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Kamina was currently in an interesting predicament he looked at the massive red dragon in front of him. He looked around as he crossed his arms in thought that's strange the last thing I remember was being in Gurren and fighting beastman then I took a bad hit then I fused with simon kicked ass then I black out. He looked around everything was different from what he remembered everything here had a red hue to it which was cool cause it look like an inferno he focused his attention was directed back to the dragon.

"Greetings Kamina." the dragon said Kamina gave a surprised look.

"How do you know my name?"

"I have been watching you since you began your journey and I've been impressed by your fiery spirit." Kamina laughed

"Of course you would I'm the mighty Kamina!" he yelled at the top of his lungs the dragon laughed.

"I like your bravado."

"I have two question one what are you? and two why am I here?"

"I am known by many names Apocalypse Dragon, the True Red Dragon God Emperor, the Dragon of Dragons, Great Red, so you can call me what you like as to where you are you're in a dimensional gap that I brought you to as it was clear you were going to die where you were." Kamina had to take all that in he sat down while trying to take all this information in that. He then realized that he's just floating this whole thing has taken Kamina for a loop. Man this is so weird but awesome. he looked to see the dragon.

"Why did you bring me here besides the fact I was dying."

"Well that's easy I wanted you to live but unfortunately you can't return to your dimension, but I am curious how you will fare in the dimension I'm sending you to."

"Hey hold the hell up just who the hell do you think I am if I'm just going to allow myself to not go back to my dimension to help out my friends!" he said angrily Great Red snorted

"Look if I could I would send you back, but I can't what I did was a one time thing I'm sorry." Kamina was trying to calm down but he was angry but his anger was mostly to himself for that fact that he was going to die for the fact he couldn't pay back Yoko ten times over and especially for the fact that he left simon alone but he knew simon would carry on he had all the faith in the world in him.

"Alright tell me about this other dimension." the dragon gave what looked like a pleased look.

"Well first off this dimension will be extremely different than the one you know of." Kamina waited a little for more explanation but he didn't say anything else.

"Is that it?"

"Ya that all I wanted to say you'll more when you're there also two things before I transport you one you can call on my power if you need it..."

"Hang on." Kamina interrupted

"Why would you let me use your power?"

"Cause I like you also wouldn't it be badass if you pulled out a power that no one knew about and just kicked a lot of ass." Kamina gave thought to this the smiled a huge grin

"That would be badass but I rather it be my own power but I might use yours if I"m really need it."

"Now the second thing is your wounds aren't healed."

"Wait what."

"Bye." the dragon said then Kamina was enveloped in darkness.


Rias Gremory was currently going through paper work with her queen Akeno Himejima

while thinking of her arranged marriage. I don't want to marry Raiser all he sees me as is an object I have to find a way out of this. She looked to Akeno.

"So what have you learned about that Issei boy?" she asked her queen gave a smile.

"When I bumped into the boy today I noticed he is in possession of a sacred gear."

"Do you know what sacred gear it is?"

"Unfortunately I couldn't." Rias sighed I will try to add Issei as apart of her peerage but his sacred gear being unknown worries her but from what Koneko could smell it was a dragon type so that was good regardless, but still not knowing what it is will be difficult to plan and the marriage is approaching and it's not like someone who will answer all my problems will fall from the sky. Then all of a sudden something fell from the ceiling Akeno and Rias were both startled by what happened and shocked by what they saw. A man who looked the same age as them with light blue spiky hair we was well built very well built both of the girls were repressing the urge to drool over his muscular definition. They were taken back by his attire he had a weird looking pair of sunglasses a crimson cape that looked like fire with a skull wearing the same sunglasses on he had blue tattoos that were on his arms and his back, but what stood out was the wounds he had they all looked fatale yet somehow he was still breathing if he wasn't dead yet he will be. But Rias had a golden opportunity she grabbed her evil pieces when to her surprise two of her pawns floated to the boy then they glowed brightly before going into his body.

"mutation pieces." Akeno said in shocked Rias was just as shocked this person must be strong she thought.

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