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It is early one morning and Jukes went to the island to meet Slightly for breakfast before Hook or Peter woke up. Jukes tied the boat to a small never tree on the beach and walked to a small clearing.

I hope Hook dosent find out about this , Jukes thought. He'll kill me.

Jukes reached the clearing and didnt have to wait long till Slightly arrived. "Sorry I took so long. Peter woke up and I had to convince him I was just going on a flight around the island."

"Did he believe you?" Jukes asked in a hurry.

"I slightly hope so. I would be banashed if we were cought together."There was an awkward silence for a while till Slightly said,"How about some breakfast. I'm silghtly starved."

"Youre starved!? Why dont you try to eat some of Cookson's food for a week and we'll see how hungry you are then." Jukes answered.

They both laughed and walked over to a never berry bush. They each picked a few and sat together underneath a tree. They started to eat when the friends heared a something rustle in the bushes.

"Slightly..... Slightly where are you!?" said a voice from the bushes.

"Oh no! It's Wendy. She's probably got the lost boys off looking for me. Jukes, you go hide in the bushes while I show them I'm okay. When they leave, I'll come and get you. Okay?"

Jukes didnt even answer. He just walked into some bushes and hid there.

"Mother Wendy! Mother Wendy, I'm okay. I just went for a flight around the island is all. I'm slightly alright, honest." was the first thing Slightly said to Wendy once she came into view.

"Oh Slightly there you are. You got me so worried. I thought the pirates got you." Wendy had a very relieved look on her face while she gave Slightly a big ol' hug.

Hmmm... She looks like she's been crying the way her cheeks are all pink like that, Jukes thought, What happened to make her cry.

"Here he is Peter." Wendy yelled.

Peter landed next to a large tree. He was missing a shoe and it looked as though he was in a fight. "Oh dear. Peter." Wendy said when she saw Peter. "Did you fight those wolves again?"

"Yeah I did. I know you told me not to Wendy, but I just had to. Besides, they started it." Peter answered. He was very proud of himself. Wendy didnt even ask about the fight. She knew she would be told the story later.

By this time all the rest of the lost boys showed up. They were all very glad to see Slightly but wanted to talk about how they had fought those wolves.

"Alright boys, lets go back to the tree house and hear about it over breakfast." Wendy suggested.

They started towards the tree house. All except Slightly, who went to the bush that Jukes was hiding in.

"Sorry Jukes, I gotta go. Look, maybe we can have breakfast tomorrow.... alright?" Slightly told Jukes.

Jukes felt like saying 'yes' but he said "No.... I got a lot of chores to do. Maybe some other time"

Slightly felt hurt but understood. Slightly took off before they could even say "G'bye". Jukes felt hurt about not having a family he could depend on. He slowly started toward the ship.

I wonder what it is like, Jukes thought, to have a family that loves you back. What am I thinking? I'm a pirate! I dont need a family. All I need is myself..... right?

Jukes continued to walk until he heard some footsteps behind him. A tall, thin women came out of a bush. She was wearing a pair of light blue pants and a dark blue shirt. With brown hair up in a pony tail and matching brown eyes. On her belt she had a cutlass, and a poutch containing some money.

"I didnt mean to scare you. My name is Dal, Dal Robinson. And you must be the famous pirate Bill Jukes." she said.

Jukes was startled to see how deathly pale the girl was. "Yes, I'm Bill Jukes. Where did you come from? And how did you now my name?"

Dal laughed. "Oh, excuse me. I live with my cousin, Johnny. He owns a small tavern. It's called Pirates peak. Thats how I found out about you. There is always news about a member of Hook's crew. They call you 'The Gunner' , is that correct?"

Jukes turned a little pink. He had never heard of Pirates peak, and also didnt know he was famous. "Yeah, I'm the gunner. Ive never heard of pirates peak."

