Guide to Caring for a Pterosaur
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Pterosaurs; one of the most versatile reptiles known to man, with wing flaps that remind one of bats or other animals that glide rather then actually fly, and most defiantly a challenge for the enthusiastic pet owner. With a fiercely territorial temperament they can be considered to be quite dangerous yet if handled correctly (like every other dinosaur we're selling) they can prove to be a very enjoyable and agreeable pet.

1. Keep plenty of fish around - that is after all what a pterosaur's diet mostly consists of even though they will eat other meats - giving them living-breathing paleontologists who steal dinosaur eggs is also recommended

2. Spend time with you're pterosaur after carefully ensuring that you've placed a tracking device on him or her, this ensures that you won't have any problems finding you're pet once he or she flies off to build a nest.

3. Carry mace with you at all times (this ensures that they won't try to take a chunk outta you), flares are also good as is fish (make sure that you don't smell like fish though that can lead to them trying to rip you apart)

4. Never go parasailing around your Pterosaur they go nuts if you start flying without them or anywhere in front of them it drives them bonkers.

5. Avoid associating with people who try and assault baby pterosaurs - this usually leads to trouble

6. Always keep your pets well groomed and cleaned, and make sure that they love their nest - you can use anything from wood to straw and finally to old men white with beards who've now taken up the naturalist cause instead of sticking with the capitalistic one.

7. Never get between a mother Pterosaur and her brood - this is just common sense

8. Do not walk into the nest of a pterosaur with fish in your hands!

9. And finally remember to always put the cap on the toothpaste tube after brushing your pterosaur's teeth.

Remember keeping these things in mind can help you too become a trainer and pet owner of unimaginable skill when it comes to pterosaurs and as always don't listen to "supposed experts" who conduct digs from places like Montana.

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