Clarke looked up from her book as Lexa joined her into their tent.

"What's wrong with you? Talking about a three way in front of an eleven year old?!" Scolded the commander.

"Oh! So that, you know what it means!"

"I know what that means, and you were talking about doing it with Bellamy and Raven"

"No. It was just Octavia's mind at work"

"So no one had sex?"

"Yes, Raven and Bellamy did, but I had absolutely nothing to do with it"

"And you thought it was best to talk about it in front of Lyra?"

"I have only two things to say. Raven and Octavia"

"You could have just told them to shut up" Offered Lexa as she grabbed some grapes.

"Been there, tried that"

Lexa let herself fall on the bed in a sighed. Clarke got back to her reading, she wanted to finish that part but had to turn around when she heard growling.

Kura and Lexa were holding the same grape, both snarling at the other.

"See I told you were setting a bad example for her when you snarl, now she does it too"

The raccoon seized that opportunity, when Lexa's hold slightly loosen due to her surprise, the animal pulled.

Victorious, she squealed and ran back into her little nest.


"You tend to give her food while you eat. It's normal for her"

"She knows she stole it. Look! She is hiding!"

"Do you want me to get you some other grapes?"

"No!...Never mind"

"Did anyone tell you? It's official, Octavia is postponing her wedding"

"What?! It was just in three days! I had everything ready!" Complained Lexa.

Clarke was a little shy as she spoke. "Do you want to…get married on that day instead of them, I mean if everything is ready. We could"

Lexa sat up instantly and just looked at the blonde.

After what seemed like an eternity without any response Clarke felt a little dejected.

"It's okay. We don't have to…I mean it was just an idea…I…"

The commander realized that the blonde had taken her silence as a rebuttal, saw that she was a little hurt when she felt like she was about to burst. In a fast move she trapped the blonde in her chair as she kissed her.

Clarke moaned as she grabbed the back of Lexa's head with on hand and her hip with the other, pulling her closer.

The brunette straddle her lover and grabbed her coat's collar. She pulled it down, taking it off the blonde and instantly went for her shirt, pulling it off too, before going back to kissing the blonde.

Clarke was breathing hard as Lexa's lips left her mouth and trailed down to her neck. She moaned again and moved her head, giving a better access to the commander.

She felt some teeth from time to time and nearly jumped as fingertips made contact with her stomach.

She could barely feel them touch her flesh, it was too much and not enough. She shivered.

Slowly the graze was moving up. Clarke had to grab onto something, her hands made their way under the commander's top, clutching her back.

Lexa could feel the muscles tense under her fingers, it was like Clarke was pulsating.

She didn't bother with that annoying piece of clothing sky women wore, she just pushed up the bra's cup and her hand engulfed her lover's round breast, before passing her thumb back and forth on the pink nipple.

Clarke shuddered again and Lexa's lips moved again, moving around her neck, then slowly lower.

Lexa rolled the nipple between her fingers and groaned as she felt nails scratched down her back.

The brunette could feel Clarke's hips starting to move under her as she was trailing slow kisses down…

Lexa jumped off Clarke as a loud scream echoed throughout the village, hand on her sword.

It took a small moment for Clarke to get back her bearings. As soon as she did she got up, moved Lexa's hand to the side as she pulled out her sword. She recognized that voice.

"If no one is killing Octavia. I will"

She was stopped as she was marching out by Lexa. "Put on a shirt"

She nearly tore it as she did, while Lexa took back her sword.

Then ran out to find Octavia covered in what seemed to be horse dung at her tent's entrance.

A little pile of the said horse dung was nearly reaching her knee, it had dropped off from somewhere.

Lyra was clean, a few steps to the side, back against the tent's wall.

Clarke leaned closer to Lexa. Heda frowned as she asked.

"Is everything okay Clarke?"

"Indra is smiling. I'm a little scared" Whispered the blonde in next to her lover's ear.

The commander was trying to be as aware of her surrounding as she could. All the time, even more so when people were screaming and they could be under attack. But she had to admit, Clarke's breath against her neck and the hard nipple she could clearly see under that shirt, which were then pressing against her arm were very distracting.