"Oh we just started it a few months ago. Johnny, had the idea. He's only a few years older than me, but he really wants to meet you." Dal walked over to Jukes and they both sat down under a tree."Would you like to come to the peak? It's only a few minuites walk from here."

Just then Jukes remembered about the other pirates. But it's still early, Jukes thought, besides I could use a drink. "Okay Dal. But I can only stop for a while." Jukes answered.

On the way to the peek, Dal asked Jukes if he had any family on the ship. Jukes had to think for a while but responded "Not really. We arent family on the ship. Just a few friends, if thats what you want to call us, working together to keep Hook from filling us all."

They were silent all the rest of the way to the Pirates peak. "Well. Here it is. Come on in and have a drink."

Dal and Jukes walked into the tavern. The Pirates peak was a small building. With a hard wood floor and a small bar with a back room containing a kitchen, 2 beds and storage. Surrounding the bar is several small tables.

Hmmm... Jukes thought, how quaint.

A tall, dark haired boy walked out of the backroom. He looked about 14 years old with long, dark brown hair that is cut short in the back and fell into long bangs in the front. He has a scar going from his temple to his cheek bone on the left side of his face. He was wairing a white shirt and dark blue pants.

"Bill Jukes, this is my cousin Johnny. Johnny, this is --" Dal started.

"Bill Jukes, I know Dal. It's nice to meet you Mr.Jukes. Please take a seat at the bar and I'll bring ye somethin' ta drink." Johnny's voice had a strong New York accent. Johnny went to the back room and returned with some water. Both Dal and Jukes took a seat at the bar.

"Dal, did you get the berries that I asked you for....." Johnny asked Dal. "You didnt forget them again did you? Dal I asked you for those 2 days ago..... Dal!"

"I know Johnny. I'll get them later." Dal answered.

Jukes was to buisy looking around the tavern to pay much attention to there conversation. "This is a nice place you got here." It was then that Jukes noticed the scar on Johnny's face. " May I ask, Johnny, where did you get that scar?"

Johnny put a hand to his cheek, "Oh this. I got it from a fierce pirate fight when I was 13 years old. The pirate was huge! And --".

Dal had a sick look on her face. "You liar. You got that from shaving. Or at least trying to shave." Dal started to laugh. Jukes had to fight a laugh.

"Hmph... Well Jukes, we dont get celebrities in here often." Johnny said, trying to change the subject.

"Really. I cant understand why. It's a nice place." Jukes replied. "You two look awful young to be running a tavern."

At this said, Johnny looked mad. "I'm 16. Dal here is 14. We keep this place running pretty well, I think." Johnny Took a few dirty dishes to the back room and returned with a jug of water.

Jukes felt stupid." Sorry," he said. " I didnt know."

Dal jumped in "Dont feel sorry about it. That happens all the time. Most of the time its 'are you two twins' or 'why are you two 14 year olds running a 18 and up tavern'. I dont see how they can think were even related, considering even our skin color."

Jukes never noticed it before just now. Dal was deathly pale, while Johnny had a dark tan. How could that be?

"Not to be rude or nothin', but..... um...... what is up with your skin color?" Jukes said.

Dal was about to answer when Johnny said, "Dal dosent get out much. Most people think she's a vampire, but the truth is --."

"You and your imagination Johnny. As I said before Jukes, were just cousins. Well..... sort of. We have the same Mom, but different Dads." Dal answered, in a matter-of-fact way.

"Oh, so you two are kinda like brother and sister. Right?" Jukes said,but noticed how Johnny was giving Dal a foul look from behind the counter. It was then that Jukes remembered what time it was. Then he remembered about Hook and the other pirates.

Jukes got up and said, "Dal, Johnny I gotta go. Hook is gonna kill me if I dont get back soon." Jukes ran out the door and got about 6 feet away when he heard Dal yell, "Jukes! Come back soon! Your always welcomed here!"

