Guide to caring for a raptor
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Dedicated to: People who always wanted a velociraptor as a pet

Biosyn's Guide to caring for a Velociraptor

So you want to become the proud owner of a Velociraptor; well there are certain things that you must keep in mind when caring for your newfound pet - things that the InGen Company sadly did not take into account when they set out to create their own animals - thus causing immense problems for their employees and for their guests.

Believe it or not folks caring for a raptor let along any dinosaur is like taking care of a cat, with the right amount of patience and know how you can tame them all - provided of course that you have a life insurance policy and aren't a "bloodsucking lawyer"

1. Start out early and raise the animal from birth, this ensures that the animal will come look to you as a parental figure and will not try to turn you into a meal later on.

2. Treat you're pet with the utmost respect - this one is very important because treating any animal (let alone a wild animal or one from the past) with respect is a large part of being a responsible pet owner.

3. Feed him or her regularly - giving it goats' milk for when it is still in infancy is recommended. Later on when they need a more meat based diet you can use various thoroughly checked and cleaned meats later on (check very carefully in order to make sure that you have not accidentally fed it a bad batch of meat filled with prions which can cause things like Mad Cow disease, or the disease known as DX)

4. Carefully groom and maintain your pet's health - without trying to harm it intentionally or otherwise (remember it is a living creature) - this is also important for the animal's survival

5. Play games with the animal such as fetch or perhaps a game with the door handles (they do after all love solving complex problems)

6. Give him or her treats if they do something that pleases you like say a candy bar or other sugary based food (this ensures that they will in fact come to expect treats from you whenever they are good)

7.Ensure that the animal gets a daily dosage of lysine (per day) so that it won't go into shock and die

8. Keep plenty of stuffed toys nearby in order to give your raptor another outlet for its nature.

9. And finally - do not act like some scientist and vie the animal as if it is nothing more then another test tube based subject (you wouldn't believe how a Velociraptor can pick up on something like that) also don't act like some know it all chaos theory mathematician who never has anything good to say.

Keeping these things in mind you too can become the proud owner of one of the smartest dinosaurs that is known to exist and remember to always be a responsible pet owner and never do something stupid like a certain hunter who tried to out trick the alpha female.

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