Hey, I'm here with my second one-shot featuring Yuna and her "carrot cake" (you'll have to read the latest chapter of my main story to understand).

Theme: Before Parenthood

Rated T for implied mature material (it was almost Rated M but...I'm a noob *cries in a corner*)

Word Count: 3.5k

II. Destined, Desired (Midorima Shintaro x Shiraiwa Yuna)

"Though, over-cautious, predictable, and indifferent, my selfish, know-it-all green can be quite nurturing, kind, and rather spontaneous when he wants to be."

Breathing rate? Stable.

Oxygen levels? Controlled.

Blood pressure? Normal.

Midorima went through the charts, checking them once then twice, before he closed the folder. He then looked towards the patient lying in the bed hooked up to various machines and monitors, giving them a small smile. "Your charts indicate that everything is going well, Yamada-san. Your recovery is going just as planned." he informed the female. "You're coughing and breathing normally and your new heart seems to not be denying the new environment."

The woman sighed. "Thank goodness."

"I'm going to move you out of the ICU and into a post-surgical unit to begin your physical therapy." Midorima added. "The scariest part seems to be over now it's time to get back to normalcy."

Yamada nodded, smile on her face. "Thank you so much, Midorima-hakase!" she told the man and he nodded before exiting, a nurse following in right after him to finish up the rest. He sighed in content as he stepped further away from the patient's room.

He had just finished his residency at Tokyo Medical and passed the killer licensing exam and, at the tender age of 26, he was now a rising cardiovascular surgeon in Tokyo. He had done multiple transplant surgeries, like Yamada's, and succeeded in each one. He thanked fate for such. The great Oha Asa never let him down. Cancers were number one today and would experience the most fortune in the workplace and love life. He wasn't sure about the love life part but the workplace was going fantastic. His lucky item was, conveniently enough, a stethoscope and since he didn't go pro with basketball and worked in a hospital it was rather weird for him to tape his fingers since he wasn't a shooting guard anymore. So, he opted to carry around boxes of gloves. Not just any gloves, they were pale green and weren't easy to find in a blue, white and clear glove world but he searched tooth and nail for them and succeeded. Green was his lucky color and he continued to stand by that belief.

He had to do four heart transplants and check the progress of a few older patients that day, a record for any one doctor and especially a new one, all went exceedingly well. It was a hectic and long day but the end result was success and that's all that mattered. Now all he wanted to do was go home.

Midorima walked to the locker room and changed out of his dark green hospital scrubs and into the mint dress shirt and black slacks he came in, folding his lab coat neatly and placing it into his bag. When he was settled and packed, Midorima walked out of the locker room just as a nurse, Nurse Tsuchiya, walked up the hall.

"Ah, Midorima-san, have a nice evening!" she said in a very off putting friendliness, resembling a fangirl of a boy band. Tsuchiya's presence made him internally uncomfortable. It was known throughout the workplace that she harbored feelings for him and he didn't feel that way in the slightest. Plus he was a taken man and the silver band around his finger was proof of such.

"You as well." he responded, blandly and curtly, brushing past her. She was about seven years too late.

After a moderate length subway ride, Midorima finally made it to the apartment complex that he lived in. He ventured up to the eighth floor and punched in the code to his unit and opened the door. "Tadaima." he said lowly to no one in particular. As he slipped off his shoes and walked further into the room only to get a true surprise.

Lying on the sofa was Yuna, his fiancé, sleeping away. She had gone on an art venture out of the country and wasn't supposed to be back for three more days. His eyes then traveled to the coffee table which had cans of chilled red bean soup in a grocery bag. He smiled genuinely before he went to the bathroom to wash a long day's worth of stress off of him, went to their shared bedroom and changed into his lounging attire, a simple shirt and jogging pants. He came back to the living room and saw Yuna was still asleep so he lifted her up into his arms, carrying her to the bedroom. Sleeping on the firm couch was not good for the body and would cause a lot of pain in the morning. Trust him, he's a doctor.

