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There are many unusual things in this world. Every day, events occur that cannot be explained, bizarre phenomena that often go unnoticed because people close their eyes to what they don't understand. But the truth of the matter is that there are many unusual things in this world. And people…people are the most mysterious of them all…

Prologue: The Inevitable

Watanuki's day was just as normal as it could be: completely horrible. She was walking in one of the many shopping districts of Tokyo after school when it happened. She'd been half eavesdropping on two girl's conversation about some guy named Peter when she felt it creeping up on her and shivered as its presence got closer and closer. "Go away now! Leave me alone, will ya?" she huffed, refusing to look back and make it reality. If she didn't look, it may or may not be real, just a feeling, but if she looked it would be real. The girl started sweating, walking faster, and her skirt flying behind her. It was still there. She walked even faster. She felt it still. She was running now. It was still there. She ran faster. Faceless people passed by her, some taking note of her hurried gait, some completely ignoring her and other taking enough interest to stop and watch her nearly run by. It was still following her. Watanuki panicked.

"I said, 'Leave me alone!' Dammit!" The raven felt it grab her head via her short pony tail and latch on. She shivered and looked back. It was very, very real. The spirit only she could see was a massive, purple mass floating behind her, yellow eyes and various mouths gaping at her. She nearly screamed, the daily terror still horrifying (and annoying) as it was when she realized that she could see spirits. Watanuki sprinted faster, not caring who saw her now, not caring that she was getting weird looks. All she wanted was the disgusting spirit to let go of her head!

"Shit, shit, shit, shit, shit, shit, shit, shit, shit, shit, shit, shit!" She hissed, flying past stores and shoppers in her rush to avoid the spirit. "Almost there! Almost there!" She chanted (not really knowing where "there" really was because the spirit literally followed her everywhere. She burst out of the back allies of the shopping district and onto one of the main roads where swarms of purple spirits prepared to assault her. "What am I? The freaking PIED PIPER?!" She screamed, completely ignoring all the looks she was getting. Now the first spirit had its oozing hands wrapped around her torso.

"I was just going for a little afternoon walk, minding my own business-Hey! Watch your hands!" Watanuki spat at the spirit dragging her back. One of its hands had gone a little to far up and grabbed her boob, the thing's "head" still gnawing at her head. "I could do without the company, thanks!" A hand came up and smack the struggling girl and she hissed while shoving it off her face. Then another hand pinched and pull her cheek until she karate chopped it and then the entire spirit heaved itself up and tried to tackle her. "Oh no you don't! That's hurts!" The raven tried to hold the spirit off of her, but its sheer weight crashed down on her legs and she was pinned.

"AHHH! Get off!" She half whined-half demanded, pushed against the troublesome spirit. Watanuki knew she looked ridiculous to everyone else because they couldn't see what she could. To them, she just looked like a crazy girl rolling around in the middle of the street wailing her head off. They couldn't even fathom that one of the spirits they were taught to fear as children (and now didn't believe in as adults) was right in front of them holding down a skinny chick. "Get off! Just get off of me!" Watanuki wailed again, waving her free hand as if to ward off the spirit. Her hand hit a fence and then the strangest thing happened: the spirit evaporated, still leaving the girl in the middle of the street but minus one spirit. Watanuki paused for a second, looking behind her in the sudden quiet before standing up and brushing off her skirt and gray school jacket. She looked behind her but the spirit was really gone. The raven glanced at her hand and flexed it, wondering what was different about her hand that it could've warded off the spirit. Watanuki didn't think that her hand was any different and looked around her.

She was standing in front of a strange mansion; one that looked like several house styes had been mushed together. Their architecture seemed to mainly stem from Japanese culture with a sloping roof and wrap around porch, but there was a tower, a second story balcony mostly related to western houses and a curved porch roof and to top it all off there were crescent moons on each roof peak and over the porch. Looking from the other side of the fence, Watanuki thought that this odd little house didn't belong in Tokyo – it was the sort of house you'd find in the country, either haunted or inhabited by strange, old witches. Watanuki walked toward the moon topped fence's opening and looked in the courtyard. The cherry trees were blossoming, their pink buds fluttering slightly in the breeze. She glanced at the red door to the mansion, the slanted handles seeming to pull her in, like they wanted her to open them. Well, this place is weird, she thought, nearly turning away when something even weirder started to happen.

