I woke with a start, my upper body jolting forward.

"Hun!" A startled grunt pried itself from my throat. I felt the weight of a blanket that was draped over me. The room was dark, I couldn't see a damn thing, but I looked around to see what'd woken me.

Ah. I was still at Hinami's.

Her slippered foot was poking into my hip. Wiping a patch of sleepy drool from the corner of my mouth, my eyes followed unconsciously up the path of her body as she slept on her side. Her pale exposed ankle, to the cuff of her rolled up jeans, to the thickening of her thighs, to the curve of her ass, to the inch of midriff peeking out from under her jostled shirt, up and over the hillock of her tits. Knees just barely pulled up towards her chest, soft-looking hands clasped together and slightly hanging off the rim of the couch, ear rested against the opposite arm rest. Calm-expressioned face and long, slow breaths.

My hand reached up to scratch the back of my neck as I continued to look at her. Soon enough, I found my finger prodding forward to brush against the bump of her ankle, seeing through a haze of leftover drowsiness and dreamstate. The skin there was warm, and my fingertips started sliding back and forth across the risen bone.

Rolling my eyes, I stopped and gripped her foot, moving it out and away from jabbing into my thigh. She didn't stir.

I rose to my feet, tossing the blanket onto her legs haphazardly. My legs slowly wobbled to the kitchen to look for the illuminated clock on the microwave. The pixelated green numbers informed me that it was nearly two in the morning. My lip twitched.

Well, damn.

Should I leave? Is that what people do when this sort of thing happens? Hell, I don't know. She probably wouldn't want to wake up alone, that's what girls are like, right? Shit, how the hell would I know? All I knew was that I had to take a piss, and I didn't have a damn clue where the bathroom was.

Padding back over to the living room, I contemplated sitting back down on the couch. But as I watched Hinami lay there, I just decided to plop down onto the matching chair, tossing the stupid decorative pillow onto the floor and propping my feet up onto the coffee table. I didn't really feel tired anymore, so I ended up looking around the dark apartment. My eyes always went back to Hinami's sleeping body. Eventually, they just stayed there until they felt drowsy.

Watching her breasts rise and fall as she breathed, her eyelids twitch. I wondered if she was dreaming about flowers and coffee sugar and kittens in little pink baskets. She was dumb enough to imagine that shit, I guess.

Right. Bathroom.

Wandering around, I started opening doors. Door number one, her bedroom. Door number two, coat closet. Lucky door number three, the bathroom. Ah, finally.

I flicked the light switch and swung the door shut, unzipping my black pants and starting to empty my bladder into the toilet bowl. The flower-scented, pink-toilet-cozied toilet bowl. I didn't even bother rolling my eyes.

Zipping back up, I flushed and turned to the sink to wash and dry my hands. There was a lavender-colored soap dish with little damn cherry blossoms on it. Christ.

I walked back into the living room for the second time, eyes still adjusting from the fluorescent lights of the bathroom, and managed to jam the corner of the coffee table into my knee.

"Shit!" I cursed loudly as a book or two toppled over onto the floor.

"Gaaaah!" Hinami shouted, startled. "Who's there?"

And then her foot was colliding with my stomach, sending me groaning to the floor and hitting my head on the corner of the coffee table on the way down.

"Tch," I hissed, my temple throbbing. "What the fuck's wrong with you?!" My voice was roaring.

"Whaaa…?" She said dazedly, and when I finally looked up at her with my pulsing vision, she was standing over me and rubbing the sleep out of her eyes.

"I said I'm fine, alright?" I snapped, shoving her hand away lazily as she sat me down on her toilet seat.

"But you're bleeding."

"'Cause a lunatic attacked me."

"I'm sorry." She spoke tiredly. An area of her hair flat from sleeping on her side, her clothes slightly out of place. "Let me get you a towel." She sniffed and rubbed her eyes before bending down to open the cupboard below the sink. I stared at the inch of exposed skin at her lower back as she dug around, coming back up with a dark washcloth. She turned on the faucet to dampen it and then padded back over to me.

Her fingers were gingerly lifting up my hair, searching for the wound. I was tired enough to let her clean most of the blood out of my hair. Her hands were relaxing, in a way. Focusing on a spot on the wall, thinking about how quiet Hinami was when she was sleeping on the couch.

And how strong she was when she was startled.

"You okay?"

"Huh?" I grunted, looking at her after a moment.

"Feeling alright?" Hinami stopped her motions, seemingly satisfied with her clean-up. My forehead felt damp from the washcloth. She stared at me hard.

"Yeah," I said, scratching my chin. "Just tired."

She nodded in agreement. Much to my surprise, she leaned in close to kiss the now-clean swollen bump on my head. My face turned an absurd shade of pink.

"Sorry, again," she mumbled, smiling at me sheepishly.

"S'fine, I shouldn't have gone to take a piss," I cracked, grinning at her a little. She swatted at my arm, pretty pink mouth agape.

"Shut up." Even with a dull ache in my temple, her lips looked good enough to eat. She was still standing and leaning towards me, I felt the closed lid of toilet under my ass. She was so close. I almost wanted to practically crack my head open a second time just to keep her there.

"I'm so tired," I said quietly, rubbing my eyes sloppily. "And maybe it's this damn headache, but I'm gonna' touch you."

Her expression contorted into one of intense confusion and hesitation. A small little smile, cocked eyebrow, pursed lips. "Maybe you should go lay down." She spoke slowly, as if I might lunge at her at any moment.

"Nah, just shut up for a minute." My arm raised until my hand was resting just under her jaw. Moving under her chin, I slid my thumb up to brush the pad of it back and forth across her lips. Then my other hand moved up to touch her cheek, sliding over the flushed and embarrassed skin there. "You're pretty soft." I admitted quietly, finger brushing over her brow. She gulped.

"Quit it now," she breathed nervously.

"Oi, you damn sure owe me this for interrupting my dinner," I deadpanned, sleepy eyes concentrated on her skin. Christ, it was nice.

Hinami stayed silent as I leaned closer and grazed my lips against hers. I hated to admit it, but the kiss was sweet. I had remnants of blood in my hair, she had a patch of dried drool on the corner of her mouth, but it was sweet. Lazy little swipes of her bottom lip between my own. It didn't take long for her shock to wear off, and then she was responding slowly, resting a hand on my shoulder gently as I pressed my palm under the shadow of her cheekbone. She felt so warm.

"I think you hit your head too hard," she broke apart for a moment to whisper this on my lips. "Maybe a concussion." I pressed my mouth to hers, lingering there.

"Shit." I whispered, ghosting against her lips. "Your fault."

When I fully woke up, I was in Hinami's bed, knotted up in a powder blue duvet. Streaks of sunlight forced themselves through the window's blinds, making pale glowing triangles on the closed bedroom door. I looked around through squinted eyes to see Hinami a few feet away, sitting in an uncomfortable kitchen chair as she propped her bare feet up onto the foot of the bed. She looked freshly showered and clean-clothed. There was a book in her hands.

"Morning, Ayato-kun," she mused, grinning over at me and resting her still-open book upside down on her lap. "You sleep okay?"

"No." My voice was deep and groggy. "You kept fucking waking me up." I frowned, smacking my dry tongue against the roof of my mouth.

"I had to. You probably have a concussion."

I groaned, pulled the duvet over my head, and inhaled.

Under the muffled sound of her quiet giggling, I could smell orange blossoms and cinnamon and sweat and laundry detergent and skin.

It gave me a headache.