Major Mills stood in the small, crowded monorail terminal. Top level researchers that usually act like whispering statues were in the grip of unrestrained hysteria. The Major could barely believe what he was hearing.

"Are... Are you serious?" the Major asks.

"If you don't believe me, then take a look for yourself" Rupert says, gesturing to the monorail car. The Major stares at Rupert in a moment of incredulity, Rupert raises his eyebrows in an annoyed, daring response.

The Marine then proceeds to enter the car. He saw Dr. Kronos standing beside Leonard to one side, in the middle of the car was the sprawled corpse of a completely foreign creature. He wasted no time. He walked off the monorail, brushing past the researchers and the medical personnel that had just arrived at the terminal and went directly to a comm unit, built into the wall. Revok was in the primary surveillance control room, he was examining a layout of Echo labs on a large tabletop holo-monitor. His comm unit came to life.

"Major Mills to Corporal Revok" it said, Revok touches the unit.

"Revok here, go ahead Major" he says.

"Sir, a group of top-level researchers just arrived from Echo labs via the monorail. They claim that an infestation of alien creatures is occurring in Sector-B. There's an alien corpse in their monorail car, I think it's real" Mills quickly explains.

Revok was already scanning the layout of Sector-B. He finds the source of the alarm condition, sees alien creatures occupying the halls of the research complex.

"Report to your squad, you'll receive orders soon" he calmly says.

He could see from the security footage that the aliens were beginning to take over Sectors A and C, and Sector-A connects with the rest of the station. He had to deploy units soon if there was any chance of taking it back. He removed a cylindrical key from around his neck and pushed it into a slot on the console, a menu of emergency security protocols opened. He called tactical monorail cars to station, authorized use of energy weapons and activated Echo lab's sentries. He then picked up his comm unit and jogged from the room, yelling commands.

"Viper squad, report to Echo labs main entrance. Obsidian squad, report to monorail station A. Nova squad, report to monorail station B" he loudly commands.

At monorail station B, the monorail pulled away as it was called to the circuit station.

Director Banks takes notice, "That'a boy, Revok" he says, "he's deploying tactical monorails"

Space Marines begin filing into the station, as does Corporal Revok. The tactical monorail soon arrives at the terminal. The marines immediately begin boarding the monorail as the researchers argued loudly. Susan shook her head in disagreement and steps over to Revok.

"Corporal Revok!" she shouts over the bustling of marines, the Corporal looks over.

"Yes, Dr. Carmichael. Make it quick" he responds.

"The aliens are coming from the portal, experimentation chamber ten-A. The invasion will only stop with the destruction of the teleporter" she frantically explains.

"Okay, consider it done. Now get yourself off this station" Revok says dryly and then proceeds to board the monorail car, it soon pulls away.

The tactical monorail car had several computer stations and a large set of cabinets for holding armour and weapons on one side.

"Everyone suit up. We have an alien infestation originating in Sector-B, Sectors A and C are already being taken over. Viper squad are already making their way through Sector-A and Obsidian squad is on another monorail heading to Sector-C" he explains. "We are heading to Sector-B. Echo labs is empty of UAC personnel, so don't hold back on these things"

The five squad troops quickly donned their armour and helmets, they then grabbed plasma rifles from the weapons cabinet.

After seeing an alien appear from thin air, the Director was compelled to accept the need to evacuate. The researchers made their way to the escape pods on that level. Outside the base, the pods began to break away from Deimos and slowly drift away. Booster engines fired to allow the pods to escape the gravity well of the red planet.

Before the monorail came to a stop, two small aliens had teleported into the car. Their bullet ridden corpses were tossed to the rear section. The car came to a stop and the doors slid aside, the terminal was deserted.

"Nova arriving at Sector-B. Viper and Obsidian squads, report!" he say into his comm unit.

"Obsidian squad reporting, just arriving at monorail station, Sector-C"

"Viper squad reporting from Sector-A, weapons research division. Encountering multiple hostile units" came voices from the comm unit.

Nova squad moved into the adjoining hallway, each section was blocked by sealed station doors, they passed storage and mechanical rooms as they made their way. They moved through another passage, doors splitting as they moved into the area. Three different species of aliens turned toward the squad, piercing red eyes looked back at them. Two large alien creatures, five smaller ones, and two stomping creatures with large jaws filled the corridor. The marines flooded the short hall with glowing plasma. The aliens had no time to react, burning plasma turned them to variously sized smoking chunks of charred meat. They had no problem burning through more aliens in the connecting areas, they were soon heading to the Sector-B Atrium for their rendezvous with Obsidian squad. They waited for only a few moments, burning a few teleporting aliens as they waited. The far doors then raised up, Obsidian squad stood on the other side. They had blood splatter covering their armour, Revok stared deeply into the frontman's visor and saw red eyes staring back at him. Major Mills raised his rifle.