She stirred a little in his embrace before her eyes opened slightly and she peered up at him. "Shinta-chan..." she said tiredly. Midorima glanced at her giving a soft grunt and she smiled before snuggling further into his chest. They finally made it to the bedroom and he gently sat her down on the bed. She rubbed the sleep out of her eyes, enough so she could change into her pajamas. Midorima got in the bed and pulled out his book titled Fate and Fortune, which he had bookmarked in the middle. About ten pages forward, the book was plucked out of his hands as Yuna tossed it on the nightstand and wrapped her arms around his neck while straddling his lap. The former shooting guard looked at her curiously before she kissed him on the lips, slowly and sensually. Midorima squeezed the side of her thigh, reciprocating wholeheartedly, before Yuna pulled back and smiled at him lovingly. "Well, hello, my gorgeous doctor. How was your day?" she asked.

"Eventful..." he started. "...but equally successful."

"That's great!" Yuna smiled and Midorima nodded.

"I thought you weren't supposed to be back until the end of the week."

"We decided to end the project a little early." Yuna shrugged before smirking at him slyly. "Why? Did you want more time to hang with your girlfriend?"

"Your humor does not appeal to me." Midorima frowned. As a future husband, he felt that he should be able to tell his future wife everything because he believed marital unions should be based on honesty so he told her about his Tsuchiya situation, which he was beginning to regret since Yuna always teased him about it. It showed that she trusted him completely but at the expense of him feeling embarrassed.

Yuna snickered. "Nanodayo." she said lowly as a way to imitate him and he attacked her side, knowing that she was ticklish. She squealed out in laughter. "Okay, I'm sorry!" she apologized and he stopped. Yuna, after calming her laughter, wrapped her arms around his neck as her fingers played with his hair. "So, I saw that Cancers had a really good day according to Oha Asa and I was hoping we could play chess..." she trailed off, her hands traveling down to his shirt as she toyed with the hem. Midorima gently yet reluctantly pulled away from her kiss and rubbed her knuckles, staring face to face with a confused Yuna.

"I would be up for playing...chess, but today was a very long day." Midorima answered. "Plus today Sagittarius' are last place."

"Yeah, I see that." she pouted with an eye roll. "I came all the way from frozen hell Oymyakon for this?! What's the point of helping mentally ill patients and foster children if I get no chess match?! I want my own little chess pieces one day!"

"I had to do four surgeries today, one of which involved an infant that almost had complete organ failure." he explained and Yuna blinked.

"...Fine. You win." the artist sighed in defeat before kissing her fiancé once more. She then went over to her side of the bed and rummaged through her bag, pulling out an IPad and scrolling through it while she lay in bed. Midorima stared at her for a moment before he took off his glasses to place them on the nightstand. He then plucked her IPad out of her hand and sat it down, Yuna staring at him curiously. He leaned down and kissed her, his motions chaste and sweet. Despite his towering and somewhat intimidating stature, this was how he chose to initiate his kisses. It was always Yuna to spice it up since he was so safe, cautious and an overall awkward carrot. Yes, in this relationship, her tiny 164cm (5'3) form most certainly topped and dominated the 195cm (6'5) giant. But he was also her giant teddy bear who was a surprisingly good cuddle buddy, which they ended up doing as the hours passed by into the night. "So, is anything super hectic supposed to happen tomorrow?" she asked, rubbing the arm that was sprawled across her waist.

"No, just some regular post-operation check-ups and one minor surgery." Midorima breathed, sleep slowly consuming him.

"So you'll be home at the normal time?"

"Yes, why?"

"I'm going to make dinner since we don't really eat together that much anymore." Yuna explained and he nodded. She was a lover of food and knew her way around the kitchen. "It'll be great since I have to fly to Germany then the Philippines starting the day after tomorrow." she added and Midorima lifted his head up slightly.

"You're leaving again?"

"Yeah, I have buyers there." she explained and the green haired male sighed.

"You're going to wear yourself out. Make sure you take proper care of yourself." he warned, knowing how she was, and the artist turned to give him a reassuring smile, cupping his cheek.

"Don't worry, love. I've got it all under control."

Umm, okay, so...

When your cardiac surgeon fiancé tells you to take care of yourself properly, one shouldn't brush that warning off so easily.