Octavia waddled as fast as she could to the general, seething.

"You! I know it was you!"

Indra raised a hand "That's close enough. You smell"

"I should…" Octavia was cut off by her mentor.

"Do you have any proof to back up your accusation?"

Indra paused, even if she wasn't really expecting an answer.

"Did anyone see anything?" Enquired Indra next as she looked around.

The people were mumbling excuses and walking away.

"I…I…"Octavia couldn't find any word that could express her properly.

"You need a bath sky girl" Declared Indra before walking away.

The young Blake gaze landed on Clarke and the commander.

The blonde was thinking that there was no way…

"Sorry. Not now O. We have something extremely important to deal with"

Clarke grabbed Lexa by the front of her pants and pulled her behind her. Not that Lexa wasn't more than willing to go with her lover back into their tent.

Octavia was trailing behind them, she saw them enter their tent and still got closer.

"Clarke! Come on! Clarke!"

The commander poke her head out.

"I'm allowed to kill you if you do not leave" Informed the commander.

Octavia's eyes grew wide, not so much for the threat, but she was pretty sure the commander was topless as she said that.

A few days later Lexa was pacing in the tent. She was dressed in green and white for this very special day.

She was alternating between twisting her hands and wiping them on her pants.

Indra was annoyed.

"I could have every single skai kru people out of TonDc in less than five minutes. Just say the words"

The commander stopped and turned to look at the taller woman.

"Enough with the fake hatred. You respect them. You even like some of them"

"They act like children"

"True, but you like children" Indra grunted but didn't deny what was being said. Lexa thought it was a good moment to bring something up.

"I know someone from our kru who's been acting like a child too"

"We can already observe the skai kru's bad influence" Indra didn't look at her heda in the eyes as she said that.

"Indra, enough with the pranks. She learned her lesson, and she is wounded"

"I heard that a mysterious talented person was teaching my second a lesson, but no one ever saw who it was"

Lexa gave her an exasperated look.

"I'm serious. In the last two days, someone put worms in her food, a snake in her bed, guts in her boots and pieces of poison sumac in her underwear"

Lexa could see the other's woman's lips twitch. "You shouldn't be proud, the poison sumac was just mean. So just…stop"

Indra nodded "I'll make sure…whoever…did that will stop"

Lexa rolled her eyes. "You do that. I don't want anything to happen and disrupt that ceremony"

"I'm administrating it. Nothing will go wrong" Indra was trying to reassure her commander but after a nod Lexa was pacing again and the general groaned.

"I still don't understand why your future mate can't be here with you instead of me"

"I told you. It's a tradition for them. I can't see her for a day before the ceremony"

"Stupid Skai kru traditions" Complained Indra.

"Indra. We will not insult their traditions or culture because we don't understand them"

"Fine. Stupid Skai kru" Corrected the general.

Clarke stood up when Octavia and Lyra finished braiding her hair.

Raven walked up to her.

"I have to admit, the wedding dress Lexa got you is beautiful"

Clarke touched the material once again. "It's true. She has good tastes"

Octavia snorted "I won't say anything about you complimenting yourself, it's your wedding day"

"And I'm sure her choice didn't have anything to do with the fact that this dress really brings out your…eyes" Raven moved a hand around the blonde's chest.

Clarke swatted her hand away. "Stop it!"

Octavia smirked as she looked at Raven's breasts as she asked "Jealous?"

"As if!" Scoffed the tech "I'm just thinking about Indra, from her height, she'll have quite a view"

Octavia rolled her eyes and Clarke groaned. "Not everyone is a perv like you Raven, and it's weird enough that she is marrying us, you don't need to bring it up all the time"

"You should have asked Kane to do it" Said Raven.

Octavia laughed "Don't mind the angry bird, she is just mad because you set up Kane with your mom for today"

"She's been doing it for a while" Commented the tech.

"They would be good for each other!" Justified Clarke.

"Right" Agreed Octavia, with a very sarcastic tone, like it had nothing to do with the blonde trying to steer her mother away from their friend.

