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Chapter 12- I do

"A double wedding!" Sango squealed after Kagome told her the news.

"I know! I'm so excited! I cannot believe Miroku asked you!" Kagome and Sango were in Sango's room, like they usually were. Kagome was playing with Sango's hair. Sango was sitting at the vanity admiring her ring.


"We must be the two luckiest men in the world," Miroku commented.

Inu Yasha was walking next to him, "Well, I'm lucky. I wouldn't want to be you on Sango and your wedding night."

"That's what I told her. Cause I tried to kiss her after I proposed and she slapped me. I hope she gets over her little thing by the wedding night."

Inu Yasha laughed. "Maybe me and Kagome will come spy on you if we hear that everything's not going to well."

"Maybe if things don't go well, I'll come spy on you and Kagome..."

"NO YOU WILL NOT!" Inu Yasha roared and swiped at the monk, who dodged it.

"Well, if things go right, I wont spy." Miroku gave a lecherous grin.


Miroku laughed at his friend. "You're so easy to upset."

"That's it, your dead!"

Miroku screamed as the demon started chasing him down the hallway.


Sango and Kagome stopped what they were doing as they heard a scream go by their door. It slowly faded out. The two girls looked at each other.

"Miroku?" Kagome asked.

"Miroku." Sango nodded, wondering why the hell her fiancée was running down hallways and screaming. "Probably Inu Yasha."


The two continued with what they were doing. "Wonder what happened." Sango didn't look up from admiring her ring.

"Miroku probably said something lecherous about me." Kagome started to put Sango's hair up.

"We know them so well."

"We do."


"Truce?" Asked a breathless Miroku, who was backed up against a wall in a dead end hallway.

"I don't know..." Inu Yasha flexed his claws.

"I wont spy on you!" Miroku really believed that his friend would hurt him.

"Good." Inu Yasha smirked. 'But I better make sure that everything WILL go right on their wedding night, just in case.' He thought to himself.


"A week." Kagome sighed. She sat in Inu Yasha's arms, looking out a huge bay window at the sunset.

"Until we're married." Inu Yasha finished her sentence.

"This reminds me of our first date." She waved her hand at the sunset. "It was our first date, and the first time you told me I was beautiful."

"You heard that?" He asked, slightly amused.

"You're not the only one with good hearing."

"Kagome, I need a favor. Can you make sure Sango isn't going to hurt Miroku on their wedding night?"

"Why do you care?" Kagome asked.

"Well, if everything DOESN'T go well, Miroku might spy on us... ya know... on our wedding night..."

"OH!" Kagome stood up. "I'll go talk to Sango right now."

"Wait! I didn't mean now!" Inu Yasha slumped back against the wall as Kagome left.



"You're beautiful!" Lady Higurashi sighed, looking at her daughter.

Kagome and Sango were both wearing long, white, fancy dresses. There were many servants bustling around in the room, pinning, sewing, and making final adjustments on the wedding dresses.

"I'm so nervous." Sango whispered to Kagome.

"Me too. But I'm marrying Inu Yasha. What could be wrong?"

"Well I'm marrying MIROKU. The HENTAI." Sango sighed. "Why did it have to be him that I fell in love with?"

Kagome giggled, and Sango joined her. They started to have a giggling fit, and their nervousness wasn't helping.

"Girls hold still." Lady Higurashi commanded.

"Hehehe, sorry mom!"


"I'm marrying Sango in an hour." Miroku looked off into space. "A dream come true. Do you know how long I waited to ask her to marry me?"

"No Miroku, please enlighten me." Inu Yasha rolled his eyes. Miroku had been going on like this for the past hour or so.

"Two years. Two years I was in love with her. And she didn't even know."

"That's because she thought you were a hentai. Duh." Inu Yasha was really getting fed up with the guy. The only thing that kept him from murdering Miroku was that he couldn't have the wedding without him.

"Well, I'm marrying her now!"

"No way..."


