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Learn To Love Again

The End and the Epilogue

~Nico's P.O.V.~

Everything about this situation was just weird.

Today, Ethan Nakamura was coming home for a week or two. But he didn't know that he didn't have a home to come back to.

Alabaster and Bailey were sitting on the porch, Bailey and Percy talking adamantly, while Alabaster wrung his hands over and over. Their car was parked in the driveway, and we all waited.

Bailey was a beautiful girl, with dirty blonde hair and dark blue eyes, tall and skinny. I could tell that Alabaster was a doting father, always fixing her hair and making sure she was smiling and polite. But I could also tell he was very proud of her.

Soon enough, a taxi came by and stopped in front of the house. Alabaster stood quickly.

"Bailey, come here." He spoke, voice shaking. Bailey looked over from where she sat with Percy, who had just drew a butterfly for her on her cast, and stood, going to Alabaster's side.

A tall, buff man stepped out of the car in the whole camo get up, and smiled at them. He promptly dropped his bag and walked quickly forward. Alabaster ran to meet him, crying out his name. They embraced in the driveway, and Bailey approached to say her own welcome.

I looked away from them as they sat in the driveway. "Percy, should we go in for a while?"

He was watching them intensely, then nodded, smiling at me. "Yeah, we'll give them privacy."

We went inside. I sat in the living room while Percy made tea for everyone. He brought me mine, is in hand, and we sat in the living room for almost an hour.

Eventually, a knock came on the door. We stood and went to the door. Ethan was on the other side, Bailey clinging to him. Ethan's eyes were red.

He stepped forward and offered Percy his hand. They shook, then Ethan and I.

"Thank you guys, so much, for putting Alabaster at ease about the hospital bills. And everything else, for that matter."

"Of course." Percy said warmly.

"He told me everything. I understand that this is your house now?"

"Yes." He said, sheepish.

Ethan nodded. "Me and my family will be moving, then. I'm going to make sure Alabaster knows how to access the new funds from this term, and hopefully he will be able to quit his night job. Perhaps he will be able to try out the online classes he wanted to do."

"I know you guys can do this. Alabaster is strong." I tried to assure him. He smiled.

"Thank you."

"We made tea, if you guys would like to come in." Percy offered.

Ethan held his hands up. "Thanks again, but we'd like to start house shopping right away. I only have two weeks."

We said we understood, then said our good lucks and goodbyes.

They drove away, Alabaster waving and calling out, "Thanks for everything!"

Percy and I stepped off the plane, legs wobbly. This time, both girls were there to meet us.

"Hey!" Annabeth grabbed us both in a huge hug instantly, laughing. Reyna was close behind her.

"It's good to see you guys again." She said with a grin.

"And this time, they're staying for a week! I'm so glad." Annabeth released us and began listing off her plans for how we'll be spending the time. "But of course, making sure Nico is fully recovered is the top priority." She concluded.

I felt Percy squeeze my hand. "Yes."

"You ready to go?" Reyna asked.

"Yep." I said, smiling.

Percy smiled at me, squeezing my hand again.

And that hope came over me again.

This time, stronger.