Title: Dark Court

Pairing: Tom X Harry

Disclaimer: If I owned Harry Potter, Albus would have died way earlier, and Harry would have killed Ginny, and had sex with Voldy while she died a slow and painful death. Does that answer your question?

Warnings: Dark Harry, Good Petunia, Creature Inheritance (for Harry), Soul Mates, Blood, Character bashing (Mainly Albus, Ron, Ginny, and Molly.), Torture, Rape, Abuse, Neglect, Mental and Physical Pain, and Minor character death. Any future warnings will be given throughout the chapters.

Summary: Blood and tears mix together to form a bond so strong, that no one can break it. The light side will rue the day they messed with the dark side, and the dark shall prevail! For where there is light, there is always darkness hiding in the shadows. Watch as a boy whose past is stained with blood, seeks vengeance on those whose wronged him. Watch the dawn of a new era.

Note 1: This is a slash story! There is HPLV/TMHP. Tom is the Dominant of course, and Harry is the sub.






Chapter 1: Dark Promises


The sound of flesh hitting flesh rang throughout the room.

Harry James Potter, The-Boy-Who-Lived was currently on the cold hard floor of his bedroom. Over him, his Uncle Vernon was smiling and watching with sadistic fascination as blood steadily dripped from his nephew's wounds.

Again the sound of skin meeting skin sounded as Vernon connected yet another punch to the right side of Harry's face.

Pain exploded in his cheek, and black spots began to dance in his vision. Oh how badly he wanted to kill this man.

However Harry was forced to watch, helpless, as his uncle left him to go beat his aunt.

'Why couldn't I help her? Why is he like this to his own wife?!' He thought angrily. It was always like this. His beloved aunt Petunia would wrap his bandages and sneak him food, since his Uncle starved and beat him, but when Vernon found out he would beat Harry, and then beat Petunia.

The image of his Aunt lying on the floor, bleeding heavily invaded his mind, and he had to choke back a sob.

His aunty was the only one who cared about him. The only one who didn't view him as a freak, and she was currently being beaten because of him.

Harry couldn't help but feel helpless as he heard bones breaking. Knowing that he had to do something before his uncle accidentally killed her, Harry used the last of his strength to crawl over to Petunia, and cover her from the blows that steadily reigned down.

Blood began to pour faster, as more punches and kicks were issued in retaliation. Yes, his uncle was furious that he was taking the hits, but he also was intrigued by it.

"Heh, so the freak thinks he can protect somebody? Well lets see what he thinks about this!" His uncle sneered, pulling Harry up by his arm, and throwing him across the room.

Next, he made his way towards the cabinet and took out a knife. Harry began to panic, when he saw his Uncle getting closer to his aunt.

A memory flashed before his eyes, as he watched the madman get even closer to her.


The house was dark, and you could barely see the shadows. The moon lit the house a little, but only enough to make out small things. It was raining hard outside, and thunder continued to rumble loudly.

It looked exactly like the calm before the storm, and this set Harry's nerves on edge.

Something was going to happen and he didn't think he was going to like it.

A scream pierced the silence of the house, and Harry couldn't help but feel that something bad was happening.

Another scream pierced the air, and the scream belonged to his aunt. A cold feeling settled around his heart, and Harry all but ran towards the place where the screams were coming from.

They began to get louder, as Harry approached the living room, and once Harry made it there, he paused right in his tracks. White hot anger and fear welled up inside of him, as he looked upon his Aunts form on the ground a couple of feet away from him.

She was bleeding profusely, and her body was littered with cuts of different sizes.

Harry could see that she could take no more, but the man in front of her didn't seem to care.

Her own husbanddidn't care!

He had to save her. He had to do something!

Harry looked around for any weapon that he could use, but could find nothing. So in a moment of courage, he ran towards his Uncle and tackled him to the ground.

His uncle, finally realizing he was there, released a growl, and threw Harry off of him. Once he got up, Vernon pinned Harry to the ground, and picked up the sharp knife that he dropped.

Viciously, he began to slice open Harry's skin in multiple places, and eagerly drank up his screams.

'Was this going to be the end? Was this how he was going to die? In the hands of someone so inferior?' Harry wondered. He looked towards where his aunt laid on the floor, and saw her defeated expression.

While looking at his aunt, he never noticed that his disgusting uncle, began to rip off Harry's clothes.

He never noticed that his Uncle started to unzip his pants.

