Sweet Revenge Chapter 3.

Billy Jukes looked off the side of the ship at the stars, wondering where Dal and Johnny has been for the past few months. It was about one month ago that Johnny and Dal dissapeared. I hope Johnny's not dead, Jukes thought. He still hasent forgiven Hook for killng Johnny and for scaring them away. Of course, Billy wont say that to Hooks face. He's smarter than that. He's kept his feelings to himself and only told Slightly about how he wants them back.

"Billyboy? Are you alright? You look kinda sick." Mullins said, after noticing that Jukes was looking pale. Mullins walked to his shipmate and felt his forehead. "You feel warm. Go sit down for a while." Jukes was surprised that Mullins even cared. But then again, Mullins has been acting nice to Billy ever since Dal and Johnny jumped away.

"Yeah, I'm alright Robert. I'll just go downstairs and invent something." Jukes walked to his workspace (which was really just the corner of the sleeping quarters) Jukes has started inventing things when he got sad about Dal. He sat in his little corner and worked for an hour on mindless inventions that he knew he would never get to work. What was I thinking? Jukes thought Indoor plumbing. HA! Who would use that?

Jukes threw a few tubes of plumming at the wall. When they landed he noticed a translucent piece of cloth on the floor. Jukes' eyes widened and he stepped towards the tubes.

"Whose there? What are you doing here?" Jukes managed to say. His voice was dry and shakey. The thing in the corner whimpered and seemed to be crying. Jukes took another step closer and the thing pulled a piece of spair sail cloth over its self. When Jukes reached the sailcloth he pulled it off and their sitting in front of him was a ghost.

The ghost had big eyes and darker looking hair that seemed to be rather long. Billy fell to his knees when he saw the ghost. But Billy knew him once. It was the ghost of Johnny Carlson.

"Umm...hey Billy. Whats up?" Johnny said. A wave of fear came over Jukes like a splash of cold water. Then Jukes was for some reason happy. Jukes asked Johnny why he was crying and he said "Because you hit me with that piece of metal thats why."

"Oh sorry. How long have you been here? Hows Dal? Why didn't you tell me you were here?"Jukes said. He took a seat next to his former shipmates ghost. He didnt know what to think of him being here.

Johnny was surprised to be asked so many questions at once but he tried to answer as many as he could. "I've only been here for about an hour. I didn't telll you cause you seemed mad and Dal isnt doing so good." The news about Dal hit Billy like a ton of bricks. Oh god, what happened to Dal? Jukes thought.

"Dals not okay! What happened to her?" Jukes said a little too loudly. Johnny was about to answer till he heard something that sounded like running up above them. Johnny dissapeard when the door began to open. Mullins was there.

"What was that Billyboy? Why'd ye yell? You know Hooks asleep and if he awakes, were as good as hung." Mullins answered after he took a look around. Billy was sitting on the floor in front of the pile of metal.

Jukes had to think of an excuse quickly. "I was just...um...frustrated thats all. I was working on an idvention and it wont work. I'll keep it down." Jukes wanted to think of something better but he couldn't. Mullins arched his eyebrow and walked away, closing the door behind him. Once the door closed, Johnny came back.

Johnny kept talking like nothing had happened. "Dals commin here to have her revenge on Hook for my death. She said she was going to small monday island to get a spell to make her a witch and she was going to kill Hook with her powers. We have to stop her."

Jukes didnt know what to do. He did want to save Hook, but a little voice in his head was saying, What will you get out of it? Didnt Hook kill Johnny? Hook desirves to die. But another voice was telling him, Hooks your captain! He saved you from that island. Sure he may not treat you like he loves ya' but it's you duity to help him.

"Well, what are you waiting for, Jukes, lets go." Johnny said. Jukes just shrugged and took a hold of Johnny's hand. I've got a bad feeling about this. I really do, Billy thought as Johnny teleported to Small Monday Ialsnd. -------------------------------------------

Small Monday Island was unusually empty at this time of evening. Only a few faries were out and very few shops were open. Dal walked down the street alone. She carried very little money, but she did have her cutlass out and was willing to kill to get what she wanted. Many things were shouted at her. Some said "Buy this..." or "Buy that..." but she wasnt interested. Till she heard a little old woman say "I sell potions unlike any other. Potions to kill and potions to make the dead alive once again. Potions to give one magical powers beyond your wildest dreams. Low prices." It was the low prices that got her attention.

Dal walked to the woman and asked if she had a potion that will help with a certain type of revenge. The old woman grinned a wide grin and said "Please come in child. I think I have just the thing for you." Dal smiled as well and followed the old woman to a dark room behind the shop.

The room was empty except for a cabinet holding thousands of small bottles, a table and a set of four chairs. Dal took a seat in the one closest to the door and the woman asked what type of potion she needed. Dal responded, "I need to become a witch so I can have revenge on that dastardly Captain Hook. He killed my brother."

The old woman bit her lip and said "I'm sorry child, but I dont have that particular potion. But I do have a potion that will suit your needs." The woman took a key out of her pocket and unlocked a cabinet. She chose a potion in a purple vile and placed it on the table. "This potion will make two peopleswitch places. If you get Hook to consume this potion, he will switch places with your brother. But you must write the boys full name on the bottle with this magic ink." The woman took a bottle of purple ink out of a drawer and placed a quill next to it.

Dal took the quill and filled it with ink. Ask about the money stupid, Dal thought. She put the quill dowm and asked "How much money is it. I have 15 dollars and this cutlass." Dal placed the money and the blade on the table, next to the quill.

The old woman knew what she meant and took the money. Dal wrote Johnny Carlson on the bottle. A gold and blue light shone from inside the bottle. A smile shone on Dal's face as she left the shop. Then she jumped.

