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My Date With the Nobleman's Daughter (for lack of a better name)

Chapter One- Do I have to?

Inu Yasha strutted lazily down his mansion's staircase. He had nothing better to do that day then to just walk. He passed servants and maids in the hallways, each slightly bowing and saying 'Lord Inu Yasha' as he went by. He heard a commotion in one of the many lesser dining rooms.

"I don't know what your talking about." Inu Yasha heard the priest say. The priest was actually Miroku, and Inu Yasha's best friend.

"Hentai! You know perfectly well what I am talking about!" The other voice belonged to Sango, the woman who hunted demons for Inu Yasha's family.

Inu Yasha sighed, and decided that he would stop this before it went any further. He didn't need the head monk getting hurt today. Pushing open the doors, the half demon walked in. "Miroku, give it up."

"Lord Inu Yasha!" Sango blushed. She was embarrassed that her lord had caught her being groped by the head monk.

"Stop calling me lord. Really. It makes me sound old." Miroku snorted at Inu Yasha's comment.

"Well LORD Inu Yasha," Miroku said sarcastically, "shouldn't you be getting ready for tonight? Or did your OLD brain forget?" He dodged Inu Yasha's clawed hand.

Inu Yasha wasn't really trying to hurt the stupid monk, just scare him a little. Then he paused. "Wait, what IS tonight?"

Sango rolled her eyes, then blushed as she remembered who she had rolled them at. "Lord Inu Yasha, your date with the Higurashi family's daughter. Don't you remember? Your father set the date up for tonight."

Reality struck Inu Yasha light a lightning bolt. Two weeks ago, his father had planned this date. Lord Higurashi, Lord Tetsusaiga's (hehe, I couldn't think of a better last name for Inu Yasha) friend, and fellow Noble, had a daughter that was almost 15. Higurashi wanted Inu Yasha to take his daughter out, in hopes that they would fall in love, get married and give him an heir. Inu Yasha thought that this was very stupid actually. Like he was going to fall for some girl who was probably ditzy and annoying. He sighed. The date was inevitable. His father had promised that Inu Yasha would take out the Higurashi girl, and that was the end of that.

Inu Yasha returned to reality, and groaned. "Man, why did that have to be tonight?" he whined. "All Noblemen's daughters are whiny, and stupid, and girly, and weak, and pathetic, and hopelessly annoying!" Inu Yasha went on and on.

"Oh shut up." Sango was surprised by her outburst. Inu Yasha looked stunned. No one had ever said that to him (besides his family and Miroku) So, Inu Yasha shut up. "Now, go get ready for your date. The poor Higurashi girl... what was her name? Kagome? Yes, it was Kagome. She's probably as nervous as anything, and hopefully she isn't AS bad as most of them are." Sango found herself pushing Inu Yasha towards the door.

Inu Yasha nodded dumbly and went to get ready for his date tonight. That's when he heard Sango gasp. "What am I doing?" She asked aloud. "I'm leaving myself alone with MIROKU! Inu Yasha! Wait! Don't go!" She sounded desperate. Inu Yasha sniggered, and ran away from the scene, leaving Sango and Miroku (who had a mischievous grin planted on his face) alone. As Inu Yasha walked, he heard a gasp and something heavy fall to the floor. He shook his head sadly, and continued walking.


He was purposefully avoiding his room, and he knew it. He knew that if he went to his room, there would be people waiting to get him ready for his 'date'. As he walked the prospect of the date became less and less appealing. He REALLY didn't want to spend his evening with a spoiled brat who cared for nothing more than her looks, his looks, and money. And what if she decided that she liked him? What then? She would hang around him, just like that Kikyo girl did. He shuddered at the thought.

Kikyo Shikon. She was also a Noble. He had been set up on a date with her the same way he had been with... what was her name? Kagome. But Kikyo had decided that she wanted Inu Yasha as a husband, for his good looks and his wealth. When she had found out that he didn't return her desire, she had pouted, and whined, and cried (which had almost broken his resolve) until she couldn't pout/whine/cry anymore. That's when she had started hanging around his mansion, following him, flirting with him wherever he went. It had gone on for about 2 months now, and even Lord Tetsusaiga was getting sick of her.

'You would think he'd have learned his lesson,' Inu Yasha mused. What if Kagome Higurashi turned out the same way? He sure hoped not. Hopefully she would be one of those girls who could take no for an answer.

