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With his long dark hair flowing freely around his face he gently reaches out and caressed my face. He slowly brought his face closer and looked down at my lips before looking back at my eyes. His lips only centimeters away were getting closer to my own. His lips touched mine and-

"Clary! Wake up!" My annoying brother shouted as he barged into my room.

"Jon, you interrupted my dream," I whined. "I was about to be kissed by an insanely hot guy."

"I don't care. If you don't get up and start getting ready for school we're going to be late." With that he walked out of my room without shutting the door.

"You didn't shut my door!" I yelled. I faintly heard him laughing downstairs.

Ugh, school. I thought. It was the first day of Jon and I's senior year. I already couldn't wait for the year to be over. Sighing I got out of bed and walked into my adjoining bathroom. I looked at my reflection in the mirror. Slightly tan skin freckles bright emerald green eyes and unruly red curls. I look almost exactly like my mom. The only differences are that she's a few inches taller than me and has curves.

I walk back into my room and my phone dings. I pick it up and it's a text from Isabelle.

Face time?


Not even two seconds later I get a request to face time with Isabelle. I hit accept and her face pops up on the screen of my IPhone.

"Alright girly it's time to get beautiful, but first we need some music." Isabelle says excitedly into the camera.

Isabelle and I have been friends since we were five. We met when her family moved in next door.

Jon and I were playing soccer in the front yard when the moving truck drove up into the driveway of the house next door with a silver minivan following close behind. When the van stopped a girl about my age hopped out. She had long straight black hair and brown almost black eyes. She was wearing a short, pink, frilly dress and silver, sparkly flats. She skipped over to us and introduced herself.

"Hi, I'm Isabelle!" She said cheerfully.

"I'm Clary and this is Jon!" I said just as cheerfully while pointing at Jon.

Just then two other boys came walking over and stood on either side of Isabelle. One looked like Isabelle but with striking blue eyes and a more defined jaw line. The other one took my breath away. Even at five years old I could tell he was attractive. He was the same height as Jon, who even at five was pretty tall, with golden blonde curly hair and golden tan skin. His eyes were what had me stunned though; they were gold just like the rest of him with specks of brown in them.

"Jace, Alec this is Clary and Jon. Jon and Clary this is Jace and Alec." Isabelle said while gesturing with her hands.

"Hi! It's nice to meet you!" I said.

Alec just nodded while Jace was looking at me thoughtfully. What he said next had me surprised.

"You're really pretty and I'm going to call you shortcake."

Before I could respond a woman that looked remarkably like Isabelle called them back and said it was time to start unpacking. They walked home with promises to come play tomorrow.

Isabelle had put on some song that I had never even heard before and was singing along quite loudly and terribly.

"Alright time to pick out our outfits!" We both walked over to our equally enormous closets and started picking out outfits.

I picked out teal high wasted skirt that stopped a few inches above my knees, a royal blue loose crop top and my white gladiator sandals. Isabelle picked out a pair of dark was denim high wasted shorts, a tight fitting white shirt with a plum wrap. She finished off the outfit with her matching six inch plum heels. They approved of each other's outfits and got dressed.

"Izzy, how should I do my hair?" I asked over the music.

"Hmm, maybe do loose curls then finger comb them out to make loose waves."

I did just that, and let's just say it looked amazing. Izzy had opted to keep her hair straight but had a waterfall braid that went around her whole head. We both started applying our makeup. Izzy did more than me. I used a little concealer to hide a few small blemishes and then a thin layer of foundation with a light dusting of blush. On my eyes I put on my shimmery light brown eye shadow a thin line of liner and some mascara. Iz did almost the same thing but for her eye shadow she did a perfect Smokey eye incorporating a little bit of plum in there but it wasn't over the top for school. We both finished off our makeup with a dab of light pink lip gloss on our lips.

We deemed ourselves ready, ended the face time and got everything else ready for school. I grabbed my messenger bag made sure I had my sketchbook, homework, extra pencils, a pencil sharpener my makeup bag, my headphone, phone charger, and my phone. Deeming myself ready I walked downstairs and greeted my family.

"Good morning!" I sang. I got a chorus of good mornings back and hurry up from Jon. I grabbed my keys and walked out the door with Jon following behind.

I walked out to my ruby red dodge charger and climbed in the driver's seat. I started the car and expertly backed out the driveway and sped off to Starbucks. I got a grende Caramel Brulee Frappe with extra crème. After I got my drink I walked back to the car and to a patiently waiting Jon, and sped off to school.

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