I know. I know... I'm a terrible human being for abandoning you. I'm very sorry. I'm not really sure where this story is going, but, I will try to keep writing the sweetness.

"Can you hold Sam's good hand, Dean?" Cas asked. Dean was seated on the bed above Sam's head, so Sam reached back behind him until he felt Dean take hold of his hand. Cas knew it would comfort the little boy, but it also exposed his bruised chest and ribs a bit more, while keeping his hand restrained up by his ear on the bed.

"I'm going to listen to your heart, Sam," Cas said, slowly grabbing his stethoscope. "I'm not going to hurt you; it just might feel a bit cold, ok?"

Sam squirmed slightly when the bell made contact with his skin. "It's ok, Sam," Cas repeated. "I'm just listening." Dean sat a bit taller, watching Cas' every move and making sure Sam wasn't in pain from it. He eyed the doctor as the man moved the bell around to different parts of Sam's chest.

Sam bit his bottom lip and squeezed Dean's hand, trying to sink away into the table. Cas could tell his breathing was shallow because of the bruising on his chest. "Sam," Cas said softly. He gently placed his free hand on the side of Sam's ribcage, barely making contact. "I need you to take deep breaths to fill your lungs with air to help clear them out and make them better. We're all going to breath together, ok?"

Cas adjusted the bell on the stethoscope again and took an exaggerated breath in, waiting for Sam to copy him. Sam opened his mouth and took in a breath, his eyes immediately watering from the pain.

"It hurts a bit, buddy, because your lungs are pushing on your ribs, and I think your ribs are bruised. I need you to do one more big breath ok? Dean's going to breathe with us too."

Sam tilted his head back and looked up behind him at Dean, who nodded with some encouragement, much to Cas' surprise. Sam shot his eyes back down when he saw the doctor move his hand. Sam instinctively flinched away when he felt Cas place his hand down over some of the bruising. Cas and Dean took in an audible breath together, and Sammy did his best to copy them, but he halted suddenly when he felt a jab in his side and fought against his eyes from tearing.

Cas quickly tossed the stethoscope back around his neck and moved his hand over Sam's forehead. "You're ok, Sam. You're ok," Cas repeated. "You're doing great, buddy. Try to keep your breaths steady. That's it..."

Cas glanced up at Dean. "How's your head?" he asked softly.

Dean winced, but tried to hide his fear. "I'm fine," he said bluntly. "You need to help Sammy."

"I am," Cas said calmly. "But we're also going to make sure you're not hurt. Sam needs you to be ok, right?" Cas knew he could continue to use the "be tough for Sam" card to get the older boy to be complacent. Cas also knew that Dean was probably more terrified than Sam about being in the hospital.

"What's on his hand?" Dean asked, noticing the clear tape across the of Sam's hand that he was holding.

"It makes the skin there fall asleep so that if I need to put medicine into his vein, it won't hurt him," Cas said. He looked down at Sam and winked. "Should we put some on Dean's hand?" he asked Sam with a smile. Sam nodded and lifted up Dean's hand toward Cas. Dean wanted to pull his hand back and tell him no, but he knew he had to be tough in front of Sammy.

Cas noticed his hesitance though and decided he probably shouldn't touch the older boy yet. "Maybe in a little while, ok?" he said to them. "We need to make sure this belly of yours isn't hurt."

Sammy whimpered when Cas got closer to him. "P-please," Sam whispered. "Don't. It hurts."

"We're just going to check it out fast, and then we will go take care of your arm." He noticed Sam's eyes watering again, his bottom lip starting to quiver. Cas spoke with a lighter tone. "How about you hold my hand? And then if I hurt you, you can just pull my hand away? Does that sound good, Sam?"

Cas waited patiently for Sam to let go of Dean and hold onto his wrist. "Pull my hand away if it hurts too much," Cas repeated. He could feel Sam's hand shaking as his fingers latched onto him. Cas did his best to palpate the boy's stomach without applying too much pressure. Dean got up on his knees as if he was ready to fight off the man, watching intensely.

Cas moved his hand down further, to feel for damage near the boy's liver, and Sam instantly yanked Cas' hand off. "Noooo," Sam whined. "Ok, ok," Cas said, not trying to cause him more anxiety. "I won't touch that side." Cas paused for a moment and then brought his hand down to another spot on Sam's gut where he thought there might be some bruising, relieved that the boy didn't pull his arm away. "It doesn't hurt over here?" Cas asked, watching Sam's facial expressions carefully. Sam bit his lip.

"It looks a little purple," Cas said.

"It's ok..." Sam whispered.

Cas moved his hand away and Dean immediately reached out to hold Sam's hand once more. "How about we go for a ride?"

"In a car?" Sam asked nervously.

"No," Cas said smiling. "The bed is on wheels. Pretty cool, right?"

Sam didn't seem so sure, but didn't protest. "Wh-where?" Sam asked.

"We're going to see how we can fix your arm and your tummy, ok? And Dean is going to ride along with you."

Dean was happy that Cas hadn't mentioned any kind of a treatment plan for himself. Sam was the one who needed help, not him. His head was starting to pound though, but he stopped himself from saying anything about it, afraid of what might happen if he told.