Jukes just waved and kept running. As he was running he thought, I hope Hook dosent whip me for jumping ship. -----------------------

Where is Jukes?, Mullins thought. He went to the island 2 bells ago. Hook will be furious. Mullins was siting on the ships railing, the rest of the pirates were 'eating' or trying to eat there breakfast.

"Dont worry yourself Mullins", Mason said over the complaints of the other pirates. "Jukes will be back soon. Hook wont be up for antoher half a bell, he wont even know Jukes was gone."

"I hope so, for Jukes' sake." Mullins said.The ship was quite other than the noises of Cookson cooking Hook's breakfast and the pirates complaints about the grule they have on there plates.Then there was a rather loud thump off the side of the ship. Mullins took a look off the side of the ship and saw Jukes in the long boat. Jukes looked up and saw Mullins and the angry look on his face.

Oh no, Jukes thought to himself. I hope Hook isnt up yet. Just at that moment, as if Hook heard Jukes' thoughts, Hook came storming out of his cabin. Hook walked next to Mullins and took a short glance at his youngest crewman.

"Mr.Mullins, will you please help Mr.Jukes on board and take him to my quarters. I want to have a word with him."Hook said, without even taking his eyes off Jukes.

"Ay ay sir." Mullins said, picking up the rope ladder and throwing it over the ships railing. Jukes took hold of the ladder and began to climb up. Jukes hit the deck and Mullins took hold of his shoulders and walked him towards Hook's cabin. Hook had already went into his quarters and took a seat in his rather large desk chair. Jukes walked into his captains quarters. Mullins closed the door and Hook motioned his claw toward an empty chair at the other side of his desk. Jukes took a seat and Hook rose form his seat. Jukes was getting nervious. Just get it overwith, Jukes thought. Tell me what it is I'm in trouble for and my punishment and I'll be on my way.

Hook walked to Jukes and said "Mr.Jukes, may I inquire where it was you were this morning."

Jukes tugged nerviously at his bandanna. "I was..... um......"Billy said nerviously. "... gathering berries, and those Lost Boys came. I fought them off and got lost on the way back."

Hook just looked at the pirate with a disgusted look on his face. "Dont lie to me you lillylivered scug. Tell your captain the truth. What were you doing on the island?" Hook said. He was already loosing his patience with his young crew member.

"But I am telling you the truth, captain. Honest." Jukes said. I hope he believes me, Jukes thought.

"Hmmmm.... well than twice the chores with no rations for 3 days. BOSUN SMEE!" Hook said.The bosun walked in when Hook said, "Inform Cookson that Mr.Bill Jukes will be getting no rations for the next three days."

"Ay ay sir. At once." Smee answered. At this said Hook let Jukes return on deck.

"What was your punishment Billy boy?" Mullins answered while mopping down the deck.

Jukes answered "No food and double chores for 3 days."

"Hmmm.... it could be worse."Mullins said.

"How can I go for three days with out food?" Jukes said to himself. After one day of his chores Jukes was to tired to eat. He retired to his bunk right after he finished the work.

"The boy's being worked too hard."Mullins said to Mason durring there nightly game of poker.

"I know Robert, but it's not like we can do the chores for the boy. He got himself into trouble and has to do the time for it." Mason answered.

"I got it!" Smee said cheerfilly. "Gin!"

"I say old man, were playing poker not gin." Starkey said.

"I thought ve vaz playing zee 'go fishing'."Cookson replied.

The pirates groaned at there stupid shipmates. ----------------------

"What do we have to get Mullins? Berries?" Jukes said while rowing the longboet toward the island.

"Yes, Jukes. I dont understand why Hook sent us to the island. Why not Cookson or Starkey?" Mullins said. They hit the island and tied the boat to the shore. The two pirates walked to a clearing where there are lots of berries bushes.

While Jukes was picking berries he heard someone humming a delightful tune.

"What is that noise?" Mullins said once he heard the humming. Both Mullins and Jukes took there swords out of there belts and walked towards the noise.

