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What would happen if the Team, the Justice League, and all their villains had a facebook page? This means a lot of randomness, hacking, and trolling to pursue. Mainly original team. Mostly during season 2 and beyond.

Just a heads up, they will all be by their hero/villain names. Not everyone knows each other's identities nor do they want them to know. Sometimes random civilians do pop up on occasion though. Need I say more? XD

Disclaimer: Although these will include a lot of the DC Universe outside of Young Justice, I still don't own any of the characters.

Kid Flash: I don't believe it. My life is over

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Cheshire: Artemis finally come to her senses and break it off with you?

Artemis: No Cheshire. He's upset that the Taco Bar a few blocks away is going out of business.

Kid Flash: Tolito's Tacos, I will miss you…

Nightwing: No doubt that you helped put them out of business.

Kid Flash: That's not true… exactly.

Nightwing posted a video titled Kid Flash Best Collaboration of Fail Moments

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Flash: Ha ha ha! How is this not longer? Ten minutes worth is not enough!

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Green Arrow: The best part was when he slipped on the pile of leaves and rammed completely into that little tree. The Kid seriously trips over his own feet.

Flash: You are not wrong about that.

Zatanna: How did you get all of this footage… never mind.

Nightwing: Because… I'm Nightwing!

Robin: Seriously? Had to take the ol' Batman line?

Nightwing: This was only the best of what I had collected over the years. Besides, Bats isn't the only one allowed to use it.

Batgirl: But he has copyrights to it. Puts up link.

Superboy: You Bats and your claims.

Green Lantern: I'm surprised that Kid Flash hasn't seen this yet.

Artemis: Oh, he did. He's gapping at the screen and getting a little red. I should probably check that he's still breathing.

Kid Flash: DUDE! WHY?!

Nightwing: I'll have you know KF, I was not the only one to get all this footage. Artemis had a large helping hand.

Green Lantern: Ha ha ha ha ha….

Black Canary: Can't blame them. If I had all this footage, I'd probably do something like this.

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Green Arrow: So I just came from Watchtower duty and guess what I saw… Superman watching My Little Pony! We got a brony on our hands!

Zatanna: That's a fairly decent show actually. Twilight Sparkle is the best.

Red Arrow: I prefer Rainbow Dash.

Green Arrow: Um…

Red Arrow: Hey, I have a kid now who happens to enjoy that show and watch it while sitting in my lap. I have to make sure what she is watching. Don't you dare think I'm watching it for pure entertainment!

Cheshire: Keep telling yourself that Red.

Miss Martian: I think I recall Nightwing watching that show at the cave before. That's what got me into it. And Pinkie Pie is so cute!

Green Arrow: Really Nightwing?

Kid Flash: I knew that a long time ago.

Nightwing: Eh. I'm not going to deny I had a vague interest years ago. Red Arrow was first anyway.

Batman: And this has nothing to do with the potential multiple seasons of DVD's stashed in your room.

Red Arrow: It was to study to make sure that it's appropriate!

Cheshire: Appropriate, Red?

Red Arrow: You know what I mean.

Green Arrow: Thanks for the pic proof Cheshire. This is definitely going on the Blackmail wall.

Red Arrow: Since when were you and him such chums?

Cheshire: Well, when there is common interest in information to be passed…

Miss Martian posted three new recipes.

Beast Boy: Ooh! Can you make the Tomato basil pasta one?

Miss Martian: Sure thing!


Lex Luthor: After watching Tangled for the 147th time, I have decided that I want long blonde hair that glows when I sing. I will start on this product immediately and call it, Rapunzel Hair Gel.

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Queen Bee: Really Lex?

Lex Luthor: I didn't write that…

Klarion: He he he…

Lex Luthor: Witch Boy!

Klarion: I want to, but can't take the credit for this.

Lex Luthor: Who dare hack my page?!

Lex Luthor posted a picture.

Klarion: HA HA HA HA!

Queen Bee: Blonde is a good color on you.

Lex Luthor: You know I originally had red hair… BUT THAT'S NOT THE POINT! THIS LOW LIFE WILL PAY DEARLY…

Meanwhile at the cave, Robin (Tim) stood in front of the laptop, Conner peering at it beside him.

"And that's how you hack into someone else's page." Superboy nodded in approval, a small smile spreading across his face. Robin continued, "You don't have to worry about Luthor sending an encryption to attempt to find and destroy me. This tech is protected by the highly-graded, impenetrable Bat fire wall."

I'm hoping to post a chapter weekly of this in the least. What do you all think of Comedy Thursdays? That way it's a fun way to bring forth the coming weekends! :D