Yuna couldn't help but sigh as she lay in the hospital bed attached to needles and monitors. Dehydration. That was her downfall. She didn't drink enough fluids throughout her country hopping adventures and it finally caught up to her as soon as she landed back in Tokyo. Luckily, Chiwa was around when she felt faint and rushed her to the hospital and was told by the emergency specialist that her blood pressure was really low. Now she had to stay overnight to make sure everything was okay but unfortunately for her, the closest hospital was the one her future husband worked in. Yay! Not. The only saving grace from the big fat "I told you so" from him was that she was in the general care unit as opposed to the cardiology department so it was virtually impossible for him to see her. Plus Oha Asa said Sagittarius' were second place that day so they could atleast bestow that good fortune upon her but considering her predicament right now…

"Hey, Yuna, I just got a text from Kazunari. He said the studio is getting pretty hectic so I need to head back. Are you going to be okay?" Chiwa asked her long time best friend as she closed the text from her boyfriend.

"Yeah, you go ahead. I'll be fine." Yuna told the woman in confidence. "I'm sorry you had to drag me here."

Chiwa smiled. "Nonsense." she said before leaning over to hug the artist. "Don't do anything crazy."

"Umm, I'm pretty much handcuffed right now." Yuna blinked while holding up her tape and needle covered arm which made Chiwa laugh.

"True but try and get some rest, okay?"

Yuna smiled. "Gotcha." she said before releasing a yawn and as soon as the dancer left, she drifted off to sleep.


Yuna's eyelids twitched and slowly fluttered open before quickly closing. For the love of God, why?! Flipping through page after page of her documentation, examining every little detail and engraving it into his brain, was Midorima. Why him of all people?!

Oha Asa wasn't shit!

Soon she heard him place the binder by the door before walking over to her bedside, judging from how there was a dip in the bed. She soon felt his hands place themselves on the bed, by both sides of her head, and felt him lean in judging by his breath that fanned her face. She thought it would be a bold Sleeping Beauty scenario coming from her fiancé. Oh, how wrong she was.

"Yuna, wake up!" he ordered and the artist flinched. "Your breathing suddenly quickened so you already gave yourself away." Damnit!

Yuna's eyes fluttered open as she smiled innocently. "Hi, honey! How are you, my Shinta-chan~!" she greeted with major sweetness in her tone. Midorima's temple pulsated in a comical fashion.

"Yuna, why are you here?" he asked lowly.

"Umm, oh you know, just hanging out!" Yuna responded with a nervous laugh but squeaked when Midorima's face got closer to hers, his expression showing that he was not in the mood for her jokes.

"Don't test me, Yuna. You're hooked up to monitors because you got dehydrated and didn't take care of yourself, like I told you to!" the doctor scolded his voice rising slightly after every word as he paced the room. "Do you know how...how scared I was when everyone told me that my fiancé was lying in one of these beds? Do you?"

Yuna winced, feeling really bad. "I'm sorry." she apologized softly.

"I don't even understand why you feel the need to work so often and put yourself through this when you can afford to relax." Midorima said. "Why?"

"Because I'm...bored." Yuna explained honestly.

Midorima blinked. "You were bored?"

Yuna sighed. "I hate sitting around the apartment by myself while you're away at work. I can't bother Chiwa or Kazunari since I don't want to feel like a third wheel on their date, Tsu-chan is busy with his children's charity, Taiga and Ryota-kun are overseas, my brothers and sisters are doing their thing and I'm just sitting around twiddling my thumbs hoping that you're not too busy and we can spend time together!" she explained and along the way got more emotional. Midorima just stared at her in shock. "I love that you're so passionate about medicine and I've stood by your side as you studied day in and day out to be a surgeon. I love you even with all of your strange obsessions with fate but it's frustrating how that interferes with us spending time together which is already limited. I love you and admire you but sometimes I feel like...this isn't for me."

Midorima's heart stopped for a moment at her statement. He walked over and sat on the bed. "W-What are you saying?" he asked as he sat on the side of her bed, grasping her hand as she looked down.


"Yuna, you aren't saying what I think. You can't be." he said, panicked by her insinuation. Yuna then looked up at him.

"I don't know what I'm saying anymore. I'm just really tired and...I can't think straight."

"No, that was your heart speaking and..."

"Shintaro, just drop it, okay? Go home and get some rest and I'll see you tomorrow. Okay?" Yuna said softly before she got out of the bed and made her way to the bathroom, leaving a stunned Midorima. She didn't mean for it to come out like that, like she contemplated dropping their engagement with five months left until the wedding, but she felt that loneliness. It was to be expected with his profession and she was patient but she had to also wait for him to have good luck and she just wanted unpredictability, wanted him to do something more outgoing or sensual. Yuna sighed thinking she was just wanting too much but she couldn't help it since her friends were always surprised and wooed by their significant other. She just wanted that from the ever so safe Midorima, even if just once.