There was a pale girl sitting by a small creek about 6 or so feet away from the pirates. It's Dal, Jukes thought. Mullins only saw a barmaid. "Well lookie here," he whispered to Jukes. "Wont Hook be happy to know we found one of Peter Pan's friends." Mullins walked to Dal and said "What do we have here? A friend of Pan no doubt."

Dal was startled to see the large pirate walking to her with a weapon. "I'm no friend of Pan, sir. So just be on your way."

"Hmm..... I think I will take you to Hook any how." Mullins said.

Just then Dal noticed Jukes next to Mullins. He wasnt doing anything to help her. Help me, for god sake help me, Dal thought.

Jukes put a hand to Mullins' outstretched arm. "Robert, she said she isnt a friend of Pan. Why dont you believe her and let her go?" Jukes told Mullins.

"Stay out of my way boy!" Mullins said to Jukes. Mullins shoved Jukes aside and took a coil of rope out of hit pocket and started to tie Dal up. Jukes got up and ran to Mullins again and put a hand on Mullins' hand once again, trying to get the rope out of his strong grip.

"Jukes, stay out of this! The lass is our prisoner now." Mullins pushed Jukes away, but accidently hit a little too hard. Jukes went flying into a tree, getting the wind knocked out of him.

Mullins stopped tying Dal up and walked over to Jukes and said "I'm sorry Jukes.... I didnt mean to hit ye that hard."

Jukes got up, ran to Dal. He cut her bonds and ran. And didnt stop running till he fell. "I never thought Mullins would hit me. And not that hard either." Jukes said to himself. He picked himself up and walked to a nearby river. He looked at his reflection and wiped the blood off his cut forehead. "I thought Mullins was my family...... I guess I was wrong."

Jukes splashed some water on his face. Just then the pirate heard some foot steps. Jukes' heart jumped into his throat. Please please please dont let that be Robert, Jukes thought.

Dal ran out of the bushes and fell into the river, splashing Jukes. Dal swam next to where Jukes sat and got out. "The waters unusually cold." she said.

Jukes couldnt help but laugh. He helped Dal up to her feet and headed to The pirates peak. On the way there, Dal asked who the large pirate was. He looked at the ground and answered, "That was Robert Mullins. He is-- or was my friend."

Dal just looked at him and stopped dead in her tracks. "What do you mean 'was' your friend?"

Jukes didnt have the time to answer the question, cause Slightly landed in front of them. He gave Dal a dirty look and said, "Jukes what are you doing with her? And what is all this Iv'e been hearing about you and Mullins? He was running to the ship calling your name. I find it slightly strange."

Dal was going to ask what was wrong with Jukes being with her, but Jukes spoke first. "I'm not going back to the ship. I think Mullins and the others dont want me around anymore."

Slightly jumped for joy. "That means you can become a Lost boy with me! We'll have so much fun picking fights with Nibs and we wont have to keep our friendship a secret anymore."

Dal looked at Jukes' sad face. "Jukes...iIf you want a place to hide, the pirates peak is always open for you, as I said. I gotta go. Johnny needs me. You know where ta find me." Dal said.

Jukes looked up at her and said "Thanks Dal. I think I'll take that under consideration. G'bye."

Dal walked away and Slightly said, "So why were you with her? Dont you know who she is?"

"Yeah, thats Dal Robinson. She works---" and then stopped once he saw the doubtful look on Slightly's face.

"No! She's a vampire!" Slightly said.

"Oh please Slightly. Who told you that?" Jukes said.

Slightly was levitating in the air and said "Why her cousin Johnny of course."

Jukes just about fell to the ground when he heard this."Come on Slightly " Jukes said. "I'll tell you the truth on the way to the pirates peak." ----------------

"Then the lad just ran off captain." Mullins said to Hook. He had just finished explaining the story to him.

