Long ago, before Zarkon, before the Alliance, before even the lions, there was a planet. On this planet, two completely different races peacefully and beautifully co-existed together. They were the epitome of love and selflessness towards one another. Each covering the other's faults, each loving the other as family. If knowledge of such a racial relationship of amity and love was widely spread, historians would call it the golden planet and peacemakers would base all foreign relations upon this standard and example.

One race was a being of thought and deep rumination. They used their intellectual prowess to create beautiful cities and brilliant systems for transportation, sewage, and much more. Even from a young age each child born to this race showed talent of the mind. They were even proficient in magic and mind arts. However, despite all of this, they had a fatal flaw. They were only as strong as an average human being. Perhaps even sub-par. Even though they had minds worth their weight in gold, their bodies were pathetic in comparison. This race is often referred to as the Forgers by the few historians who know of their shadowy and mysterious existence. This name is chosen because of the great deed they later do.

In comparison, the second race is the Forgers' polar opposite. These beautiful and powerful creatures are strong and noble. They were the fastest, strongest, and most loyal companions the Forgers could have asked for. Their physical abilities are highlighted by their unique ability to shift forms. Originally, they supposedly had 2 forms. One of giant wildcats, and the other of a large cat-human mix. As the legend goes, the third form was created in the second race's wish to be more like their Forger friends. If the same legend is to be trusted, the second race first met the Forgers in some woods, at the dawn of Forger civilization. The Forgers, who kept very little body hair were amazed at the long'manes'that even the men of the second race kept. Therefore the name TimberMane was born and attatched as a label to the wild creatures that lived in the woods. However, like Forgers, TymberManes are also born into the world with a fatal flaw. They were largely color-blind and/or dyslexic. Some were even born blind or deaf. The reason for this is that the portion in a TimberMane's brain meant to control or aid in these processes was sacrificed for more brain cells devoted to their shifting ability. Even modern day scientists agree that it was a miracle that the TimberManes didnt seriously injure or kill themselves in what they considered a daily occurrence. Unfortunately, the drawbacks from having their shifting ability meant that the TimberManes would never have made it into outer space. It was only the Forgers who built the first space wotthy craft on their planet who invited the TimberManes with then into space.

Even long-term historians will agree that any relationship that did not involve death threats flying between the Forgers and the TimberManes is a miracle. According to studies on the planet they lived on, Tymbrell, this amiable friendship lasted for centuries, possibly longer. To understand how amazing such a truce was, one must consider several possible outcomes.

First, it was possible that the Forgers could have used their higher technology and sophistication in order to enslave the TimberManes. Despite the TimberManes larger size, it is important to remember that they were largely illiterate due to lack of use of a written language and severe dyslexia in most of their population.

Put the shoe on the other foot, and the TimberManes use their overwhelming brute strength and size to annihilate the Forgers before giving them a chance to regroup and use their powerful brains.

There are many other scenarios one could concoct, but, thankfully, the two planet-mates got along amazingly well. The TimberManes would protect the Forgers from physical dangers, while the Forgers protected the TimberManes from disease, parasites, the weather, etc. It was not entirely uncommon for young TimberManes and Forgers to be paired together as friends. The amount of variety between the species allowed for long-lasting friendships to be formed. Sometimes, the children of such pairings, once they had grown up, would eventually marry. Their children, however, were either TimberMane or Forger, not a hybrid.

Unfortunately, like most golden eras, this time of peace eventually came to end. However, it was not civil war that broke the stained glass window of peace. It was invaders. these foreigners had heard word of the ingenuity of the Forgers and they wanted it for their own.

Intending to take the Forgers captive, the invaders swarmed the planet of Tymbrell. However, they were quickly rebuffed by the loyal TimberManes, who didn't much appreciate the idea of their best friends, brothers, neighbors, or parents being taken away. The TimberManes fought valiantly. Out of all single planet wars, this war is estimated to have been the single most devastating, despite only lasting several years.

Both the Forgers and the Timbermanes fought bravely, and they won. However, the last known five TimberManes died the day of the final battle. Due to the TimberManes' heavy offensive capabilities, they suffered far more casualties as they fought on the front lines. The noble, mighty TimberManes took their last breath as a species defending their best friends from a life without freedom.

The entire Forger population was devastated at the loss. They mourned their friend and protectors heavily. In their honor, the Forgers began building an eternal monument. This monument would represent the TimberManes and everything they ever stood for.

It would come to be named as Voltron, after the mountain on which it was forged. However, one would only have to look at it to know it represented more than a mountain. Five brilliant, ferocious lions were forged out of the strongest, purest metals found in the galaxy. The fires used in the forging were hand picked with great care. Only the most talented smiths, scientists, and artisans were allowed anywhere near Voltron.

Voltron is made up of five seperate pieces, each representing one of the last five TimberManes. The form of a lion was chosen out of all the Timber cat-forms because in TimberMane culture, the lions were royalty. Thus, the Forgers honored them by proclaiming them all royalty despite their TimberKind.

However, the details of its forging is not what makes Voltron special. What makes it special is a deed that was performed by the entire Forger people. Using the souls of the five dead TimberManes, the Forgers bound them to the lions. Each lion took on the dominant characteristic of the soul. The black lion stands for honor. The red, for courage. Likewise, the yellow lion stands for loyalty. Green demonstrates gentleness and mercy. The blue illustrates peace.

With Voltron, the Forgers strived to protect the weak of the universe, just like the TimberManes protected them.

Every year, year after year, a bubble of peace and prosperity widened around where Voltron patrolled. The name Voltron became a name rejoiced throughout the universe. Voltron's reign is actually the first recorded interplanetary alliance with peace as its goal.

Unfortunately, not everyone loved Voltron. The evil witch Hagar did not. Hagar was a creature of evil who has lived millenia feeding off the pain of others. Hagar did not like peace because if the universe was at peace, she would wither and die as she should have many centuries ago.

In her hatred, she lured Voltron, piloted by five Forgers, to her by disguising herself as a beautiful angel. when Voltron was close, she released as much lethal dark power as she was able. In this strike, she both seperated the five lions- giving people the belief that she turned them into lions, despite that being how they were originally built- and killed the brave Forger pilots within.

The force of the blow sent the lions plummeting to a planet below that was heralded as beautiful. This planet is called Aeriss.

As revenge for building and piloting Voltron, Hagar then attacked Tymbrell, home of the Forgers. Without Voltron, the Forgers were defenseless. It was a slaughter. It is believed that not a single Forger survived her attack. The few Forgers off-planet quickly blended into human planets to avoid her wrath.

Over time, the story of friendship between the Forgers and TimberManes faded even beyond legend, not even the historians knowing more than a few pieces of their history. Even Voltron faded into obscurity.

At least, it did until five remarkable individuals found and piloted Voltron once more. Voltron soon became a symbol of peace and joy again, alongside the Alliance.

Despite later being called a menace and placed once again in storage, Voltron remained deeply entrenched in one young cadet girl's heart. She believed in it with all her heart. Her name is Danielle- or Dani, DanDan, or just Dan- and she wishes to pilot the black lion, little does she know, she's closer to the lions than she thinks.

It is believed that the TimberManes will never again befriend the Forgers in the living world. If you believed this, you'd be wrong. Way wrong.

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