she walked over to grab the microphone. She was dressed beautifully in a vintage white cocktail dress designed with black lace and black Christian Louboutin pumps while her mane was in long silky black waves and pearls adorning her neck and wrist.

"Thank you all so much for coming out to support my charity, Paint with a Voice." Yuna smiled. "In all my twenty-three years, art has been a constant happiness in my life and got me through a lot of tough times. This charity will start an art movement for youths who have troubles in their life and use art as an outlet for expression. Your donations really help a truly splendid cause and the advancements in global recognition. Once again, thank you and enjoy the rest of the evening." she finished and everyone applauded her.

After talking with some of the most important donors, Yuna walked over to her special invited guests, Chiwa, Kuroko, Kagami, Riko, and many of the other Seirin basketball club members from her high school days. She greeted them all, most of the people getting shocked by the presence of Kuroko. They all congratulated her on the event before they slowly departed because of careers they had to get back to. All that remained was Chiwa by her side.

"You really did great job on this, Yuna." Chiwa said with a smile, hugging her best friend. "With all the donations, you should surely beat the record from the first Paint with a Voice event."

Yuna smiled. "I hope so." she said. Suddenly, she felt a little light-headed and nauseous. She had the same feeling throughout the whole event but not to this point. She had to literally will down the bile that constantly rose in her throat. "Hey, Chiwa, I don't feel really good. I'm going to head to the bathroom."

"That tuna we had still messing with your stomach?" Chiwa asked, remembering the funky tasting seafood they had at a restaurant.

"Yeah." Yuna replied unsurely before she scurried to the bathroom. Once inside, she quickly released the acidic contents from her stomach and into the toilet while trying her best to not stain her expensive dress. When everything was good, she flushed the toilet and took breaths to calm herself. Walking over to the sink, she rinsed her mouth out with water before leaning over it for a second.

"I could've held back your hair for you." said a voice that made the artist squawk out from surprise. Yuna calmed herself enough to distinguish the person as the damned Kise, dressed handsomely in a luxury smoky gray suit with a dark mustard colored dress shirt underneath it.

"Ryota…" she whispered as the man pouted.

"I'll never understand how you always notice Kurokocchi but I always scare you. I'm like one of the most sought out bachelor in the entire country!" exclaimed the vain Kise.

Yuna's temple throbbed comically. "You are such a narcissistic idiot." she grumbled before her expression sobered up. "What are you doing here, anyway?" she asked stiffly.

Kise shrugged. "You invited me, remember?" he informed. "That was a really good presentation. I'm happy for you."

"Thank you." she replied softly.

"You look very beautiful as well."

"Ryota." Yuna said warningly

Kise groaned. "Fine but are you okay, though? You still look a little ghostly." Kise said worriedly. "How did you get sick? Was it something you ate? Where did you-"

"Ryota, just stop. I'm fine so you can stop worrying about me." Yuna huffed.

"I don't think I can ever stop doing that."

"Well, try." Yuna said choking slightly as she proceeded to walk out of the bathroom but in an instant she was pinned against the wall, her heels barely touching the ground as Kise wrapped his arm around her waist while the other supported him against the wall. He just peered down into her eyes and Yuna had to force herself to look away from those beautiful golden brown eyes of his. "Ryota, let-"

"Let go? No, I don't think so. I let you go two weeks ago and you've ignored all of my 81 calls, my 64 voice mails, and my 132 text messages. You even returned the 7 bouquets of sunflowers that I sent to you which they charged me 10,000 yen for every time I re-delivered. Now, you're going to hear me out, Yunacchi!" Kise sighed in exasperation. "I suppose this is the only way to prove how much I love you."

Yuna sighed. "When I said that I didn't want to talk to you, I…" she retorted before pausing, her aqua colored eyes widening a fraction. "...wait, what?" she asked slowly.

Kise sighed. "I honestly thought you were the brains between the two of us." he said and Yuna pouted, feeling offended. "I was one-sidedly in love with you during high school but soon we parted ways, you going to college while I went into modelling and got drafted in the NBA. I thought time would change but you were still the same girl, albeit more womanly and I still fell for you all over again before this arrangement. I allowed myself to be used by you because you needed me but all of that seems to have changed now." Kise announced as he leaned in to stare her straight in the eyes. "You love me, too, don't you?" he asked with a smirk and Yuna looked away with a blush staining her cheeks. He then grasped her chin so she would face him again. "Yunacchi, do you love me?" he asked, this time lowly while grazing her lips with his finger while staring lustfully at them.

Yuna gulped before she nodded. "Yes." she said to him. "From the bottom of my heart." she admitted and Kise smiled.

