Dr Horrible sat in his oversized chair with his lab coat undone, running his finger over the armrest. If he rubbed it one way, it felt scratchy, and when he rubbed it the other way, it felt smooth. It wasn't a very interesting thing but it kept his mind off of... what had happened a few weeks ago.
Recently he'd switched out his blood red lab coat for his old white one. He liked that one better. The buttons wernt so tight around his neck.
Billy was gone too. Dr Horrible couldn't go back to ever being him after what happened. The main reason he put on that act was so he could get closer to... her.
He abruptly stood up and walked to the chalkboard where he worked out the plans for his inventions. He looked over the latest blueprint for a shapeshifting ray. If he could make that then the number of things he could accomplish would be unbelievable! He absent-mindedly scratched at the spot behind his ear where the strap on his goggles always rubbed against.
Dr Horrible turned as he heard the doorknob jiggle a few times. That had to be Moist outside. He always had trouble gripping the handle. He finally burst through the door.
"Doc! I was on my date with Bait and she told me something VERY important! I mean its like.. Wow! It's so amazingly-" Moist stuttered, wiping his hands on his shirt.
Dr Horrible cut him off. "What is it Moist?" He said in a low voice that was now almost always monotone.
Moist swallowed. "It's about Penny..."
Dr Horrible made a small noise in his throat. He hadn't heard that name in a while... It brought with it so many memories- ones shared and ones that could have been made if only he hadn't been so stupid...
"Doc, ... She's alive."