"It's true! Kane is running all over the place going 'Abby'. It's kind of cute" Argumented Clarke.

"You'll see how you like the idea of Kane becoming you step daddy" Told Raven.

"She'll sure as hell prefer it to you become her evil step mother" Opposed Octavia with a smirk.

Raven gave her the finger and Clarke covered Lyra's eyes for a moment as she glared at her friends.

"You guys are great around kids"

"I'm not a kid anymore" Lyra felt slightly offended "I'm eleven and a half"

The three women exchanged a look.

"Why don't you go out and see if everything is ready?" Asked Octavia.

Lyra taking it very seriously nodded and left the tent.

Clarke was checking herself once more. She had to be perfect.

Octavia looked at Raven, who didn't like the smirk she was seeing.

"So...are you bringing your new love interest to the wedding?"

Hearing Raven groan got Clarke curious.

"What? I didn't hear anything about that"

"It's nothing" Tried Raven.

"Remember the man she decked?"

"Remember? She knocked him out!" Replied Clarke.

"He started it. I'm not as fast as before on my feet, but I have a mean right hook. That taught them not to mess with Raven of the sky people"

"Queen of blowing things up" Added Octavia before Raven pushed her shoulder and asked. "Is your butt still painfull?"

Octavia glared and took a step closer.

"Enough you two. Octavia, back on track"

"Sorry. Well the guy came to Camp Jaha with food, flowers, pelts. All kinds of gift really. He made it official that he was, as he said, courting her. You should see how fast Wick appears next to Raven when he sees that warrior arrive" Explained a smug Octavia.

"How do you know about all this O?" Wondered Clarke, she was pretty sure Octavia didn't leave TonDc.

"I have my sources"

Clarke didn't say anything, spying or gossiping was always better than pranking. Not that Octavia would be tempted to prank anyone after the last few days. She was getting paranoid, looking at everything before sitting, laying down…pretty much everything.

She even asked Clarke to taste her food and drink after, she was sure, someone slipped a laxative in something she ingested. The blonde felt the need to roll her eyes.

Lyra came back in a smile on her "It's time" before slipping right out again.

"That's it" Said Clarke as she tried to relax, she was so nervous.

Octavia hugged her and smiled.

Raven hugged her, she stepped back and grabbed the blonde's shoulder as she said.

"Last chance to run"

Octavia grabbed her arm and pulled her out behind her.

"Nice try, but you are losing that bet. They are going through…"

Clarke didn't hear Octavia finish her sentence but she didn't need. They put at least a bet on her wedding day. She sure had great friends.

Never mind. Clarke took a deep breath as she stepped out the tent.

As soon as she did something was already wrong.

Lexa and Raven were glaring at each other.

"What's going on?"

"Nothing" Said Raven.

"Then why are you standing here, glaring?"

"I need to find a place to sit down" Explained Raven.

Clarke frowned, that didn't explain the glaring, and she had reserved a spot for Raven on the front row. The blonde looked and found Octavia waving with a huge smile on her face.

"You have you spot right next to O"

"I…I will not sit down next to James. My grounder stalker" Added Raven when she saw that her friend didn't get it.

Clarke looked again and on the other side of the empty seat was a dark blonde grounder. She understood the ecstatic expression on the younger Blake's face.

"Raven. I love you, but this is my wedding day…suck it up!"

Raven looked at the blonde, then her seat, then the blonde and she groaned as she made her way to the front.

Clarke turned to Lexa and they smiled at each other.

"So why were you glaring so hard at each other?"

"Just that. She wouldn't go to her designated place. I told her to and she wouldn't bulge"

"Ah. That's your mistake. Try not to tell Raven what to do. You suggest, you ask, you advise…If you tell her what to do, you're pretty sure she won't do it"

"That explains why the threat didn't work either"


"Nothing bad I swear"

The blonde gave her a look.

"I just told her I'd hang her to a tree by her feet for a while"

Clarke didn't comment as she grabbed the commander's hand. "Ready?"

Lexa smiled and kissed her before they started to walk down the aisle.