He never noticed that his Aunt screamed with fear.

All he noticed was the sensation of being torn inside.

All he heard, was the breaking of his mind.

That night, he was brutally beaten and raped, but the thing that stuck to his memory the most besides the pain, and the feeling of being tainted, was the haunting look that was in his Aunt's eyes, as she watched him be violated by her own husband.

Unable to do anything…

That was the day, Harry lost any and all innocence.

~Memory End~

It was happening again. He could hear his aunt's screams as she was viciously ripped into by the knife. He could hear the pained moans coming from her, and he knew he had to do something to help her.

Though how can you stop a madman when you yourself are only 8 years old?

Harry slowly got off the ground, and ignored the excruciating pain that ran up his body like lightning.

"Aunty…" He whispered, slowly making his way towards her. Her eyes were wide with fear for Harry, as she continually shook her head. Silently telling him to get away while he still could.

Harry wouldn't listen though. He couldn't let his uncle hurt Petunia any more than he did, even if his Uncle turned his ire against Harry.

With that in mind, Harry rushed forward, and stopped the knife mid swing. His uncle looked towards Harry, whose hand was still over his, in anger.

He angrily turned to kick Harry down, and just like in the dream, he cut Harry open, until blood freely flowed, then brutally raped him.

'How long must this cycle go on?' Harry thought silently, pain running through his body like fire. Tears silently cascaded down his cheeks as he was once angrily taken.

Blood dribbled from between his legs, as his scoundrel of an uncle thrust into him with abandon. The pig was desperately seeking his own release, and did not care how it affected his nephew.

Harry refused to let this break him. He had too many plans to let this break him, so with that in mind, he looked his aunt in the eyes, as he was raped by her husband.

One thing was discussed through their silent conversation.

"We need to leave."




Ever since that night, Petunia and Harry didn't associate with each other. They let Vernon think he was getting his way, and Harry took the beatings his Uncle inflicted upon him.

Ever since that day Harry made sure that his beloved Aunty had no reason to be hurt by her pig of a husband.

Harry couldn't and wouldn't stand for her to experience even a sliver of the pain he endured on a daily basis.

'I will never let you be hurt Aunty…I love you. Please don't get hurt because of me. Please don't leave me…' Harry thought, bleeding once again from the whipping he just went through.

Before leaving, Vernon sent a smirk that carried dark promises to his nephew.




Petunia Dursley was always a proud woman. She did everything to keep her husband happy, and still go on about her daily affairs, but this…? This was not what she signed up for.

Where did her once sweet husband go? The one who brought her flowers, and confessed his love for her every chance he got, in hopes of getting her to believe it?

What happened to the sweet man she met upon the alter?

Who is this beast that calls himself her husband?

Ever since her sister's son, Harry joined the family, Vernon slowly changed. Fewer letters were exchanged along with the sweet nothings he used to whisper into her ears. He began to get more violent, and took it all out on poor Harry.

She tried to protect her beloved sister's son from her husband, but he would have none of it.

The violence that was once directed at Harry was now directed at her too.

Maliciousness replaced friendliness, and anger replaced happiness.

What happened to her husband? Who was this monster? Why did she allow it to continue?

…oh right. It's because she still loved him.

She still desperately searched for that once loving and charming man she married. Though in doing so, she realized that she was slowly breaking her nephew.

When she saw him be ruthlessly raped, she knew it was time to go.

…She knew it was time to give up any hopes she had, that her once kind husband would return.

So with that in mind, she began planning. She separated herself from Harry, and almost broke from guilt every time she walked in on one of his torture sessions.

…Every time she saw the light get a little bit darker in those stunning emerald eyes.

Was she too late? Was her nephew already broken?

Did she unknowingly already lose the light that guided her back to the land of sanity?

From those thoughts alone, the once strong woman named Petunia Dursley finally broke from pent up anger, rage, and heartbreak.

Although she lost a part of her soul, Petunia knew that she could only become stronger. If not for herself than for her loving nephew who was being beaten because of her.

With this, Petunia vowed that she would take her nephew away, and finally let go of the past that continued to torment her.

She would finally admit that her once loving husband…was gone.

Note 2: Yes...while Harry has had a sad and hard time, he still selflessly tries to protect his aunt. I actually hated myself for a while when writing this chapter because I felt so cruel! *Runs and hide behinds a curtain.* It wasn't my fault though! My fingers had a life of their own!

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