"Road To Romance"
Road To Romance
by Laura Kamida
Rated G

Ash curled up in his sleeping bag and turned over on his back to stare at the stars. He heard a noise and looked over to see Misty heading off into the forest. "Hey, where you going?" he asked.

"Just a little ways away," Misty replied. "I just... don't feel like sleeping right now. I won't be long."

"Oh, OK," he said. She smiled and continued on her way.

She found a small clearing in the forest, and sat down on the soft, green grass. It was so quiet, so serene, it was the perfect place for her to think. About her feelings for him. She smiled as the thought of her childish hopes. She knew in her mind that her attraction to him was purely a young girl's hormones, but deep in her heart she still hoped that they were really soulmates, destined to be together.

She suddenly came back to Earth sometime later, catching herself staring off at the stars. She wondered how long she had been sitting there.

Walking back to the campsite, she looked longingly at Ash. He was sleeping, so innocently, so adorably. She knew there was something she saw in him no one else could see.

She kneeled down gently beside him, and looked at his sleeping face. She brushed a stray strand of hair away from his eyes.

She got a mischievous feeling. She slowly leaned down until her face was only a couple inches from his. She could feel his breath warmly, rhythmically hitting her cheek.

She kissed him ever-so-gently on the lips and ran back to her sleeping bag. She zipped it up and closed her eyes as if she were asleep.

Ash's eyelids fluttered open and he looked over to Misty. He watched her, sleeping quietly, looking so beautiful, with her eyes closed angelically. He wasn't sure why he was thinking of her that way, but it wasn't totally bad.

He turned over, convincing himself that he dreamed her face close to his own. He lay on his side and glanced up at the stars out of the corner of his eye.

Good dream.