Night 15

It was night 15 and Sarah Good was in her home going through some files. 'Who should I blackmail next?' She thought to herself. A knock at the door interrupted her thinking. Sarah looked up and walked to the door. "Who is there?" She demanded. 'Better not be the god damn sk,' The person on the other side smirked, "John."

"John who?"

"You better let me in! You know it's against the rules to not let someone enter your home at night." Sarah sighed as much as she hated it he was right. Sarah did not know who made that rule but whoever they were Sarah really wanted to hang them. John pushed the door open and let himself in and then he proceeded to take off his disguise.

"SkullFace? What are doing you can't let me know who you are!"

"Normally I shouldn't. But you are different you deserve to see me."

"And get hung?! Is that how you plan on killing me, if so I won't hesitate to get you hung!" threatened Sarah. SkullFace put his hands up.

"Whoa calm down. Don't you recognize me, baby?" He asked putting on an innocent yet serious face.

"No. Get. Out." Sarah replied sternly.

"No don't your making a big mistake! You have no idea who I am!" Sarah picked up William's gun.

"I said get out." SkullFace took one look at the gun and knew there no convincing Sarah.

"Fine I'll go but seriously once you learn more about me..." He said as he left.

Sarah rolled her eyes and went back to work. 'Like there is anyone in my life who I would spare.' Sarah considered herself a malicious blackmailer, blackmailing anyone who dared get in the way or threaten her 'family'. Sarah finally made a decision and decided to blackmail Water. As annoying as SkullFace was he was still no threat to her 'family'. Night 15 ended with everyone feeling safe and secure.