Lady Red: Now, I COULD go on and on about the wedding, but if you've ever been to a wedding, you'll know how BORING they can get. Well this wedding is twice as long, so its gonna be doubly boring to read about. So, I'm here to fill in the blank time while they go through all the boring crap. Ah, finally, we reached the good part!


"I do." Kagome said, and glanced over at Inu Yasha, who was smiling at her.

"Then I now pronounce you demon and wife." The priest turned to Sango and Miroku.


"I do." Sango said, just a little hesitantly.

"Then I now pronounce you... hey, who wrote this? I now pronounce you pervert and wife? What the..." The priest looked around, confused.

"Inu... Yasha..." Miroku growled, and looked at his friend. Inu Yasha looked innocently away.

"I cant believe you!" Kagome threw her hands up.

"Can you just get on with this?" Sango asked.

Miroku grinned, "You really wanna get to the wedding night, don't you?"

"I now pronounce you... man and wife." The priest said. "You may now kiss the brides."

"I get to kiss both of them?" Miroku asked.

"No..." The priest rubbed his temples, trying to ward off a headache. "I am NEVER doing a marriage thing for a demon wedding again."

Inu Yasha dipped Kagome down, and kissed her fiercely. The crowed Ohhed, and Ahhed. Miroku did the same with Sango, who didn't hit him.


Kagome walked out of the bathroom that was attached to Inu Yasha's room. She was wearing nothing, and Inu Yasha stared at her. She giggled.

"Well, it's night time..." She sat down next to him on their bed.

"That's right, it is." Inu Yasha smirked before kissing her passionately. He grabbed her shoulders, and pushed her back on the bed.


Inu Yasha: Who the hell are you?

Kagome: and what are you doing in our room?

Lady Red: I happen to be the author. Now, stop this before I have to fire you both!

Inu Yasha: Wait, so I DON'T get to...

Lady Red: NO! PG-13, not R, not NC-17!

Kagome: why don't you just go to Sango and Miroku, or blank the screen out?

Lady Red: Hmm... good idea. Ok, carry on.


"Sango... would you come out already?" Miroku asked impatiently.

Sango stepped out of the changing room in her bathrobe. Miroku rolled his eyes, and walked up to her. "We're never going to get anywhere with THAT on you." So he pulled it off.

Sango had to resist the urge to hit him. Hard. "You're pushing it, monk." She said warningly.

He just laughed. "I'm your husband, remember?"

"Of course!" Sango started to giggle. Then, she decided.

Miroku yelled as he was pushed onto the bed by his new wife. She leapt on too, and started kissing him. He laughed and...

*screen goes black, and all sound is wiped out*

Lady Red: Man, cant ONE of the couples not do that? Now I don't have anything to show the viewers. Damn PG-13 rating. I guess I COULD change it, but so many underage people are reading this. *shakes head* Well, I guess I must entertain you!

*Lady Red starts dancing around to weird 80's music*


*A couple hours go by*

Kagome and Inu Yasha lay in their bed, silken sheets covering their bodies. Kagome was asleep, but Inu Yasha was still awake.

"My Kagome..." He whispered softly. She snuggled closer to him. "This is how everything should be." He smiled contentedly and rested his head back against the pillow.


Sango and Miroku both lay sleeping. They both had contented smiles on their faces. Sango sighed in her sleep and moved closer to her husband. Everything was perfect.


Kouga walked in a back ally. He had escaped his family's wrath, for now. He was plotting a way to get Kagome, when he bumped into a crying woman.

"Are you ok?" he asked, and the girl looked up. She looked similar to Kagome.

"I am now." She gave Kouga a smile, and the two walked away into the night.


There, that last part was for any Kouga or Kikyo fans, and for anyone who wanted to know what happened to them. Well, that's the end of this story! Oh man... its over... what am I going to do with my free time now? *sniff sniff* Maybe start another fic... *evil grin* hehehe... I'm getting ideas... Well, till next time!

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