"The trial is tomorrow, where is that autosopy report?"
A fustrated Miles Edgeworth said.

"It's right, there pal, in the folder."
Dectective Dick Gumshoe responded.

"Which folder? There is ten of them on the desk."

A still fustrarted Edgeworth respond.

"It's the one with the Blue Badger stamp, pal, I made it myself."
"None of these folders look like they have the Blue Badger on them."
Before the conversation could continue, the power in the prosecutor's office went out.

"Well, this is just grand."

"I think there's a flashlight in the janitor's closet, you want me go get it pal? I could also do some shadow puppets once we're done, pal."

"No, I'll go get it on my own."
("This darkness isn't going to make anything simple, I'm going to use logic to find this closet)

"I usuaully see the janitor on the right." + "I can sense a broom next to a door to the right"


"This must be it, now where is that thing? I fail to see a use for a pail nor a mop … AH! This must be it!"

"OW! Can you turn that thing down a notch, pal, that's too bright for shadow puppets."
"The shadow puppets can wait, we need to find the autosopy report."
(Logic must once again come to my aid.)

"8 out of these folders have red stamps, 2 of them have blue ones." + "One of them vaugely looks like the top of the Blue Badger's head."

"Alright pal! Now that you got that report, we can do shad-

Before the dectective could finish his sentence, the power came back on.