"I didn't know you had any decorative weapon"

Lexa glanced down at the sword on her side.

"Let me assure you, it is fully functional. It's my ceremonial sword"

Clarke rolled her eyes as the commander spoke, the worst part was she wasn't even surprised Lexa had brought a weapon to their wedding.

They spent the rest of the way down the aisle quietly until they reached Indra, who was wearing a long green dress.

Clarke didn't comment on the fact that even the general was unarmed.

"We are gathered here to unite these two souls. The essence of this commitment is the acceptance of each other in entirety, as lover, companion, and friend.

Do you both pledge to share your lives with one another, and to speak the truth? Do you promise to honor and care for one another, stand together through sorrows and joys, hardships and triumphs for all the days of this life and beyond?"

Both leaders squeezed each other hand as they simultaneously replied.

"We are"

"If anyone has a good reason to stop this ceremony speak now or forever keep it shut"

Clarke was a little surprise, she was pretty sure that wasn't the usual line. She turned to look at Lexa, but the commander was glaring at the crowd, hand on her sword.

The blonde pulled on the hand she was holding. She knew it could be traditional for grounders to issue a challenge if they wanted to stop a wedding, but this wedding was a mix of both their cultures, no blood was supposed to be spilled.

Lexa looked at Clarke before they faced Indra again with a huge smile on her face.

The general took the ruby red cord that was handed to her.

Lexa and Clarke raised their joined hands and Indra started to wrap the cord around them slowly, speaking as she did so.

"Now you will feel no rain, for each of you will be shelter for the other.

Now you will feel no cold, for each of you will be warmth to the other.

Now there will be no loneliness, for each of you will be companion to the other.

Now you are two persons, but there is only one life before you.

May beauty surround you both in the journey ahead and through all the years.

May happiness be your companion and your days together be good and long upon the earth."

Once their hands were bound together they looked at each other. Clarke leaned in a kissed her wife.

Then they turned to face the audience and raised their tied hands high.

Clarke couldn't believe it. She was sitting next to her wife.

It was late, people were still at their banquet but no one was really eating anymore.

Clarke was just looking at her wife while she was speaking with a man she had never seen before, he was from another kru and had been invited by the commander.

The blonde was wondering if Lexa's cheeks hurt because she had practically been smiling all day, not something she was known for doing.

They were interrupted by Raven, piggyback riding on James.

"Clarke, you need to come before O lit someone else on fire"

The blonde got up in a groan and followed them. The commander by her side, a little worried about the 'else' part.

Octavia it would seem had one too many drink and was struggling to keep the flask she had grabbed from one of the fire spitter in one hand and a torch in the other. Everybody froze when they heard the heda use her I'm not happy voice.

"Octavia Blake"

"Lexa Griffin" Responded the younger girl.

Clarke stepped in. "O, we talked about this when you set Benji on fire"

"I thought what happened at your bachelorette party stayed at your bachelorette party" Pouted Octavia.

"Yes, but we agreed that you wouldn't play with fire again too" Clarke always felt like she was talking to a kid when she was talking to a drunk Octavia.

"I know I can do it" She pulled on the flask and easily took it from the distracted fire spitter and did it. It looked good too, but once she was done they realized she had fire going down her chin.

Lincoln wiped it off instantly while scolding at her "Octavia"

The young warrior groaned but still handed the torch and flask back.

"That woman is insane" Stated Raven.

Everyone's attention shifted to her, still on the grounder's back.

Clarke had to ask. "What…are you doing?"

"I can't run" Simply explained the tech.

"Okay…but why are you still…you know what, nevermind. You guys'd better not disturb us in our tent on our wedding night"

They nodded but that wasn't enough for Clarke "Is that clear?!"

"Yes Ma'am" Said Octavia while Raven let out a small "Yeah"

The blonde glared for a minute, then Lexa pulled her by the arm. "Come on"

"Where are we going?" Asked Clarke as she walked by her wife's side.

"You said wedding night" Answered Lexa with a smile.

Clarke smiled too and started to walk faster. She was happy.

And she knew that the next day, even before getting their tattoo she would feel happy, always, with Lexa.