"Than we shall go to the island and find the lousy scug and bring him back to where he belongs." Hook said. "Mason, Mullins, Smee, Starkey and I will go to the island. Cookson continue your duities."

"Ay ay sir. Vill do." Cookson said. The long boat was put into the water and rowed towards the island.

"I shouldnt have hit the boy so hard." Mullins said to Mason.

"All we can do is find Jukes and bring him back. We'll find him Robert." Mason tried to reassure his crewmate. The boat hit the island and the pirates filed out.

Hook yelled in his most captainy voice "Alright curs. Mullins and Mason will search North. Starkey search West. Smee and I will search South and East. If you find that girl...... capture her as well. Meet back at 5 bells." The pirates split up and went there seperate ways.

" I hope we find Jukes b'fore Hook does." Mullins said to Mason. -----------------

"Oh." Slightly said. " So Dal isnt a vampire. Johnny just has a wild imagination?" Dal, Slightly, Jukes and Johnny were in the Pirates peak at the bar.

"Yep. Thats my cousin. The one in our family that is basically crazy." Dal said, motioning towards Johnny.

Johnny just gave the three children a disgusted look. "I'm not crazy. Just a little wild. So Jukes, your gonna stay with us for a while are ye?"

Jukes nodded. "Yep. But not for long. Just till I can find a place of my own. I dont wanna be in the way or anythin'."

Dal put a friendly hand on Jukes' shoulder. "Jukes, you may have saved my life from that pirate today. You can stay here as long as you like."

Jukes gave both Dal and Johnny a friendly look. "Thanks.... thanks a lot. I dont--" Jukes started untill a large form stormed through the door.

"JOHNNY! DAL! I GOTTA TALK TO YE NOW!" came a loud, harsh voice from the figure at the door.

"Slightly, Jukes " Dal whispered to the friends, "sneek out the back door. This guys bound to cause trouble. Just go." Slightly and Jukes snuck to the back door and stopped when they heard a loud bang comming from behind them. When they turned around they saw the large figure run out the door, Dal huttled next to the door and Johnny tearing a piece of cloth into pieces. There was a puttle of red blood under Dal's body.

Slightly ran out the back door after saying, "I'll go get Chief. He'll know what to do." Jukes ran to help Johnny pick Dal up and put her on the bar.

"What happened Johnny?" is all Jukes said.

"I dont know. She was walking toward him telling him how we'll get the money for the rent soon and he shot her." Johnny was shakey and scared. He didnt know what to do.

"Jukes....." Dal said weakly "Jukes..... listen to me. I'm not gonna make it. He hit me real hard. "Tell me what?" Jukes said, trying to help Johnny bandage her up. But Dal was out before she could finish what she was saying. -----------------------------

Johnny, Jukes and Slightly were waiting patiently outside the pirates peak. It was about an hour before sundown, and by now the three friends were getting nervious about Dal. Chief has been in there a while and they were still waiting to hear how Dal is and if she's even alive.

"Whats taking so long?" Johnny said, while pacing the ground. "Does he know what he's doing? Has he even done this b'fore?" Johnny was trying to calm down.

"Of course he knows what he's doing." Slightly said from a seat next to Jukes. "He does these kind of things slightly all the time for Peter."

Jukes wasnt saying anything. He just sat there thinking, Why her? Why not me!? Chief came out of the tavern, whiping his hands off with a piece of cloth, with a stern look on his face. The three friends jumped out of there seats and ran to Chief. He said, "Iv'e done all I can do. It's up to the spirits now."

Johnny had a scared look on his face when he asked, "Can we see Dal now?"

Chief nodded and said "But you must be quiet. She needs plenty of rest if she's to recover." Chief turned to walked towards the village and took Johnny by the shoulders and said, "May I have a word with you."

Johnny nodded and the two walked to the village. Both Jukes and Slightly ran into the tavern, almost knocking the door down on the way in.

