Penny sat in the recliner with her hands holding her head. Billy has just told her everything. She couldn't bring herself to believe any of it.
"So you're Dr Horrible..." She said softly.
Billy nodded even though it wasn't a question. How could he be so stupid. He had just gotten her back and now he was losing her all over again.
"All those TV reports, and the newspaper articles, and the stories about the fights with Captain Hammer. That was you the whole time..." She looked up at him with an unreadable expression.
He swallowed and nodded again then looked away.
"You were the one who blew up all the parking meters, and tried to knock over the water tower, and you built all those awful things..." She had tears in her eyes now.
Billy dropped his head down and closed his eyes. He looked back up when he heard Penny make a small noise.
Her gaze was locked on him and her eyes were wide as saucers. Her mouth hung slightly open as if she were trying to say something but couldn't get the words out.
She shakily stood up,and afraid she was going to hit him, Billy did too. There was about three feet of space between them and if she took a swing, he didnt stand a chance.
She took a step foward and Billy winced. He knew he deserved to be hit.
What Penny did next was unbelievable and absolutly terrifying. She lunged foward and hugged him. She wrapped her arms tightly around his stomach and buried her face into his chest.
Billy just stood there with his arms out to the side. He couldn't move, he couldn't breathe, he couldn't speak. He slowly settled his arms awkwardly around her and returned the hug. He had forgotten how great hugs were.
She slowly sank to her knees and dragged him down with her. They sat on the ground, holding each other for a while before Penny spoke.
"You were there..." She said quietly.
"What?" Billy whispered.
"You were there..." She said even quieter. "At the homeless shelter dedication... When I almost died... You were there..."
She hugged his again, tighter this time. Billy held her and buried his face into her hair and took a deep breath of her strawberry-kiwi shampoo.
He didnt know how long they stayed like that before they fell asleep in each others arms...