"Take cover" shouts Revok.

The squad of possessed humans fired long sweeping streams of plasma into the area, they soon moved into covered forward positions.

"Die!" one of them screeched, as they continued their wild-fire.

Nova squad was forced to fall back and find cover, Revok was completely unprepared for this scenario. The former humans strode fearlessly into the center of the area and stared absently as they took aim.

"Stop! Hold your fire!" shouts Revok to no avail, they went diving for cover. "Open fire" commands Revok.

Nova squad fired back from behind shipping crates in controlled bursts, a marine is struck during the exchange. The four remaining marines takes down Obsidian squad, one former human at a time. They fell with large holes blasted into their armour. The sound of discharged plasma was dissipating across the Atrium as silence took over the area again. The squad erupted into hysterics, Revok stared silently at his comrade's charred remains in front of him.

"We're going to contact Viper squad... Then we are going to shut down that teleporter... and for the time being, I don't care what stands in our way" Revok states, his voice dripping with undisguised anger.

His three squad mates sounded off. The subsystems in the base were being covered in the appendages of the mysterious growth that spewed form the portal, the systems began to fail and forced the marines to rely on their armour's sealed environment. The marines endure their trek to the elevator, as waves of aliens teleported around them. They had no problem clearing them out, but a member of their squad went missing as they passed the Archeological research labs.

"Where's Evans?"

"He was just here, he can't be far"

They searched and and called his comm unit but there were forced to proceed to the teleporter, hoping the lost marine can survive and reach an escape module.

Revok and his squad boarded the elevator and headed to Level 5.

"We're going to sweep the experimentation chamber as quickly as possible, then all units will target the top-left part of the teleporter. If the portal hasn't closed, target individual modules until it does" he says, issuing commands.

Their rifles were aimed at the doors as the elevator came to a stop and opened. The sound of snarling aliens and discharging plasma came from ahead, they quickly move toward the sounds. A group of large jawed demons had a pair of Viper squad marines cornered in a short hall on the right. Nova squad was unable to to stop them as the demons mobbed the marines and sank their teeth into their flesh. The alien's massive jaws savagely ripped at their opened fire on the demons, quickly dropping them and moved on, engaging more aliens further down the passage. The pair from Viper squad were beyond all help.

They encountered more and more resistance as they got closer to the teleporter, the door to the experimentation chamber was just beyond the next hall. The area was littered with corpses, blood splatter covered the floors and walls. A loud humming sound and streaks of light came from the door to the teleporter. They enter the area, stepping over the remains of the destroyed door. The growth of flesh was covering all corners of the room, it continued spewing from the portal which was now glowing with a red hue. The teleporter was covered in layers of the growth which had reformed it's appearance into a demonic shape. The experimentation chamber could hardly be recognized anymore, it looked like a corner of hell. Many large, small and floating, bloated aliens were in front of the burning portal, poised to defend their passage into our world.

The marines stormed the area and lit up the assembled aliens with streams of plasma as new arrivals continued stepping from the gate. Aliens charged them and tossed blobs of energy. With some difficulty, they neutralized the aliens and targeted the teleporter. From about eighty meters, the marines shot plasma against the surface of the teleporter, the three streams converged on the targeted area. They kept hammering the casing but the energy seemed to dissipate against the growth.

"Keep firing!" shouts Revok.

The plasma fire seemed to be drawn into the glowing portal and a grey pallet seemed to crawl from within. Staring into the growing void, they could see landmarks of another dimension. Within the deep, expanding realm could be seen a red streaked sky, pock-marked with floating islands. The experimentation chamber was being drawn into a hellish dimension. Revok's mind went racing for a new approach, but it seemed that time had run out.

"We're aborting, fall back!" orders Revok as the alternate dimension expanded to half the size of the experimentation chamber.

The marines turned to escape, running from the chamber and heading to the Level 5 escape pods. They entered the hallway with a strip of escape pods set into the wall facing away from the station. They were climbing into a pod when a large horned demon turned the far corner and tossed a green blob of plasma, striking one of the three remaining marines. The plasma caught him on the right side of his upper torso, it seared straight through his armour and melted into his chest and ate away at the flesh between his bones. Revok and the other marine watched their squad-mate's torso melt away, his screams were accompanied by sizzling sounds as he collapsed to the floor. Revok was stupefied by the marine's painful last moments, the loud stomping of the approaching alien finally prompted them to launch the pod. The pod had only travelled a couple hundred meters before the marines witnessed the Martian moon, Deimos, slip away into the hellish dimension.