"Inu Yasha!" He heard his father cry from down the hallway. "Inu Yasha! Where are you going and why are you not ready for your date tonight?"

"Umm... well, I don't really want to go and..."

"You don't want to go? Why in heavens name not?" Lord Tetsusaiga bellowed. He was a full demon, and he bellowed a lot.

"I don't really LIKE noble women, father. They annoy me." Inu Yasha had finally told his father the truth. To his amazement, Lord Tetsusaiga laughed. Long and hard.

"My dear boy, EVERYONE likes noblewomen!" His father explained.

"Father. Do I have to go?" Inu Yasha asked in a whiney voice (which usually got him out of everything, only on some special occasions had the whiney voice not worked) This happened to be a special occasion.

"Yes, you do. Now go to your room and get ready." Inu Yasha stalked off in the direction of his room. "Not liking noblewomen indeed!" Lord Tetsusaiga mused to himself.


Miroku knocked on Inu Yasha's door. It opened, and he found his demon friend alone in the room. The servants had done as good of a job as they could in dressing him formally. What Inu Yasha actually wore, was a black version of his usual clothing. 'At least it isn't the blood red,' Miroku thought to himself. 'Or the pink.' At that he laughed a little to himself and stepped into the room. That's when he noticed Inu Yasha pacing.

"What's wrong?" Miroku asked his usually calm friend.

"What's wrong? WHAT'S WRONG?" Inu Yasha roared. "I'm being forced to go out with some snobby daughter of a noble, and I DO NOT LIKE DATES!" Inu Yasha tried pulling his hair out of the tie it was in. He never liked his hair being tied back.

Miroku stopped the demon from pulling the tie out. "Look, I'll help you."


Miroku looked around, and found two golden rings sitting on Inu Yasha's table. He picked them up, set them on the bed, and waved his staff over them, chanting something. When he was done, he grinned at his work and handed one of the rings to Inu Yasha. "There. Wear this all night, and we will be able to talk. I will guide you through the date. All you have to do is listen to me, and try not to make it obvious if you talk back into the ring. Your not very good at being secretive." Inu Yasha grumbled, but put the ring on anyway. "First of all, you need to give the girl flowers."

"FLOWERS! WHY?" Inu Yasha yelled at the monk.

"Because I said so. Remember, you MUST listen to me." Inu Yasha grumbled again, but agreed to get the girl flowers. "Good, also, you must..." Miroku's voice trailed off as he went into deep conversation with Inu Yasha.


Sango leaned against the wall, just around the corner from Inu Yasha's room. She felt bad for Kagome Higurashi if Miroku was directing Inu Yasha. Who knew what perverted thing the monk would say? She HAD to make sure this thing worked, not only for the girl (who she sympathized with) but also for Inu Yasha. He needed a woman to tie him down, and give the estate heirs. Then she had an idea. An idea that she didn't quite like, but it seemed the only way to make sure it went right.

"Oh Mirookuuuuuuu!!!!!" She called down the hallway in a seductive voice. The monk heard, and left Inu Yasha, to come running to Sango. "Now dear Miroku," She purred, "Do you know what I've always wanted? A ring. And I just ADORE that one on your finger! May I have it?" She hung onto his arm, and gave him puppy dog eyes.

Miroku felt his senses go wild. He almost slipped the ring off his finger. 'Wait!' His brain yelled. 'She NEVER acts like this! And why would she want THIS plain ring?' He asked her what his mind had asked him. She had no answer. "Aha! I knew it! You wanted this ring so that YOU could talk to Inu Yasha!" Miroku pointed a finger at her triumphantly.

Sango lowered her head, and then raised it. "Wouldn't it be better if you were seeing the date, so you would know what's going on?" She asked. "And I would like to go out tonight..."

Miroku didn't see anything wrong with helping Inu Yasha AND take out Sango at the same time, so he obliged, and told her that he would take her on a date. 'Sucker.' Sango thought to herself as she clung to Miroku's arm. She tilted her head down so that he could not see her laugh. 'Total and complete fool.' Sango had the man wrapped around her little finger... almost. If she had him completely wrapped, then he would have given her the ring. Someday, she would have him completely wrapped around her finger. Until then, half wrapped would do.


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