"You can be so difficult sometimes." Kise said as he gave the two of them some space. "That wasn't so hard to admit, now was it? Plus I don't feel so bad about those dreams I've been having now."

"What dreams?" she asked curiously and Kise scratched his head sheepishly.

"Well, I keep having dreams of us being a family with a nice apartment in Japan or a penthouse in New York. You would be in your studio sketching a portrait of me because I begged you to draw me like one of your French girls." he explained and Yuna laughed at the Titanic quote. She had to beg him to watch it with her because he strongly resisted but now he loved it and literally cried every time. "Then we would have these beautiful children. I imagined both a boy and girl and they had delicate features. Their hair color always changed from brown to blonde to black but that's not a big deal, though." Kise shrugged but Yuna was frozen in her spot. "What's wrong?"

"Umm, Ryota, I...I was...I..." Yuna stammered wringing her hands together nervously before she took deep breaths. "I'm kind of, sort of... pregnant."

Kise's breath hitched in his throat. "You're what?!" he asked. "And what do you mean kind of, sort of?!"

"Well, for one, I've been an idiot for over a year now and allowed us to skip out on using protection a few times and I didn't take my birth control. You're also an idiot but that's really nothing new." Yuna started. "I also went to my doctor and was told I'm about 3 weeks along." she admitted to him and silence consumed the bathroom.

Kise then cleared his throat. "Well I guess this can't wait any longer now." he said and Yuna turned to him confused, ready to ask what he was getting on about, but when she saw him kneel down in front of her.

"No you aren't doing this. This can't be happening." Yuna said in shock as Kise grasped her hand.

"Yunacchi, Shiraiwa Yuna, will you marry me?" Kise asked with hopefulness in his tone.

"Why are you doing this here?!"

"You just dropped an atomic truth bomb on me and this just pushed what I was going to do a few months later to now." Kise smiled sincerely. "I also have my morals, believe it or not."

"Are you sure?" Yuna asked and Kise sighed exasperatedly.

"Can you just say yes already? You're killing me here."

Yuna giggled softly. "I just don't want to be the one forcing you into this." she informed. "Yes." she answered and Kise slipped the ring -a 5kt gold, princess cut, diamond ring- which was a little too big for her finger but they could always get it resized. She marveled at the ring before Kise grasped her face gently with both hands, grazing her cheeks with the pads of his thumb. He slowly leaned in to kiss her but...

"I just realized I was proposed to in a bathroom. This can't be it right." Yuna asked. She was not only an artist who like pretty things but also a woman who liked a grand gesture once in a while with violins and filet mignon. The bathroom was none of that. Kise chuckled.

"I'll fix that later." he promised before he leaned in again but this time Yuna placed a hand to his mouth.

"I just threw up like 15 minutes ago! That's gross." Yuna informed and Kise groaned.

"You sure do know how to kill the mood." he inquired as he rummaged through his pocket to pull out a mint case, picking one up and plopping it in her mouth. "Besides, I've kissed you when you had morning breath and that's true love." he teased. "I'm surprised my mouth didn't burn off."

Yuna gasped. "Well, maybe your mouth falling off wouldn't be such a bad thing." she glared. "You marshmallow-"

"Marshmallow faced punk? Yeah, I know, and you're stuck with me." Kise said. "Now shut up and let me finish what I started." he commanded and Yuna giggled slightly before Kise captured her lips in a loving kiss. She wrapped her arms around his neck and he lifted her off of the ground by her waist, both smiling into the kiss.

"Well, I can see that you're okay now." Yuna and Kise stopped kissing but didn't untangle their holds on each other as they stared at Chiwa who had her arms crossed. The famous dancer stared at the couple curiously before she noticed the huge rock on her friend's finger. Chiwa sputtered a little before she pointed at the two newly engaged young adults. "We will discuss this later." she said as she closed the door but not before they heard her grumble "Kasamatsu Yukio, you bastard" under her breath. Yuna knew that Chiwa felt some type of way about being in a committed relationship with the former Kaijo team captain for over five years yet everyone else was getting married out of nowhere. Poor Chiwa but even more so, poor Kasamatsu. His ear was going to burn off from that scolding.

"I hope senpai will be okay." Kise said a little worried. "Maeda-san's rage is pretty scary."

"Yeah, me too. But I'm a pregnant woman so I can't interfere."

Kise laughed. "That's such a cop out!"

"No, it's called being smart." Yuna rolled her eyes and the blonde laughed harder. She then grasped his face and smiled. "I'm just happy that we're okay."

"Absolutely." he said, leaning his forehead against hers. "More than you know."

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