Flame of Recca.

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"RECCA! Get your butt here this instant!"

The screeching of a vibrant teenage girl rang through the school. Luckily for everyone it was lunch break and this was not an uncommon occurrence.

As if by 2nd nature everyone in that particular school corridor moved aside against the walls waiting.

As expected a dark haired boy raced down the corridors as fast as he could away from the one who was screaming at him. Just moments later a purple haired female raced past them all and sped after
him with matching speed. Everyone just sighed.

"Geez... this again, Fuuko's been at it hard for the last three weeks. What's gotten into her?"
wondered a hazel haired student who also leant against the wall. As fast as the scene had started it was over and the two had taken it outside and then soon ended with the usual.

"KUSO! I'll beat you next time Recca!" a screech that could be heard two blocks away.

Shortly later life in school would return to normal. And the lunch break continued. No one really talked about what had just happened because it was not unusual. Occassionaly some people mumbling how
Fuuko was such a tomboy or she'll never beat him. Or how they should celebrate someone finally beating Recca, or Good luck next time Fuuko!

Suddenly another figure started to run down the corridors after the two, obviously too late to see what the action was. The figure burst out of the school.

"HANABISHI! What are you doing with my FUUKO DARLING!" he would shout. He then would be
sent to become one of the clouds for a while.

"Who's your Fuuko Darling?!" she would retort whilst blasting him into the sky.

And after all that... finally... lunch break would return to it's usual placid nature.


A Blue haired high school heart throb made his way to the library to study. His hair would casually sway a little as he walked, if you looked fast enough, he could possibly be mistaken for a girl. But if you said anything don't expect to live as long as Recca has so far.

It was not unknown to him that various fan girls were pretending to not follow him. As he entered the library he swore the library's population suddenly doubled within the first two minutes. (well the female population that was.). He sighed and remained ignorant of what was happening around him. He just hoped that they would leave him be to study. Most times they would leave him alone. But occasionally a girl would come up with the guts to ask him what he was doing or if he was free on the weekend or something stupid like that. Of course he would turn them all down. No matter who it was or how popular all got the same answer.

'No... I'm quite busy at the moment and don't have anytime for anyone else.'

The high school heart throb and high school heartbreaker. The two

There was soft whispers heard through out the library. Though they went on Mikagami's deaf ears.

Suddenly a figure burst into the library.

Everyone looked up for a moment to see who had killed the silent tension.

The purple haired girl had burst into the room with her school things. She was still a little messed up from her fight with Hanabishi Recca at beginning of lunch. She quickly noticed everyone looking at her for a moment. Then then went back to their own business.

She looked around the library and noticed Mikagami. She immediately grinned and waved.

Mikagami looked up. His brow narrowed a little in annoyance. But she ignored it and sat opposite him on his table.

Mikagami could not help but noticed the soft and not-so-soft scowls and insults towards her in the room. Fuuko still smiled though. He looked at her for a moment. He shrugged a little.

"What do you think you are doing Monkey?" he hissed. She still grinned. She took out her study books and started to get to work. Which admittingly, was kind of surprising to Mikagami.

"Sssh! I have to study too you know?! I'm not a natural smart arse like you." she snapped at him and then poked her tongue out.

"That's not what I meant!" he said with a more irritated tone. "What are you doing sitting near me?!"

She shot him a glare.

"What?? What do you mean? Aren't I allowed to sit near the ALMIGHTY Mikagami Tokiya?! Geez." she teased.

He just frowned and continued to work. Surprisingly she did not bother him the rest of lunch and concentrated hard on her draft essay. It was him who kept annoying her. He kept looking up and seeing how fast she was getting through her study.

He never thought of her as a studious girl. He paused. Hmph. He should not even be thinking of her as a girl. Most the time she did not even act like one. It may have been 6 months since the Urabatousatsajin (gawd that's a long word, not so sure about the spelling.). But her attitude has not changed a_

Ding Dong

She immediately packed her things and rushed out of the library.

"Ja Mi-chan!" she called our and raced off to class.

Mikagami frowned slightly embarrassed that she openly called out her cursed nickname for him.

He got up to go to class again. He paused a little as he heard the harsh words that were now louder now that she had left.

"Who does she think she is?!" bitched one girl.

"Gawd, what's with that tomboy attitude. She'll never get a boyfriend like that."

"Hmph, as long as she doesn't get Mikagami-sempai, I don't care."

Mikagami could not help but glare at them. They freaked out a little and hurried off to their classes. He started off to class. He did not care much for the Fuujin Wielder but she had been his team mate a few months ago and he did not appreciate hearing bad things about about her.

He paused. Why should he care anyway. He shook the thoughts off and left.


Recca started to walk Yanagi home that afternoon.

It had been 6 months since the Urabotousatsajin and the two had FINALLY become an official couple soon after the tournament. They had been inseparable since he had saved her from Mori Kouran's plan.

Yanagi smiled as she saw a girl rushing out of school to get home.

"Fuuko! How was sch_"

Fuuko waved and smiled at her best friend as she rushed past them.

"Sorry Yanagi! I've got to get home! I've got lots of things to do! Recca! I'll beat you tomorrow!" she waved and sped off.

Yanagi and Recca looked confused.

"I'm really worried about her. That's the third time this week she's been like this." Yanagi looked at Recca for some answers. But he had just as many questions.

"She's challenged me just about everyday for three weeks! Agh! I don't know how much more I can take. I'm just glad she doesn't use the Fuujin against me at school!" He wailed.

"She's really changed. I wonder what been happening to her..." Yanagi said softly.


Fuuko raced home she quickly closed the door and sighed. She had a smile on her face. She looked around the house.

She paused. It was quiet. She put her bag down.

"Ta... Taidaima!" she called out. But no one answered.

She walked around a little. She fell on to the couch and stared into nothingness. A few minutes passed and she started to stare at the ceiling. She had no choice but to break the silence herself.

"So Fuuko, how was your day today." she said softly to herself.

"Oh fine fine, I managed to finish that essay plan at school today..." she replied.

"I'm glad you're finally taking school seriously Fuuko." she continued.

"... yeah.. me too..."

Slowly tears started to streak down her face. Slowly Fuuko crawled into a ball...

She started to cry.

"... it's nothing... Fuuko-chan's never in trouble... Fuuko-chan's just in a pinch..."


I know kind of hard to understand at the moment. This story is mainly about Fuuko. I think she's a very complex character. She's not really what she seems to be. She seems to just be a tomboy, but she really is a lot of other things. Fuuko's just one of those characters that you can't judge by the cover. And i think that is cool. I just wanted to show that after a while people like her tired of being strong for other people... and that strong people can cry too. Things are gonna start off gradual, i don't really like stories that jump straight into he story and give EVERYTHING away. ah! restrain yourselves people! hah hah. anyway, i hope you continue to read my story! please read and review!