As suddenly as it had begun, it ended with Nico immediately walking away, and Will holding in a gasp at the sudden shock of not having Nico's body pressed up against him, as if his body had already gotten used to Nico's warmth, and it was painful to let go.

Will hadn't wanted to let go.

The strangers who had stopped and stared at the infamous Nico di Angelo hugging someone slowly walked away, one by one. Their murmurings hushed, with a layer of confusing editing their language. Some looked at Will, confusing etched on their faces, and others passed by him, in a conversation with each other whether the scene actually happened.

These people were confused on whether it had actually happened, but Will was confused as to why it had happened at all. He looked at Cecil, who shrugged, then looked at Lou Ellen, who sighed.

"You left him, without telling him where you were for several days, when you have made him expect to be informed when you are unattainable." She huffed, giving off an almost cold expression that made Will worry he had angered her too.


Will looked down at the ground, feeling great sympathy towards Nico.

"I'm just going to…" He trailed off quietly, his hands reaching to mess with his own blonde hair in anxiety.

"Yeah, you better make it up to him." Lou said, looking Will dead in the eyes, and Cecil just nodded with, distracted by the chance to talk to the Stoll twins, who were just walking in.

Will left the two slowly, not knowing what to expect of Nico, or of the situation he is going to walk into. Overall, he was scared. He was scared he was going to lose Nico, as a friend or possibly something more. Will was scared that all of this hard work would be for nothing and that he would have almost 1000 post it notes for no reason, other than to look at in dismay, and all because he made a stupid mistake, and completely forgot.

Will sighed, his heart hurt at all the possibilities that might come out from the situations, but he knew he had to face the music. Will didn't know where exactly Nico would be, but searched every possible option. He searched the large field outside, the library upstairs, and even the sports gym that was not supposed to be open until later that day. Eventually, Will searched an old art room, which was surprisingly where Nico was holled up. He was standing in the corner of the room, surrounded by collages and velvet. He was just leaning, his arms crossed and had a lost look on his face.

"Hey, what are you thinking about?" Will asked, his voice seemed to fill the room and it shook Nico out of his lost expression, to taking on an angry one.

"Nothing. What are you doing here, Solace?" He spoke quietly, but it still vibrated throughout Will as if it was the first time he had heard his voice, the first thing that interested Will from the start.

"I came to apologise, for leaving you without any sort of warning." Will said, "Yes! forward a little and looking down, fiddling with his hair.

"Don't bother, there's no need."

"Yes there is." He kept moving forward, looking up at Nico with shock in his eyes.


"Yes!" he said, and they were only a few feet from each other. Will looked into Nico's eyes, the second thing that had attracted Will to him, the eyes that pulled him in and made him breathless. "I'm sorry, Nico."

Nico stood there, silent. Will didn't know what to expect, or to think. Does he accept? Does he reject? Is there friendship gone now? Or..?"

"I'm sorry."

Nico started walking away, and Will was dumbfounded. What does this mean? But before nico could leave and practically melt into the shadows, Will grabbed Nico's arm, gently. But the contact made nico spin, and turn to look at Will, and once Will was locked into those eyes, he was lost. His body pushed him forward, closer to Nico, but his mind was blank. His eyes shut, and only had sensation from his lips.

He was kissing Nico.

His hand reached up to Nico's face, cupping his chin, and the other getting lost in his hair, and the only thought floating through his mind was something so saddening at that moment.

Nico was not kissing him back.

Will stopped, and pulled away quickly. "I'm so sorry for that. I, uh, I'll go now. Bye, Nico. Uh, see you later, Uh, sorry."

Will walked away quickly, feeling so upset he didn't bother to turn around and look. Will was now even more afraid that he had just ruined the friendship between him and Nico, so afraid, a single tear fell from his eye, for the loss he had just experienced.

He was already down the hall when Nico, looked up, dazed, and put his fingers to his lips. A small smile graced his lips, and he walked away, a few crinkles making their way to his eyes.