Watanuki gasped, her shoulders shaking, her legs beginning to move on their own. Her feet yanked her inside the fence by force, dragging her body along with them. The seer panicked, trying to stop her feet, trying to pull away from the red door. She grunted with effort, leaning towards the fence even harder as her feet started pulling her further in.

"Heeeeyyy!" She wailed, pulling further away and then running in place as she tried to escape what her body was doing to her. "Wah!" She yelped as a sudden yank jerked her back several feet. She ran faster to get away, tightening her grip on her school bag to anchor herself, but she was thwarted when the red doors suddenly swung open, a slight squeak coming from the hinges. The girl snapped around so fast her skirt got caught in the breeze and nearly turned inside out. Standing in the doorway were two of the strangest little girls she'd ever seen.

They were about the same height and one had long, curly blue hair in twin tails that generously fell pooled on the floor and was dressed in a red, black and white sort of devil outfit (complete with wings on her hips) and the other had short pink hair and looked like a white, poofy angel (also with wings). They both looked at Watanuki with blank expressions, the one's blue eyes and the other's pink eyes staring right through the raven. All three girls stared at each other for a moment, the silence heavy and awkward before the odd girls moved in perfect sync, their inner hands coming up and then falling down to gesture inside.

"Would you like to come in now?" Their bright voices asked, smiles on their lips. Watanuki gasped suddenly remembering where she was.

"No! Well, I-that's-uh-" And now she couldn't speak. Great. Those two just kind of creep me out.

"A customer for the mistress!" The blue girl said, hiding her smooth voice behind her hand and looking at the other girl slyly.

"Yes! It's a customer for the mistress!" The pink girl's voice was much lighter and happier and she smiled behind her own hand. They both giggled and ran out to Watanuki grapping onto her arms and pulling.

"No – Really! It's like I said – " Watanuki tried to get out as she was pulled inside the mansion, the two girls still giggling. The raven was forced into the gray-stoned entryway, her shoes flying off her feet on their own accord and her school bag dropping behind her.

"My shoes! Wait my shoes!" She exclaimed, wide-eyed behind her glasses. The girls just kept laughing. "Why are my legs moving on their own!?" It's like they really were possessed, each sock-clad foot taking steps Watanuki was not telling them to take.

"Because this is inevitable", a seductive voice echoed around the hall.

The two girls led Watanuki to a beautiful set of screen doors, exquisitely decorated with purple butterflies and smoke patterns. The girls let go of the raven's arms, the three of them standing in front of the doors for a moment. Who's behind these doors? Who was that speaking to me? Why am I even here?!All these questions floated around Watanuki's head.

"You came here to inquire about something," the seductive voice said again. Watanuki shivered and stood still as the two girls went up to the doors in tandem and smiling, slid the doors open. The girl gasped. The panels moved back to reveal a smoked filled room, the clouds lazily drifting back and forth, slightly concealing the person behind them. She was sitting on the moon couch framed by red curtains at the back of the room, leaning over the left armrest from Watanuki's perspective, a tobacco pipe drawn to her mouth. She was beautiful in an unearthly way, her long black hair cascading down her back and shoulders, contrasting with the bright red kimono she was wearing. There was a huge yellow bow tied in the front of the kimono, the robe part falling to the floor to reveal long, smooth legs and an exotic anklet band. All Watanuki could do was stare. The pipe came down, smoke swirling out of the lady's mouth as she shifted on the couch.

"Inevitable?" Watanuki asked, the wording striking a cord in her soul. Cranberry eyes looked up at her, fathomless, unattainable in their study of the girl. Something was happening here, Watanuki could feel it. A change in the air, a slight shift. The girl's entrance, her look, their meeting, the forming bond…it was all meant to happen and was incomprehensible in that moment.

Incomprehensible…but always inevitable.

To be continued...

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