Dal looked very peaceful laying there on the bar with her upper body wrapped in bandages. She looked pale, even paler than usual. Jukes walked in and took a seat next to Dal by the bar. Slightly took his hat off when he saw the condition Dal was in.

"Dal..........." Both friends said very quietly and calmly. Dal moaned and slowly opened her eyes. Dal was too weak to say anything at the moment, but both Slightly and Jukes could see that she was as happy to see them as they were to see her. A few tears slid down the friends cheeks and the two friends took Dal in a soft hug, as not to hurt her. Dal let go and wiped a few tears away from her eyes. ----------------------

It was now sunset and the pirates gathered at the beach. The pirates were pretty hacked off cause they had to search for a pirate that they could do very well without, but they didnt say anything in front of there captain.

"Back to the boat. That cully is of no use to us anyway." Hook said while Smee and Mason got the longboat ready to be put back out to sea.

'Of no use to us'!? Jukes was the best gunner the Jolly Roger has ever seen. Mullins thought to himself. I guess it's up to me to find Billyboy and bring him back to where he belongs.The longboat was brought back to the ship and Mullins told Mason of his plans to find Jukes. Mason refused to search for a shipmate that wont come back on his own. So Mullins is in it on his own.

After Hook retired to his bed and the other pirates went below deck, Mullins set off to find Jukes. He took the longboat and a pouch of money along with him. Once the boat hit the shore, Mullins felt a wave of nausea hit him like a ton of bricks, but he didnt care. He got out of the longboat and thought, Robert Mullins dosent desert a shipmate, he never did and never will. I'm commin' for ye Billyboy. And I'm not leaving this god forsaken island without ye with me. So he set off into the cold mist alone. ---------------------

The pirates peak was jumpin with every imaginable creature known to live on neverland. Once Slightly left for home, Johnny and Billy carried Dal to her bed to rest. Jukes was taking Dals job as a barmaid (or barwaiter). Jukes was passing a troll his fifth beer when he said, "Evreyone and there enemy seems to be here."

Johnny laoghed and said, "It's always like this on saturday nights. It'll thin out in an hour or so." He had to yell over the commotion in the bar.

About an hour or so later and the bar was empty. The Tavern was now closed and Jukes was cleaning the last glass and put it back on it's shelf when he said, "There were a lot of people here tonight huh?"

"Yep. It's never beem that crowded sence........ ever!" Johnny said, while whiping the last table down.

"I'm gonna check on Dal." Jukes said and walked into the next room.

Dal was still asleep but had more color to her now. Jukes took a seat at the end of her bed and heard a very familiar voice come from the next room. "How's buisness?" it said. It had a very raspy sound to it with a brooklyn accent too.

"Sorry sir, but were closed for the night." Johnny said. Jukes knew who it was and thought, wow, Mullins and Johnny sound a lot alike. MULLINS!?

Jukes ran to the door and saw Mullins sitting at the bar talking to Johnny about him. Jukes walked out of the room and gave Mullins a stern look. Mullins stood up and didnt have enough time to even say 'hi' before Jukes told him to leave.

Mullins was in awe. "But I'm here to take you back to the ship--"

"No." Jukes said. "I'm not going back with you. I want to stay here, Robert." Mullins took a step back to the door and looked at Jukes. Jukes still looked angry but be wiped a tear away with the back of his hand. Mullins stormed out the door and Jukes wanted to run after him. He wanted to tell him why but didnt have the heart to tell him.

Johnny went to the back room and wanted to give Jukes a little alone time. Jukes wanted to burst out in tears for what he had just done. Mullins was my 'father'. How could I have done that to him? He's gone through enough in his life and to add this on top....... was just not the thing to do and --

Jukes jumped out of his thoughts when Johnny came running out the door calling Chief-little-big-panther. Jukes ran in the room and his worst fears had come true. Dal was almost dead on the floor of her room. ---------------------------

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