A few minuites after Dal left SMI, Johnny and Jukes appeared. They each went up to each shop asking if she was there when Jukes asked the old woman. She told them about where she went, but refused to tell them what she sold Dal. Jukes and Johnny Jumped back to the ship. -----------------------------------------

"Breakfast ez surved. Come anz geet it." Cookson yelled. The pirates moaned and groaned at the thought of digesting Cooksons gruel. They went to the serving pot none the less and got their grub. Johnny and Jukes were deep into a secret conversation about Dal. Johnny hid under the table while Jukes was eating.

"I think we should ask Slightly to help us look for her. He's on the island all day. Plus he can stray away from the Lost boys." Johnny suggested. Jukes agreed, but there was one problem.

"How can we talk to Slightly without Peter or Hook seeing us?" Jukes said. Johnny and Jukes didnt know how they were going to oull their stunt, but they did know they had to find a way if they were going to save Hook and Dal's life.

"I can go to the island and say I'm going to wash our clothes. Or I could get some supplies at Small Monday Island." Jukes suggested. Johnny didnt like that idea but said to go for it. Jukes slowly got up and walked to Hooks cabin. All the way there he was thinking, I hope Hook will let me go. So what was I going to ask for again? Oh, yeah. If I could go to the island and get some supplies for the ship. Ok, act cool. Dont blow it. He was at Hooks door by now and softly knocked on the door.

Hook came up to the door and said "Mr. Jukes, what is it that you want?"

"Um... sir I was wondering if I could go to the island and pick up some supplies for Cookson." Hook said it was alright if he got his work done. Jukes was surprised at how nice Hook was acting. He found out later that he had a migrain and didnt want Jukes bothering him. -----------------------------------------

"Slightly. Slightly were are you?" Jukes and Johnny were looking on the island for a few hours now with no sight of Slightly. They tried the indian village, Mirmaids lagoon, Small Monday Island and a few various caves around the island.

They just about gave up when they spotted Slightly flying above the trees. They raced to a cliff and Slightly say them. He landed about 3 feet away from Jukes. When he saw Johnny he went wide eyed.

"Is that really Johnny? I thought he was slightly dead." Slightly said, after Jukes explained what was going on.

Jukes sighed and rolled his eyes. "I just explained it to you. He's a ghost and Dal's out to kill Hook for revenge. And we need your help to stop her."

Slightly was surprised at what Jukes said. "Jukes, you know I cant help you. I cant disobey Peter. If I did, I'd be exiled and you know I slightly dont want that. I would like to help you, but I'm already keeping our friendship from Peter, and I dont want to keep anything else from him." Slightly looked at Johnny's face and saw a sad and hurt look on it. "But, I'll try to help anyway. What do you want me to do?"

"Thanks Slightly. We need you to find Dal for us."

"But I just ran into her. She was on her wat to the ship and she didnt really have slightly didn't have time to talk. All she said was that she would talk to me latter. And--" Slightly didnt get to finish the sentence. Jukes and Johnny were running to the ship. "Hey, wait for me!!!"

I hope were not too late, Jukes thought. ------------------------------------------

It was cold on the ship that night. Dal was on the ship, but none of the pirates were aware of her presence. Dal had her plan already in action. She would sneak in Hooks cabin and slip the potion in the captains jug of water. This is for Johnny Carlson, thought Dal. I cant back out of this now.

Smee left Hooks cabin and walked downstairs so he could play poker. Dal walked to the window and took a look inside. Smee left Hooks water on the nightstand next to his bed and Hook was sitting at his desk, probably writing about how he would try to kill Peter Pan the next day. Little does he know he wont live to see tomorrow. Johnny and I will take over the ship and sail around the world with Hooks crew. I'm a genious. Thought Dal. Dal jumped in the room.

Johnny, Jukes and Slightly came aboard the ship after Dal jumped. Slightly flew to the window and saw Dal in there. "Johnny...Billy," he whispered "she's in here. and she has the potion with her."

Jukes and Johnny ran to the window and saw what Slightly said, Dal with the potion. Jukes needed a plan fast. What he did next, he regretted.

"Lost boy off the port bow!!!"

"WHAT!?" It seemed like Slightly and Hook said it at the same time. Jukes just shrugged and whispered "Run."

Hook ran out his cabin door while Johnny and Jukes ran in. "Dal NOO!!!" Johnny yelled. Dal turned to her brother and said "Johnny?"

Johnny ran to his sister and told her not to give Hook the potion. "But why? He killed you. He desirves to be tought a lesson."

"No, no he's not." Jukes didnt know what he was saying. But the words just came out. " Hook may be a mean old man, but he cant help it. Thats just how he is. He saved my life a few years back, so I guess I owe him it."

Dal and Johnny just stared at him. Like he had lobsters growing out of his nose. Dal looked down at the vile and opened it up. She picked up the glass of water and poured the potion in. Then she tilted her head back and drank the concoction. Johnny and Jukes stared at her in surprised amaizment. Why?, Johnny thought. Why did she do it.

A blast of purple and blue light came from Dal's body and she collapsed. Then the same light came from Johnny, but he was alive.

Johnny and Jukes still to this day dont know why she did that. Jukes thought that maybe she knew she wasnt going to get away with killing Hook. Or that she just had enough of all this. Johnny didnt care why she did it. All he knew was that his sister loved him so much that she would kill herself just to give him a second chance.

Slightly took Dal's body to the sight where The pirrates peak and burried her there in a glass coffin. She still sits there to this very day. Hook never found out about how his life almost came to an end that night (and maybe it's better that he dosent know). Johnny became a pirate with Jukes and they are still friends today.

They often visit Dal, late at night. When ever Johnny gets lonely or sad, he goes there and talks to her. Although he never says he misses her, Jukes knows the truth. Johnny does miss his baby sister.

~ f i n ~