Soon she finally exited out of the bathroom, expecting to see an empty room but there laid Midorima wearing his sleep attire in one of the spare mobile beds that they gave family members who stayed overnight with patients.

"Shinta-chan?" Yuna called out and the green haired male looked up at her.

"I'm not going back to the apartment since you're here. I also took the week off from work and booked reservations to that new foreign restaurant you go on and on about." Midorima informed and Yuna was surprised. He then turned to stare at her seriously, his green eyes conveying his resolve. "You've been with me for over 8 years, Shiraiwa Yuna, and you will not give up with five months left. You will be Midorima Yuna towards the end of the year."

Yuna chortled before smiling softly. "Is that so?"

"That was so amazing!" Yuna gushed as she entered the apartment, taking off the white heels she adorned in the process, followed by Midorima. They had just finished eating at the fancy restaurant and it was perfect. From the suave decor to the soothing live piano and violin music to the tender cuts of sirloin to the handsome green haired doctor that sat across from her, everything was perfect! But the best thing was just spending time with her future hubby. She turned around to see the male taking off his coat and putting it in the closet. "Did you enjoy it?"

"The service and meal weren't bad so I have no complaints." he responded in way suited for Midorima. "As long as you enjoyed it, that's all that matters." he added.

"That's not necessarily true but you're sweet." Yuna smiled as she took off her coat to reveal her pale green and white polka dotted dress. Midorima took the coat from her hands to hang it up for her as she ventured to the bedroom. Standing in front of her vanity mirror, Yuna began removing her emerald jewelry and placed it in her jewelry box. She stared adoringly at the engagement ring on her finger, a square cut emerald jewel with a silver band, before putting it safely in its box. As soon as she closed the jewelry box, she felt large hands place themselves on her shoulders before gently running down her arms, grazing ever so gently. Midorima then slowly kissed her shoulders, as they stared at each other through the mirror before he moved to kiss the crook of her neck, Yuna titling her neck so he could continue. Soon he grabbed the clip from her hair to let the long wavy raven tresses fall over her shoulder. He then unzipped the back of her dress slowly to avoid any snags before he slowly removed her straps and the dress fell to the hardwood floor. Yuna had on white undergarments laced with jade trim while her flawless milky skin covered feminine curves, shapely thighs, and plump rear. She was his physical goddess, a perfectly molded beauty and she was his. He turned her around and captured her lips in a hungry kiss and kissed his way down to her collarbone to the valley of her breasts to her ribs before stopping at her navel. Midorima wrapped his arms around her hips while resting his face against her stomach.

"I love you, Yuna." Midorima told her softly. "I'm sorry I don't act like someone you would want to spend the rest of your life with or that I don't tell you that enough but I really do. From the bottom of my heart I love you." he admitted and the artists ran her fingers through his soft hair.

"I love you, too, and it's okay. Even though you've matured a lot since high school, you're still the same awkward carrot cake I loved teasing back then." she chuckled and Midorima looked up at her, still slightly annoyed by the nickname after all these years. Yuna leaned down to kiss him and soon he stood up, lifting Yuna in the process as she wrapped her legs around his waist. She stopped and leaned her forehead against his with a smile on her face. "I love you flaws and all, Shintaro, and I'm not going anywhere before I become a Midorima. Plus, if I did, that would make things too easy for your girlfriend, Tsuchiya-san." she joked and the former shooting guard frowned.

"Your humor does not appeal to me." he told her.

"Nanodayo." Yuna imitated him and she squealed in laughter as he threw her on the bed, removing his clothing.

And so, ladies and gentlemen, Midorima Shintaro got down to business.

Unbeknownst to the fact that fate planted them a little gift, nine months in the making.

Just in case people didn't know. Chess match refers to sex and chess pieces are the product of sex, children. And they are playing on the board of life *poetic snaps from the noob*. I decided to be weird since Midorima is weird (to me atleast and he likes chess ;-) ohoho).

So there you go. I thought it was still kind of cute. I went into Rated M territory but it sounded so bad (in my opinion, omg!) and I'm not confident enough to post it for you guys. So yeah, I hope you enjoyed. The next should be with Aomine but it could be with Akashi...or Murasakibara or someone else. I don't even know yet. So keep a look out and until next time, bye~!